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How to Install Movie Time Kodi Build on Firestick/Fire TV and Android

Kodi builds provide a convenient way to get a fully loaded streaming setup on your device with just a few clicks. One of the newest and most popular Kodi builds right now is Movie Time.

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll cover everything you need to know about installing the Movie Time Kodi build on your Amazon Fire TV Stick, Fire TV, or Android device.

What is the Movie Time Kodi Build?

The Movie Time Kodi build is an all-in-one streaming platform that bundles tons of working addons, repositories, and a customized interface into one easy to install package.

It was created by the developer Narcacist and is available through his wizard repository. Some of the key features of Movie Time include:

  • Sleek, easy to navigate interface
  • Tons of high-quality video addons for movies, TV shows, live TV, sports, and more
  • Useful system tools and maintenance addons
  • Active development and updates

Movie Time provides access to a huge library of on-demand and live content across various categories like movies, TV shows, documentaries, kids, fitness, sports, and more.

Some of the top addons packed into the Movie Time build include:

  • Asgard – Movies, TV shows
  • Crew – Movies, TV shows
  • The Oath – Movies, TV shows
  • Ghost – Movies, TV shows
  • Numbers – Live TV
  • Rising Tides – Live Sports

And many more! Movie Time brings together the best streaming addons available for Kodi into one convenient build.

Is the Movie Time Kodi Build Legal?

When it comes to third-party Kodi builds like Movie Time, there are always questions around the legality.

The Movie Time build itself is perfectly legal to download and install. However, some of the content provided through the addons bundled in this build may infringe on copyrights. Streaming copyrighted material without permission is illegal.

As the end user, you are responsible for ensuring any media you stream is done legally. Stick to content in the public domain or that you have acquired rights to view.

We always recommend using a VPN while streaming to protect your privacy and security. A VPN like Surfshark will mask your streaming activity from prying eyes.

Overall, exercise caution and good judgment when using builds like Movie Time. While the build itself if legal, what you do with it is up to you.

Is Movie Time Kodi Build Safe to Use?

When installing third-party Kodi repositories and builds, it‘s always smart to do some due diligence on the source.

We scanned the Movie Time repository URL using VirusTotal and it came back clean, with no malware detected.

However, this does not guarantee safety. The nature of these builds means the developer could push malicious code at any time. So proceed with caution.

Here are some tips for staying safe while using Kodi builds like Movie Time:

  • Only install from known, trusted developers
  • Use a reputable VPN for anonymity
  • Avoid entering personal info or credentials
  • Monitor unusual behavior like crashes or lag
  • Run occasional antivirus scans

Also make sure to always install the latest Kodi version, as this will provide you with the most up-to-date security protections.

While no third-party add-on is 100% guaranteed safe, Movie Time comes from a known dev and has no reported issues. But it‘s impossible to validate the safety of any unofficial Kodi build.

How to Install the Movie Time Kodi Build

Ready to get Movie Time installed? Follow this step-by-step guide to get up and running on your Firestick, Fire TV, or Android device.

Before You Start

Before installing any third party build, it‘s highly recommended to start with a fresh setup. This will avoid any conflicts with existing builds and give you the best performance.

Here‘s how to reset Kodi to default settings:

Fire TV / Firestick: From the Home screen, open Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications > Kodi > Force Stop. Then launch Kodi again.

Android: From the Android Settings screen open Apps > Kodi > Storage > Clear Data

Windows / Mac: Delete the .kodi folder in your User Profile directory

Once Kodi reopens, you‘ll see the default interface. Now we‘re ready to install Movie Time!

Installation Steps

Follow these steps to get the Movie Time Kodi build installed:

  1. Open Kodi and click on the Settings icon (the gear)

  2. Select File Manager

  3. Click on Add Source

  4. Click and enter the following URL:
  1. Enter a name like "MovieTime" and click OK

  2. Return to the main Kodi menu and click on Add-ons

  3. Choose Install from zip file

  4. Click on "MovieTime" and install the file

  5. Wait for the "Narcacist Wizard Repository Add-on Installed" notification

  6. Go back and return to Install from Repository

  7. Select the "Narcacist Wizard Repository"

  8. Go to Program add-ons and install the "Narcacist Wizard"

  9. Open the Narcacist Wizard add-on

  10. Navigate to the Builds section

  11. Select the Movie Time build and choose Fresh Install

  12. Confirm the installation

  13. Wait for the build to download and extract

  14. Once complete, force close Kodi and re-launch

  15. Enjoy the Movie Time Kodi build!

The initial launch may take a minute or two as Movie Time finishes configuring itself. But after that you‘ll be all set to start streaming!

Updating Movie Time

Since Movie Time is actively maintained, it‘s important to keep it updated so you get all the latest features and fixes.

Follow these steps periodically to update Movie Time:

  1. In Kodi, go to Add-Ons > Program Add-ons > Narcacist Wizard

  2. Open the Maintenance section

  3. Select the Update Movie Time option

  4. Confirm the update when prompted

  5. Give Kodi some time to download and apply the latest update files

  6. You may need to force close and relaunch Kodi for changes to take effect

That‘s all there is to it! Keeping Movie Time updated ensures you always have the best experience.

Movie Time Kodi Build Walkthrough & Review

Now let‘s take a hands-on look at everything included with the Movie Time Kodi build. Here are some key sections and features you‘ll find after installing it.


The Movies section provides quick access to addons for finding all sorts of films. There are dedicated categories for New Movies, Genres, 4K Movies, Boxsets, and more.

Some of the top addons featured here include Asgard, Ghost, Crew, Shadow, and many others. You‘ll have tons of working options for streaming movies.

TV Shows

For television, Movie Time includes categories like New Episodes, Networks, Genres, Highly Rated, and more.

Addons featured here include Asgard, The Oath, Ghost, Shadow, Crew, and several others. All the best Kodi TV addons packed into one place.

Live TV

The Live TV section gives you access to tons of live channels across categories like Entertainment, Movies, Sports, News, Kids, and more.

Some of the top addons here include The Loop, Rising Tides, NuMb3r5, and Sportowa TV. You‘ll have endless live TV options.


For sports fans, the Movie Time build delivers. It bundles several great sports addons like Rising Tides, NuMb3r5, The Loop, and Sportowa.

You‘ll be able to watch live games across leagues like NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Soccer, WWE, Boxing, UFC, and much more.


To keep the little ones entertained, Movie Time includes a dedicated Kids section. Here you‘ll find addons like YouTube Kids, Kids Corner, and Cartoon Crazy.

Let them safely stream cartoons, educational programs, and family-friendly content.

Music & Radio

For tunes, Movie Time provides addons to stream from online music catalogs, internet radio stations, and more. Options here include Spotify, MP3 Streams, Radio Player, and iHeart Radio.


No Kodi build would be complete without maintenance tools. Movie Time packs in addons to keep your setup optimized.

Options here include Speed Test for checking internet speeds, Cleaner to clear caches, Update Movie Time for quick updates, Backup to create backups, Restore to restore backups, and Autoclean to automate cleaning.

Final Review

Overall, the Movie Time Kodi build provides one of the best all-in-one streaming setups available. It bundles tons of great addons for movies, TV, sports, and more into an intuitive and easy to use interface.

While you‘ll still want a Real-Debrid account to unlock top quality streams, the sheer amount of content here is extremely impressive. Movie Time is beginner-friendly and delivers a full streaming experience with minimal setup required.

It‘s an ideal option for anyone looking to get the most out of their Kodi setup without having to manually hunt down and configure addons. Just install and start streaming!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about the Movie Time Kodi build:

Is the Movie Time Kodi build legal?

The build itself is legal. However, some of the streamed content may infringe on copyrights. Use a VPN and be cautious.

Does Movie Time work on Firestick and Android?

Yes! Movie Time works great on Fire TV devices, Android TV boxes, and more. The install process is the same.

How do I update the Movie Time build?

Open the Narcacist Wizard addon, go to Maintenance, and use the "Update Movie Time" option.

Is there a Movie Time APK I can install?

No, there is no dedicated APK. You need to install it through Kodi on any supported device.

Does Movie Time work without Real-Debrid?

Yes, but you‘ll have limited stream quality without a debrid service like Real-Debrid. We recommend using one.

Is Movie Time better than [insert Kodi build here]?

It‘s subjective, but Movie Time is one of the top builds available today thanks to its huge content selection, frequent updates, and intuitive interface.

And that wraps up this guide on installing the Movie Time Kodi build! We hope this detailed walkthrough gave you everything you need to get up and running with this excellent all-in-one streaming platform. Enjoy!


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