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How to Install MX Player on Firestick/Android TV (2023)

Hey friend! Have you ever been watching a movie on your Firestick or Android TV box and been frustrated by constant buffering and lag? I know I have!

The good news is there‘s an easy fix – installing MX Player. With advanced decoding and multi-core technology, MX Player can play videos smoothly and make buffering a thing of the past.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll show you step-by-step how to download and install MX Player on your Fire TV or Android device. I‘ll also demonstrate how to integrate it with your favorite streaming apps like Cinema APK, BeeTV, Cyberflix TV, and many more.

By the end, you‘ll be an expert on getting the most out of MX Player! Let‘s get started.

Why Choose MX Player as Your Streaming Video Player?

Out of all the media players out there, why choose MX Player? Here are some of the key benefits that make it the best choice for streaming:

Reduced Buffering

The #1 advantage of MX Player is hardware accelerated decoding support. This allows the player to leverage multi-core processors common in streaming devices today. By distributing the workload across CPU cores, MX Player can decode video files and streams ultra-fast.

According to tests from the MX Player development team, their app can achieve up to 80% lower CPU utilization compared to other players. This directly translates to less buffering interruptions and lag while streaming.

Subtitle Capabilities

Another great feature of MX Player is the ability to quickly download subtitles in multiple languages. By searching through OpenSubtitles‘ database of over 6 million subtitle files, you can display subtitles in English, Spanish, French, and more.

This is perfect if you‘re trying to learn a second language or watch foreign films. And it‘s super simple to enable subtitles as I‘ll show you later in this guide.

Ad Blocking

Do you hate those annoying ads that play in the middle of videos? Well MX Player can block many in-stream video ads from even loading. Less ads means less interruptions to your viewing experience.

MX Player uses direct file playback rather than relying on built-in platform video players. This allows it to avoid loading ad segments injected into video streams by publishers.

Customization and Control

MX Player provides deep customization options that other mobile-centric players lack. You can fine tune settings like aspect ratio, gestures, zoom pan, and themes. There are also great accessibility features for modified controls.

Advanced users can also activate options like HW+ decoding for added performance benefits. This level of control really optimizes MX Player for your specific needs.

High Resolution Support

With the ability to play Full HD 1080p and even 4K Ultra HD files, MX Player is great for high resolution TVs. The player exceeds the performance of less robust apps that struggle with true HD video playback.

Now that you know the many advantages of MX Player, let‘s jump into getting it installed on your device.

Step-by-Step Guide to Install MX Player on Firestick & Android TV

Installing MX Player only takes a few minutes. Just follow these 6 simple steps:

Step 1) Enable Apps from Unknown Sources

Since MX Player isn‘t available on the Amazon App Store or Google Play Store, you‘ll need to enable installation of third party apps.

On a Fire TV Stick or Fire TV, go to:

Settings > My Fire TV > Developer Options > Apps from Unknown Sources

Switch this ON which will allow you to install apps outside of the Amazon ecosystem.

On an Android TV box, go to:

Settings > Security & Privacy > Unknown Sources

Toggle this ON to enable loading APK files directly.

Enable Unknown Sources for sideloading

Enabling this setting allows third party app installs from outside sources.

Step 2) Install the Downloader App

Next, you need to install the Downloader utility. This app lets you quickly install APK files from any URL.

On Amazon Fire TV, open the Amazon Appstore and search for Downloader. Install it from here.

On an Android TV box, use the Google Play Store to install Downloader.

Once installed, open Downloader and accept any permissions it needs when prompted.

Downloader app

The Downloader app will be used to install MX Player

Step 3) Get MX Player APK

Now launch the Downloader app and enter the following URL in the text box:

Press Go and this will take you to the latest version download page. Select the big orange download button.

Once the APK starts downloading, you‘ll see the install button appear. Tap this to begin the installation process.

Downloading MX Player APK

Use the above link in Downloader to grab the MX Player APK

Step 4) Install MX Player APK

After you tap install, you may see a screen asking you to grant permissions. Make sure to select "Allow" for each one. This gives MX Player access to features like storage and the network.

On some devices, you may need to enable installation of apps from external sources in your Security settings as well.

Once the install finishes, tap OPEN to launch MX Player for the first time. On first run, it may install additional decoding software files. Allow this process to complete.

MX Player installed

That‘s it! MX Player is now installed and ready

Step 5) Launch MX Player

After the initial decoder downloads complete, MX Player will open up.

Explore the interface, settings, and menus to start getting familiar with the powerful options available.

I recommend enabling gestures for easy control, and setting your preferred aspect ratio. Look under the menu icon for these and other handy settings.

MX Player main interface

The MX Player main screen after launching the app

Step 6) Enjoy Smooth Streaming!

You can now launch any of your favorite streaming APKs like Cinema HD, BeeTV, or Cyberflix TV.

When you open a video, choose MX Player as the player. Then sit back and enjoy high-definition streaming with no more annoying buffering!

Plus, you can use the built-in subtitle downloader in MX Player to easily enable multi-language captions.

So that‘s it! In those 6 quick steps you can install and start using MX Player on a Firestick, Fire TV, or Android TV box. Pretty easy right?

Now let‘s look at integrating MX Player into streaming apps, enabling subtitles, and some pro tips.

How to Integrate MX Player with Streaming Applications

MX Player won‘t automatically work within your streaming apps at first. You‘ll need to set it as the default player. Here‘s how:

Let‘s use Cinema HD as an example. These steps work similarly for most streaming APKs:

  1. Launch Cinema HD and open the Settings
  2. Choose Default Player > MX Player
  3. Exit Settings and open a show or movie
  4. Select "Play With" and choose MX Player
  5. Enjoy smooth streaming without buffering!

Setting MX Player as default

Integrating MX Player into streaming apps is quick & easy

Now Cinema HD and most other apps will use MX Player automatically.

If you ever have playback issues, you can always switch the default player back temporarily. But MX Player should give you the best performance in most cases.

Follow these same steps to enable MX Player as the default for apps like BeeTV, Cyberflix TV, CatMouse, and many others.

Downloading Subtitles Easily in MX Player

One of the best features of MX Player is just how quick and easy it is to find and download subtitle files.

Here are the simple steps to enable multi-language captions:

  1. Open a video in MX Player and click the menu (3 line icon)
  2. Choose Subtitles > Online subtitles
  3. Search by movie/show title or auto-fetch available subs
  4. Select a subtitle source and tap Download
  5. Return to your video and under Subtitles, choose Open
  6. Enjoy subtitles in English, Spanish, French, and more!

Enabling subtitles

MX Player makes enabling downloaded subtitles super simple

With over 6 million files, integrates directly with MX Player for every language you can imagine.

I love using subtitles when watching foreign films or catching every word in action scenes. The ease of downloading them in MX Player is fantastic.

Now let‘s look at some advanced tips for getting the most out of MX Player.

Pro Tips for Advanced MX Player Users

MX Player is extremely customizable beyond just the basic playback settings. Here are some pro tips:

Gesture Controls – The gesture settings allow you to control playback and volume just by swiping and pinching on screen. This is great for quick navigation.

Aspect Ratio – Having black bars on the side? Change the aspect ratio in the menu to suit your screen size perfectly.

Kids Lock – Keep kids from messing with your settings by enabling the PIN-protected kids lock mode.

Subtitle Sync – Having timing issues with subs? Use the Sync option to timeshift subtitles and get the pacing perfect.

Decoder Settings – If you experience choppy video, try changing hardware decoding modes for smoother playback.

Pan and Zoom – Get a more cinematic experience with the Pan and Zoom feature. This lets you zoom in on key scenes without loss of quality.

The great thing is MX Player makes all these advanced features easy to access. Dive into the settings and customize the player exactly as you want.

Comparing MX Player vs. VLC Player

VLC is another top-tier media player available for Fire TV and Android. So how does MX Player stack up against it?

Both VLC and MX Player offer excellent 4K HDR video support, subtitle capabilities, and the ability to play just about any media file.

However, MX Player has a few advantages that make it better suited for streaming:

  • Gesture Controls – Only MX Player offers customizable swipe gestures for managing playback.

  • Integration – Uses direct Android APIs for tighter OS-level integration.

  • Subtitle Search – Finding subs is easier with MX Player‘s OpenSubtitles integration.

  • Hardware Decoding – Gets the best performance out of your chipset thanks to robust decoding support.

Don‘t get me wrong, VLC is great! But MX Player edges it out when it comes to the best overall user experience on streaming devices.

Troubleshooting Common MX Player Issues

MX Player is very stable, but if you do run into issues here are some quick troubleshooting tips:

Choppy Playback

  • Enable hardware decoding in settings
  • Lower the video resolution if your network is slow
  • Restart MX Player and your streaming device

Subtitles Not Working

  • Be sure the SRT file matches your video name exactly
  • Try re-downloading the subs and double check the language
  • Enable subtitle syncing and adjust the delay as needed

Can‘t Find Subtitles

  • Search by the exact video file name rather than the movie title
  • Try both the auto-fetch and manual search in MX Player
  • As a last resort, manually download SRT files from

Crashes or Freezes

  • Clear app cache and data for MX Player and restart
  • Update MX Player to the latest version if available
  • Reinstall MX Player APK to clear out any corrupt files

Following the troubleshooting tips above should get MX Player up and running smoothly again.

Final Thoughts on This Ultimate MX Player Guide

Phew, we covered a lot of ground here! To quickly recap:

  • MX Player is the best app for reducing buffering thanks to multi-core decoding.

  • It‘s easy to install on Fire TV and Android TV devices with just a few steps.

  • Integration with streaming apps like Cinema HD and BeeTV is seamless.

  • Finding and enabling subtitles is super quick with MX Player‘s interfaces.

  • Tons of customization and control for a top-notch viewing experience.

I hope all these tips help you get MX Player set up perfectly on your Firestick or Android TV box. No more endless buffering or lag!

Now you can finally enjoy buttery smooth HD streaming. Let me know if you have any other questions down in the comments. And don‘t forget to share this guide with any other cord-cutters in your life!


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