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How to Install Neuromancer Kodi Build on Firestick & Android (2022)

Kodi opens up a world of streaming possibilities – but with freedom comes risk. You‘ve probably heard about full "builds" that package tons of addons and custom settings. While enticing, many builds are questionable at best.

But the Neuromancer Kodi build stands out as a quality option for Firestick, Android, and other devices. Developed by the expert Ghetto Astronaut team, Neuromancer brings an innovative cyberpunk skin and integrates safe, leading addons like The Crew and Seren.

In this extensive guide, I‘ll show you how to safely install Neuromancer on Firestick, Android, or even Windows in just minutes. You‘ll learn:

  • What makes Neuromancer a top Kodi build for 2022
  • Step-by-step instructions to install Neuromancer on any device
  • How to use a VPN and other precautions to keep your identity private
  • Troubleshooting tips for fixing any issues with the build
  • Neuromancer settings and customization options to optimize your experience

Let‘s dig in and unleash the full power of Kodi with the Neuromancer build!

Why Use Neuromancer Kodi Build?

With the rising popularity of Kodi has come an explosion of third-party builds to enhance the experience. But most builders are anonymous hobbyists – is it wise to trust your data to any random build?

Neuromancer comes from the respected Ghetto Astronaut team known for quality offerings like Elementum and Gaia. Looking under the hood, key signs indicate Neuromancer is a safer, more reputable build:

  • Integrates top addons like The Crew, Seren, and Rising Tides – Neuromancer incorporates trusted addons with consistently working streams. Many builds rely on shady addons full of dead links or malware.

  • Detailed build info available – The developers are upfront about what‘s included. Somebuilds hide what code and addons you‘re installing.

  • Active updating and support – The repo frequently pushed updates and bug fixes. Many abandoned builds leave you stranded.

  • No customer data collection – Neuromancer doesn‘t harvest your personal data like some builds. Always a red flag.

  • Garners positive community reviews – Feedback from countless users help validate quality and safety.

While no build is 100% foolproof, Neuromancer comes from developers dedicated to the Kodi community. Next let‘s look at what makes their build so great.

Inside Neuromancer: Features, Content, and Design

The Neuromancer build stands out from the crowded field with its slick cyberpunk-inspired interface and breadth of content.

Some highlights include:

  • Intuitive menus and navigation – Categories for Movies, TV, Live TV, Music, Kids, Fitness, and more are neatly organized. The menus match the edgy futuristic skin.

  • Hundreds of working addons – Movies, shows, live TV, and more stream through trusted addons like Seren, The Crew, and Fen.

  • Support for Real-Debrid – Authorize your Real-Debrid account in ResolveURL for faster, higher-quality streams.

  • Gaming zone – Play retro games from consoles like NES, SNES, Genesis, and arcade with various emulators.

  • Kid-friendly section – Keep the little ones entertained with family-friendly shows, cartoons, and movies.

  • Customizable skin – Change colors, fonts, and other skin elements to your liking from the settings section.

Neuromancer Main Menu

Compared to popular builds like MMX, No Limits Magic, and Xanax, the biggest distinction is Neuromancer‘s sharp, cohesive interface and focus on newer quality addons versus outdated options.

If you want a build that "just works" with lots of content, solid performance, and customization options – Neuromancer is a top choice for 2022. Next I‘ll walk through how to install it on Firestick, Android, or really any Kodi device.

How to Install Neuromancer Kodi Build on Firestick & Android

Here is a step-by-step walkthrough on installing the Neuromancer build for Fire TV / Firestick, Android, Windows, and more:

1. Prep Your Device

Before installing any third-party builds, it‘s wise to clear any settings or data that could cause conflicts:

  • Reset Kodi on Firestick – Factory reset Kodi to defaults.
  • Reset Kodi on Android – Clear data in App Manager.
  • Reset Kodi on Windows – Delete %appdata%\Kodi folder.

Start fresh for the best results.

Reset confirmation message in Kodi settings

2. Enable Unknown Sources

Since Neuromancer comes from outside the official Kodi repository, you need to enable installs from unknown sources:

  1. Open Kodi settings
  2. Go to System > Add-ons
  3. Enable "Unknown Sources"

You‘ll see a scary warning here – this is just due to Kodi covering themselves legally. Click Yes to continue.

3. Add the Neuromancer Repository

Now we need to add the Ghetto Astronaut repository that hosts Neuromancer:

  1. Go to System > File Manager
  2. Click Add Source
  3. Enter
  4. Name it whatever you want, like "Neuromancer"
  5. Click OK

You‘ve now added the repo source to install Neuromancer from.

4. Install the Repository

Navigate to the repo we just added:

  1. Go to Add-ons > Install from Zip
  2. Click the source you named earlier
  3. Install

This installs the Ghetto Astronaut repository containing Neuromancer. Wait for the "Add-on installed" notification.

5. Install the Neuromancer Build

Now we can grab Neuromancer itself:

  1. Go to Install from Repository > Ghetto Astronaut Matrix Repo
  2. Choose Program Add-ons
  3. Install the "Ghetto Astronaut Wizard"
  4. Open the wizard and select Neuromancer
  5. Click Install, then accept the Fresh Install prompt

Sit back as everything installs. The final step is…

6. Relaunch Kodi

Once the installation finishes, close Kodi completely. When you relaunch it, you‘ll be welcomed by the slick new Neuromancer skin and interface!

The whole process takes about 5-10 minutes depending on your system. With those simple steps complete, you now have a powerful streaming build ready for your enjoyment.

Securing Yourself When Using Third-Party Kodi Builds

While the Neuromancer build itself shows no clear red flags, it does come from an unknown developer outside Kodi‘s official channels. You should always take steps to protect your privacy and security:

Use a VPN

A VPN like Surfshark or NordVPN should be standard practice when using Kodi builds:

  • Encrypts your streaming activity from prying eyes
  • Hides your IP and location
  • Adds a layer of malware protection

Here are my full recommendations for the best VPNs for Kodi.

Kodi‘s own VPN recommendation

Tighten Privacy Settings

Kodi collects diagnostic data by default – disable this in add-on settings along with "Allow remote control from applications".

Also consider toggling these in System settings:

  • Apps > Unknown Sources > Ask for each install
  • Interface > Add-on notifications > Disabled

Avoid "Grey Area" Streaming

While Kodi itself if legal, builds often provide access to pirated movies, shows, sports, etc. Use common sense and avoid anything that seems illegal or sketchy. Stick to legal addons like PlutoTV, YouTube, Plex, or free podcasts/documentaries.

Troubleshooting Neuromancer Installation and Playback Issues

Like any complex software, you may hit some hiccups installing or using the Neuromancer build. Here are some common issues and fixes:

Installation fails – This is typically due to outdated Kodi or dependencies. Make sure you‘re on Kodi 19, then update to the newest build version from Neuromancer‘s repo. Also try restarting your device.

Addons not working – Check Neuromancer‘s repo for addon updates. Also authorize Real-Debrid if enabled. If issues persist, try a fresh reinstall of the build.

Can‘t authorize Real-Debrid – Enable it specifically in ResolveURL‘s settings, not just universally under Accounts. Also check your account is still active at the Real-Debrid website.

Buffering or laggy playback – If on WiFi, try wired Ethernet to boost speeds. Also adjust cache settings in addon settings, like Seren‘s scrape timeout. Set to 60-90 seconds.

Error codes like No Stream Available – The source is down. Try another addon or wait a bit and retry. Also make sure your VPN or ISP isn‘t blocking the stream.

Still having trouble after trying the above? Post in the /r/Addons4Kodi community – someone will likely have a solution!

Getting the Most Out of Neuromancer

To really unlock all that the Neuromancer build offers, here are some tips:

  • Favorite addons for quick access under Add-ons > My Add-ons

  • Use Crew Mate solely for TV shows – very reliable

  • Check program addons for new retro gaming options

  • Change skin colors/fonts under Look and Feel customization

  • Enable touchscreen mode if installing on mobile

  • Stick to 720p on older/slower devices

  • Wire your device instead of WiFi when possible

  • Add your Trakt account for tracked watch history

  • Scrape for RD cached torrents in Seren for faster streams

Take some time to dive into all the settings and addons preconfigured in Neuromancer. Part of the fun is personalizing it to your needs!

Closing Thoughts on the Neuromancer Kodi Build

Third-party builds require caution, but the Neuromancer Kodi build delivers an exceptional streaming experience from respected developers.

I walked through how to safely install Neuromancer on Firestick, Android, or any Kodi device. Just enable Unknown Sources, add the repo, install the wizard, grab Neuromancer, and you‘re set!

Neuromancer brings an innovative futuristic skin and integrates top addons like The Crew, Seren, and Fen. For TV shows, movies, live sports, and more, it‘s an excellent all-in-one option.

But always protect yourself. Follow my tips to keep your streaming activity private and avoid any illegal content.

I hope this guide has shown you how to unlock the full potential of Kodi with Neuromancer build! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Want to stay updated on new Kodi addons and builds? Be sure to bookmark my site for more tutorials and streaming coverage.

Stay safe out there and happy streaming!


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