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How to Install Nature Man Kodi Build on Firestick/Android (Kodi 19)

If you own a Firestick, Fire TV, or Android TV box, installing the Nature Man Kodi build is one of the best ways to unlock a world of stellar streaming. This popular build delivers a smooth, frustration-free viewing experience right out of the box.

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn everything you need to get Nature Man up and running on your device. I’ll walk you through understanding what makes this build special, key information on safety and legality, and a step-by-step tutorial for installation.

By the end, you’ll have all the knowledge to get Nature Man installed and start streaming your favorite media with ease. Let’s dive in!

An Introduction to Nature Man Kodi Build

The Nature Man build supercharges your streaming by bundling tons of great Kodi addons into one easy-to-use package. Here’s an overview of what you can expect:

  • Huge media libraries – Access virtually any movie, show, documentary and more on demand.

  • Live TV & sports – Watch news, networks, events and games from around the world.

  • Intuitive layout – Quickly find what you want with logical menus and categories.

  • Automatic updates – Always stay on the latest version with one-click updates.

  • Real-Debrid integration – Unlock premium high-quality streams.

  • Customizable interface – Tweak the skin and layout to your preferences.

In short, Nature Man offers an exceptional streaming experience that brings all your entertainment together in one place. Now let’s look at how to get it installed.

Step-by-Step Guide to Install Nature Man on Kodi 19

Before starting, make sure you have:

  • Kodi 19 or later installed on your device
  • Unknown sources enabled in Kodi settings
  • Latest build installer from Nature Man‘s Github

Follow these steps to install:

1. Open Kodi and Go to File Manager

  • Launch Kodi on your Firestick, Fire TV or Android TV box.

  • Select the gear icon ⚙️ in the top left to open the settings menu.

  • Choose File manager.

2. Add the Nature Man Repository Source

  • Click Add source.

  • Enter as the path.

  • Name the source "NatureMan" and click OK.

3. Enable Unknown Sources in Kodi

  • Go back to the Settings menu and select System settings.

  • In the Add-ons tab, enable Unknown sources.

  • Click Yes on the warning popup.

4. Install the Repository from Zip File

  • Return to the Kodi home screen and click Add-ons.

  • Select Install from zip file.

  • Click the "NatureMan" source you added.

  • Install

5. Install Nature Man Wizard Add-on

  • Go to Install from repository in Add-ons.

  • Choose the Nature Man Repo.

  • Go to Program addons and install Nature Man Wizard.

6. Launch Nature Man Wizard to Install Build

  • Return to Add-ons and launch Nature Man Wizard.

  • Select Nature Man from the list of builds.

  • Click Download, then confirm to install.

7. Relaunch Kodi for Changes to Take Effect

  • Once installed, close and relaunch Kodi completely.

  • The Nature Man build will load on launch! Enjoy!

And that covers the full setup process from start to finish. While it may seem like a lot of steps, the installation is actually quite straightforward. In less than 10 minutes you can have the entire build up and running.

Now let’s explore some key questions around safety and legality when using third-party Kodi builds like Nature Man.

Evaluating the Safety of Nature Man Kodi Build

When installing any unofficial Kodi build from the internet, performing safety checks first is crucial. Thankfully, this is easy to do.

I always scan a build‘s repository URL through VirusTotal before installing. This checks the file against dozens of antivirus engines to detect potential threats.

Here are the results when scanning the Nature Man repository:

VirusTotal Scan Results for Nature Man Repository

With 0 detections found, this suggests there is no malware present in the build at this time. I recommend periodically rescanning third-party builds as things can change over time. But today, Nature Man appears safe to use based on these results.

However, Kodi does display the below warning when you enable unknown sources in the settings:

Kodi Unknown Sources Warning

This is an important reminder that Kodi builds could access data stored on your device. To stay protected, I strongly advise using a VPN like IPVanish whenever streaming from unverified third-party builds.

A VPN will encrypt all your Kodi traffic so addons can‘t view your personal data. It also hides your IP address and online activities from your ISP and others.

So in summary:

  • Scan builds with VirusTotal before installing as a precaution.

  • Heed Kodi‘s warning and use a VPN for privacy and security.

  • Periodically rescan for malware as builds can change over time.

Following these tips will allow you to safely enjoy all the entertainment Nature Man has to offer.

Assessing the Legality of Kodi Builds

The topic of Kodi build legality also merits discussion. Installing and using the Nature Man build itself is perfectly legal. However, some of the content you can access with it may not be.

Many Kodi addons provide streams from illegal sources – usually pirated movies, shows and sports events. Accessing these copyright-protected materials without permission is generally unlawful.

That said, there are also many legal sources that Kodi builds tap into, such as:

  • Older public domain films
  • User-generated content
  • News and sports highlights
  • Educational documentaries
  • Home videos

Streaming this type of lawful content is totally fine and poses no legal risks. But users must be prudent to avoid pirated streams that violate copyrights.

So in summary:

  • Downloading/installing Kodi builds is legal.

  • Streaming pirated movies and shows is usually illegal.

  • Accessing legal content like documentaries or public domain works is fine.

  • Using a VPN helps protect your privacy if streaming restricted content.

  • Avoid publicly sharing or distributing copyrighted material.

By understanding these distinctions, you can safely and legally enjoy the benefits that builds like Nature Man offer.

Inside the Nature Man Kodi Build

Now that we‘ve covered the key basics, let‘s explore some of the features that make Nature Man such an exceptional streaming platform.

Huge Selection of Movies & TV Shows

Nature Man grants access to virtually any movie or show you could imagine through its bundled video addons. Some highlights include:

  • The Crew – Extremely popular for its vast on-demand catalogs.

  • Ezra – Pulls quality streams from trustworthy sources.

  • Ghost – Helpful for more obscure titles not found in other addons.

  • Numbers – Great for older, harder to find movies and cult classics.

  • The Promise – Focused on foreign language films from around the world.

You‘d be hard pressed to name a movie or show that one of these addons couldn‘t provide. And integrating Real-Debrid unlocks premium high-quality streams in 1080p or even 4K in many cases.

Live TV, News and Sports

If you want to cut the cord on cable, Nature Man delivers here as well. You get tons of live TV through addons like:

  • iPlayer WWW – Streams from UK networks like BBC, Sky, MTV and more.

  • Rising Tides – Hundreds of international channels across categories.

  • Redbox – US entertainment, news, and movie channels.

For news junkies, Ghost provides streams from global news outlets. And The Crew has a robust sports section for games, events and documentaries.

Between its on-demand libraries and live TV offerings, Nature Man provides all the viewing variety you could ask for.

Intuitive Navigation and Categories

Sifting through tons of content would be painful without an intuitive interface. Thankfully, Nature Man utilizes the Aeon Nox: Silvo skin which looks fantastic and is easily navigable.

The skin organizes content into logical sections like Movies, TV Shows, Sports, Live TV, Music and more. This makes finding what you want quick and convenient.

There are also neatly organized sections for maintenance like:

  • Updates – One-click updates for addons, the build and Kodi itself

  • Backup/Restore – Create or restore backups of your setup

  • Memory – Clear old caches to free up space

  • Trakt – Connect your account to track watched content

The design allows both power users and streaming newcomers to get around smoothly.

Automatic Updates Keep You Current

One of the best conveniences Nature Man offers is automated updates. This ensures you always have the newest features, fixes, and improvements without any work.

The build actually checks for updates from three key sources:

Kodi Updates – Updates Kodi itself to the newest available release.

Build Updates – Updates the Nature Man build framework and repositories.

Addon Updates – Updates all installed addons to their latest versions.

With a couple clicks in the Update section, you can easily download the newest updates from all three sources above. This takes the headache out of manually managing addons or builds.

Real-Debrid Integration for Premium Streaming

While Nature Man offers great streaming on its own, you can take things up a notch by integrating Real-Debrid. This unlocks high-quality premium streams from debrid service providers.

The results are lightning fast streaming, higher resolution options up to 4K, and far fewer broken links. Most of the video addons in Nature Man support Real-Debrid logins.

A Real-Debrid subscription starts around $3 per month and is well worth it for the enhanced streaming.

Customization Options for Your Setup

While Nature Man comes pre-configured for a great out-of-the-box experience, you can also customize it to your liking.

In the skin settings, you can tweak things like:

  • Menu layouts and categories
  • Widgets shown on the home screen
  • Screensaver and sounds
  • Fonts, colors and themes
  • Extra shortcuts and menus

So feel free to tailor the interface and setup to your preferences. And it‘s easy to revert back to the default settings if needed.

Final Thoughts on Nature Man Kodi Build

In summary, the Nature Man Kodi build offers virtually everything you need for exceptional streaming in one package:

  • Easy access to movies, shows, live TV, and more
  • Great selection of reliable video and TV addons
  • Logical layout using the Aeon Nox: Silvo skin
  • Integrated Real-Debrid support for premium streams
  • Automated updates keep addons and Kodi current
  • Customization options to personalize your setup

If you follow the installation guide above and take some basic security precautions like using a VPN, Nature Man provides a fantastic streaming experience. The automated updates and customization are icing on the cake.

I hope this detailed overview gives you the confidence to get Nature Man installed and start streaming! Let me know if you have any other questions.


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