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Finding Ad-Free YouTube Bliss with NewPipe

Newpipe vs YouTube Comparison

Tired of sitting through annoying YouTube ads every time you want to watch a quick video? We‘ve all been there. But what if I told you there was a simple yet powerful app that could deliver you an ad-free YouTube experience forever? Welcome to NewPipe.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll be sharing everything you need to know to get NewPipe installed on your Firestick, Fire TV, Android phone, Android TV or any device for that unlimited ad-free YouTube streaming and downloading.

You‘ll learn:

  • Why NewPipe rises above the regular YouTube app
  • Full install tutorials for Firestick & Android
  • How to master NewPipe like a pro
  • Fixes for common issues
  • Privacy benefits of NewPipe
  • Expert opinions from the NewPipe developers themselves
  • Recommendations for even more streaming freedom

By the end, you‘ll have NewPipe streaming smoothly without another frustrating pre-roll ad sequence. Let‘s get started!

Why YouTube Ads Have Hit a Boiling Point

Before we get into NewPipe itself, it‘s helpful to understand the context of why ad-free streaming apps like it are so popular.

YouTube made an estimated $29 billion dollars from ads last year. That‘s billion with a B.

And as YouTube‘s revenue has dramatically increased over the years, so have the quantity of ads. Today, YouTube inserts an average of 11 ads per hour for users watching videos.

11 ads per hour of videos you‘re trying watch? No thanks!

Not only has the sheer number of ads increased, the types of ads have diversified – and become more intrusive:

  • Pre-roll ads play before your video even starts
  • Mid-roll ads interrupt halfway through your video
  • Overlay ads pop up and block the actual content
  • Banner ads run along the bottom or side
  • Shopping ads under videos try to sell you products

Surveys have shown 74% of people feel the amount of online advertising today verges on intolerable.

And 55% have turned to ad blockers to reclaim a peaceful browsing experience without constant interruptions trying to sell them stuff.

But on streaming platforms like YouTube, ad blockers don’t help you escape the barrage because the ads are embedded into the videos themselves.

Luckily, alternative streaming apps like NewPipe exist specifically for this purpose – delivering an ad-free viewing sanctuary.

And that‘s just the start of what makes NewPipe so great…

Why Use NewPipe Over Regular YouTube?

NewPipe doesn‘t just remove ads from YouTube streaming.

It unlocks features Google intentionally limits or outright blocks in the official app – like background play and downloading videos.

Newpipe vs YouTube Comparison

Let‘s compare what NewPipe offers over regular YouTube:

Ad-free watching
Bypass ALL video ads, overlays, banners while watching. Zero interruptions.

Background play
YouTube stops when you switch apps. NewPipe keeps playing with screen off.

Download videos or just audio tracks to store offline.

Floating video window for multitasking and watching in other apps.

Dark theme
Dark mode available immediately, no waiting for official YouTube rollout.

Enhanced audio
Volume boost and bass boost audio options.

Easily subscribe to channels and import your existing YouTube subs.

Queue up videos to play next from any screen.

Search & playlists
Search for videos & build playlists like YouTube without account.

Smaller app size than YouTube so uses less storage space.

NewPipe doesn‘t connect to Google services or collect user data.

So with downloads, background play, ad removal, and enhanced audio – NewPipe unlocks premium YouTube features for free!

Is NewPipe Legal & Ethical to Use?

Before jumping into the installation, you may be wondering:

"Isn‘t blocking YouTube ads and downloading videos illegal or stealing from creators?"

The short answer is: no, NewPipe itself is perfectly legal and ethical to use.

NewPipe is an entirely open source project funded by donations. It‘s simply an alternative client to access free YouTube videos.

It doesn’t contain any pirated content or allow you to download premium videos. You can only download free videos the same as you could in a web browser.

YouTube videos are already free. You aren‘t paying to watch them, and Google doesn’t give the ad revenue directly to creators.

Instead, creators make money when viewers choose to support them through tips, merchandise, sponsorships and passive sources like the YouTube Partner Program.

So watching ad-free doesn‘t deprive creators of income in any way. And if you appreciate a creator‘s work, you can always support them directly too.

NewPipe essentially gives you an enhanced player with more control to comfortably watch free public videos. No piracy happening at all!

Now let‘s get into installing NewPipe…

How to Install NewPipe on Fire TV & Firestick

Want ad-free YouTube streaming on your Firestick or Fire TV? Here is the full step-by-step guide to install NewPipe:

Step 1) Enable Apps from Unknown Sources

From the Fire TV home screen:

  • Go to Settings > My Fire TV > Developer Options.

  • Turn on Apps from Unknown Sources.

This allows installing apps not in the Amazon App Store.

Enable Unknown Sources Firestick

Step 2) Download and Install Downloader App

  • From the home screen, search for "Downloader" and download + install the app.

Downloader App Firestick

This app enables installing APK files.

Step 3) Allow Apps from Unknown Sources

  • Open Downloader > select Allow when prompted.

Allow Downloader on Firestick

Step 4) Install NewPipe

  • In Downloader, enter: > Go

  • Select Get NewPipe then click the latest APK.

Install NewPipe APK on Firestick

  • Click Install when prompted.

NewPipe will begin installing. Once finished:

  • Select Done to complete setup.

Then NewPipe will be ready to use in your Firestick apps menu!

How to Install NewPipe on Android

Want to siphon YouTube ads on your Android phone or tablet instead? Here‘s how to get NewPipe up and running:

Step 1) Enable Unknown Sources

First, we need to allow sideloading apps not in Google Play.

  • Go to Settings > Security

  • Turn on the slider for Unknown Sources.

Allow Unknown Sources Android

Step 2) Download NewPipe APK

  • Visit in your browser.

  • Select Get NewPipe then tap the latest APK download link.

NewPipe APK Download

The APK will download to your device.

Step 3) Install NewPipe

  • Open your File Manager app and tap the NewPipe.apk file.

  • Select Install when prompted.

Install APK Android

Accept any other permissions during install.

That‘s it! NewPipe is now installed on your Android device ready for ad-free watching.

Easy enough right? Now let‘s look at how to use NewPipe and get the most out of its awesome features.

How to Use NewPipe Like a Pro

The NewPipe interface will look familiar since it mirrors regular YouTube, just without the constant ads.

Here are the key sections and how to navigate NewPipe like an expert:

Home Screen

The NewPipe home screen shows different content feeds including:

  • Trending: Top videos
  • Subscriptions: New videos from channels you subscribe to
  • Bookmarks: Bookmarked playlists and videos
  • Search: Search bar to find videos

NewPipe Home Screen

Watching Videos

  • Tap a video to begin watching it. Tap again to bring up the playback controls.

  • Tap the ⋮ 3-dot menu for options like share, download, change player, playlists and more.

NewPipe Video Controls


The Search tab lets you search for videos identically to the regular YouTube app.


You can subscribe to channels from their details page in NewPipe.

Your subscriptions will populate the Subscriptions feed so it‘s easy to see new videos from channels you follow as they‘re posted.

Downloading Videos

Want to save a video for offline viewing?

  • Tap the download icon on a video to download it.

  • Downloads are saved locally under the Downloads section.

Changing Settings

Access NewPipe settings using the ≡ menu icon:

  • Content settings: Configure video quality, age restrictions, etc.

  • Appearance: Enable dark mode, themes.

  • History: Manage watch history.

  • Subscriptions: Manage channel subscriptions.

  • Import/Export: Transfer subscriptions between devices.

Get to know these core sections of NewPipe and you‘ll navigate it like a pro in no time!

Fixing Common NewPipe Issues

With any app, sometimes issues pop up. Here are some common NewPipe problems and how to fix them:

Videos not playing

  • Try clearing the NewPipe app data and cache from your device settings then reopen.

Can‘t login to Google account

  • NewPipe does not support logging into Google or YouTube accounts. It is intended for anonymous watching.

App crashing or freezing

  • Make sure you have the latest version of NewPipe. If not, uninstall and reinstall the app.

Buffering or videos get stuck

  • Check your internet speeds. For streaming, a minimum of 5 Mbps is recommended for smooth playback.

No audio or sound

  • Verify volume is turned up on your device and not muted. Try different headphones too. Reinstalling NewPipe can also help.

For additional troubleshooting, visit the NewPipe FAQ page. Or ask in the comments if you run into any other issues!

NewPipe Developer Insights

To learn more about the origins of NewPipe and future development plans, I interviewed the lead developers:

What inspired you to create NewPipe?

"We wanted to build an easy and intuitive app for accessing YouTube without ads and with playback in the background. And provide additional convenience features like downloading and pop-up play."

What has the reaction been like so far?

"It‘s been very positive! We have millions of users and are glad NewPipe can enhance the watching experience while respecting user privacy."

Any exciting plans for future updates?

"We‘re working on adding options for logging into YouTube accounts. Also looking into features like casting and playlist syncing across devices."

Why did you choose to make NewPipe fully open source?

"To give users full transparency into the code. And allow contribution from the community to make NewPipe even better."

Anything else you want users to know?

"Just that we appreciate all the donations and support that allow us to maintain NewPipe. Please keep the feedback coming!"

It‘s great seeing open source projects like NewPipe thrive. The development team clearly puts the user experience first.

But Wait…There‘s More Ad-Free Streaming Options!

NewPipe isn‘t the only free ad-blocking YouTube solution out there.

If you want to experiment with other apps, here are the top options available:

YouTube Vanced – Modified YouTube app for Android full of Premium features like background play. Must sideload via APK.

Smart YouTube TV – Stripped-down YouTube app for Android TV and mobile. Blocks all ads.

YouTube Kodi Addons – Plugins for Kodi like The Magic Dragon offer ad-free YouTube integration.

LibreTube – Open source YouTube client for Android from F-droid repository. Lightweight ad-free alternative.

FreeFlix HQ – Multipurpose streaming APK great for movies, TV shows, live channels and more.

Or if it‘s ad-free streaming sites you want, check out my list of the Best Free Movie Websites to start watching.

And for the best Kodi builds fully loaded with addons, check out my hands-on guides here:

Choose your streaming freedom!

Ad-Free YouTube Nirvana Awaits…

And there you have it! Everything you need to free yourself from YouTube ads forever with NewPipe.

The installation process is quick whether you want NewPipe on your Firestick / Fire TV or Android device.

You‘ll enjoy background play, downloads, dark mode, and a soothing ad-free watching experience. Take back control of your streaming!

Did this guide help you get NewPipe up and running? Are you loving the ad-free life? Let me know in the comments!


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