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Walmart‘s New $19 onn. 4K Box Now Available for Purchase

Walmart has officially launched its next-generation onn. 4K streaming device, now available for purchase at just $19.88. This affordable yet capable new streaming box succeeds the discontinued onn. models of the past, aiming to be a budget-friendly streaming solution.

onn.‘s Previous Streaming Attempts

Walmart first entered the streaming device market in 2021 with the onn. Android TV Box. Despite some performance limitations, this inaugural device proved wildly popular for its low $20 price tag. However, it was discontinued just a year later.

This was followed by the onn. Streaming Stick which unfortunately saw frustrating issues with poor wireless performance, lagging, and frequent buffering. It too was quickly pulled from store shelves.

After two swing-and-miss attempts, hopes were high that onn.‘s next streaming box would finally offer the complete package. Read on to see if the new onn. 4K model lives up to expectations.

Key Upgrades in the New onn. 4K TV Box

This latest generation onn. streaming device adds some major upgrades under the hood:

  • 4K Ultra HD video resolution
  • Quad-core Cortex A35 processor
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 8GB of storage
  • Google TV operating system
  • AV1 video decoding

With internal specs like these, the onn. 4K box promises much smoother streaming compared to its predecessors which were plagued by buffering and crashes.

The addition of the intuitive Google TV interface is also a big improvement over the previous Android TV OS. Google TV offers personalized recommendations and aggregrates content from across all your streaming services.

Setting Up the onn. 4K Box with Google TV

Upon unboxing your new onn. 4K streaming device, the setup process is straightforward:

  1. Plug the box into your TV via HDMI and connect to power.

  2. Turn on your TV and select the appropriate HDMI input.

  3. Follow the on-screen prompts to connect to WiFi and sign-in with your Google account.

  4. Browse the Google Play store and install any streaming or social apps you want.

  5. Customize the Google TV homepage with your favorite services and opt-in to personalization to receive viewing recommendations.

I recommend immediately installing apps like Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and YouTube. Take a few minutes to adjust settings like display resolution, sound modes, closed captions, and Google Assistant preferences to optimize your experience.

Maximizing Video Quality on Your TV

To get the best 4K picture quality from your new onn. device, use the following display settings tips:

  • Select the maximum display resolution supported by your TV, up to 4K.

  • Enable HDMI CEC controls to allow your TV remote to power on/off the box.

  • Turn on HDR mode if your TV supports high dynamic range content.

  • Adjust advanced video settings like refresh rate and chroma settings based on your display specs.

  • Use high-speed HDMI cables to ensure 4K video signals are properly transferred from box to TV.

I also recommend connecting your onn. box to a wired Ethernet connection if possible, rather than relying on WiFi. This ensures maximum bandwidth for ultra HD streaming.

Top Apps to Download on the onn. 4K Box

Here are some of my top app recommendations once you get your new onn. 4K device up and running:

Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, YouTube, HBO Max

Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, YouTube Music

Live TV
SlingTV, YouTube TV, Hulu Live

Social Media
Facebook Watch, Twitch, Reddit

Stadia, GeForce Now

Take full advantage of the Google TV platform to consolidate all your favorite apps in one place for seamless content discovery.

Protecting Your Privacy

With any internet-connected device, privacy protection is key. Smart TV platforms can track your viewing habits, collect personal data, and target ads.

Here are a few tips to keep your data secure:

  • Use a VPN like Surfshark to encrypt all streaming traffic leaving your onn. box. This prevents spying from your ISP, hackers, and even Google.

  • Disable tracking permissions for apps and limit ad personalization through Google TV settings.

  • Use complex passwords and enable 2-factor authentication on streaming service accounts.

  • Periodically clear the app cache and browsing history on your device.

  • Connect the onn. 4K box to a guest network instead of your main home WiFi.

Is the onn. 4K Streaming Box Worth Buying?

For just $19.88, the new onn. 4K TV Box packs quite a punch in terms of features and performance. Early hands-on reviews have been favorable, citing much faster navigation and loading versus previous onn. devices.

The Google TV OS also makes finding and managing content far simpler compared to the old Android TV interface. Factor in 4K resolution, HDR support, Google Assistant integration, plus a good selection of streaming apps, and it‘s tough to find a better budget streamer.

If you‘re seeking an affordable yet full-featured 4K streaming upgrade for an existing TV, the new onn. 4K box is definitely worth considering. Just be sure to take the privacy precautions outlined above.


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