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MPA Submits List of Notorious Markets to USTR for 2023

Hey there! Each year I look forward to seeing the notorious markets list submitted by the Motion Picture Association to the US Trade Representative. As someone who follows copyright issues and streaming trends closely, I‘m fascinated by the evolving piracy landscape and efforts to curb illegal streaming.

In this post, let‘s take a deeper look at MPA‘s 2023 submission, what it means, and how you can avoid the risks of piracy by streaming legally.

MPA Calls Out Piracy‘s Threat

First, some background. The MPA, which represents major Hollywood studios, strongly opposes piracy. They estimate losses of $71 billion globally each year due to illegal distribution of movies and shows.

In their letter to the USTR, MPA points to serious concerns like identity theft, malware infections, and lost revenue they believe pirate sites cause.

But do notoriety lists actually reduce piracy? Despite years of submissions, many flagged sites continue operating. Still, the publicity and enforcement risks can damage their reputation, revenue streams, and viability.

Key Piracy Categories Call Out Popular Apps and Sites

MPA sorted entries into 10 categories, highlighting where various piracy threats exist:

Streaming Sites:

Fmovies and Cuevana3 enable free streaming of movies and shows, attracting millions of visitors. The MPA claims these sites make piracy easy by organizing pirated content.

Cyberlockers & Video Hosts:

Sites like DoodStream and allow uploading and sharing of copyrighted video files. They provide the hosting infrastructure for piracy.

IPTV Services:

Pay IPTV providers like BestBuyIPTV and GenIPTV illegally distribute live TV channels. ACE estimates there are currently 30+ million global IPTV subscribers.

Piracy Apps:

Popular apps like Movie Box and PikaShow have become go-to piracy tools on mobile devices. They simplify illegal streaming.

Torrent Sites:

The classic PirateBay and newcomers like 1337x provide torrents allowing direct downloads of movies, shows, music and more.

Payment Processors & Ads:

By naming intermediaries like payment processors and ad networks, MPA aims to cut off financial support for pirate operations.

How Does the Notorious Markets List Get Created?

The USTR analyzes submissions from the MPA, ACE, and other organizations. They also do their own research into piracy threats globally.

The final notorious markets list typically includes between 30-40 entries. It focuses on sites and services where infringement occurs on a massive scale.

Countries that host named markets may face trade sanctions or increased scrutiny around intellectual property protections.

Recent Actions Show Focus on Enforcement

There were some major enforcement actions against piracy services in 2022:

  • Streaming site GoGoAnime was seized by the Department of Justice.
  • The Premier League won a lawsuit to block streams of soccer games.
  • Illegal IPTV provider Nitro TV was permanently banned in the UK.

These cases demonstrate an ongoing crackdown against online piracy‘s facilitators, rather than only targeting individual users.

Turn to Legal Options for Safer Streaming

Piracy may seem tempting, but it carries malware dangers, lacks reliability, and harms content creators. Here are tips to access movies, shows, and sports safely and legally:

  • Try free, ad-supported apps like Tubi, Freevee, and Pluto TV
  • Use a library card for free access to Hoopla and Kanopy
  • Subscribe to mainstream services like Netflix and combine a few to get more content
  • Pay one-time rental fees on platforms like Vudu or iTunes
  • Stream sports through legal live TV services like YouTube TV or Sling

Stay secure online by relying on verified sources instead of questionable pirated content. I hope this overview gave you some useful insights into the MPA‘s submission and the complex battle against streaming piracy. Let me know if you have any other questions!


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