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Mobdro Not Working – Best Mobdro Alternatives for Live TV in 2022

Mobdro offered free live TV streaming to millions of users worldwide. But in early 2021, the service abruptly stopped working, leaving many scrambling for replacements. This comprehensive guide examines what happened to Mobdro, the best alternative apps available, and key factors to consider when selecting a new option for streaming live television channels on your favorite devices like Firestick and Android TV boxes.

The Rise and Fall of Mobdro

First launching in 2011, Mobdro quickly became one of the most popular free IPTV (Internet Protocol television) applications. Mobdro provided free unlimited access to stream live TV channels from around the world.

At its peak, Mobdro boasted over 100 million users. It was compatible with Android smartphones and tablets, Firestick and Fire TV devices, Android TV boxes, and even Chromecast and Roku.

The app offered 1000+ live TV channels sorted into categories like Sports, News, Movies, Entertainment, Cartoon, Music, Fashion, Religious, and more. Users could browse channels or search for specific ones.

Mobdro‘s slick interface and massive channel selection made it a go-to for cord-cutters seeking free live TV streaming. But there was always an air of uncertainty about the legality of Mobdro‘s free service despite its popularity.

On February 10, 2021, Mobdro suddenly stopped working. Visiting the official Mobdro website presented users with this message rather than the usual links to download the Mobdro APK:

Mobdro users were understandably frustrated and confused why the service had abruptly ceased functioning. It soon emerged that Spanish police had arrested the developers behind Mobdro as part of an anti-piracy operation.

Shutting down Mobdro had been a goal of the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE), an anti-piracy coalition of major entertainment companies. They likely provided evidence that enabled the arrest of the Mobdro developers and take-down of the app.

While the developers never faced criminal charges, Mobdro was gone for good by March 2021. Attempts to revive the app under new names and domains have not succeeded in replicating Mobdro‘s massive free library of live TV streams.

For many Mobdro users, especially those relying on it as their main live TV streaming source, finding a suitable replacement became an urgent priority.

Factors to Consider in a Mobdro Replacement

With Mobdro no longer working, here are key factors to consider when selecting an alternative live TV streaming solution:

  • Cost – Are you looking for a completely free option, or willing to pay a monthly fee for premium channels and features? Free apps have downsides like ads.

  • Channel selection – How many channels do you need? Look for an extensive lineup including your must-have networks.

  • Device support – Apps should work across platforms like Fire TV, Android, iOS, Roku. Web streaming opens even more options.

  • DVR availability– Can you record shows to watch later? DVR features are limited on free apps.

  • Video quality – Only paid services provide reliable HD streaming. Free apps can suffer buffering.

  • User experience – A smooth, intuitive interface makes finding and watching content easier.

Considering factors like these will help match you to the Mobdro alternative that best fits your streaming needs and budget.

Top 7 Mobdro Alternative Apps for Live TV

Based on the criteria above, here are 7 of the top-rated apps recommended as alternatives now that Mobdro is down:

1. Pluto TV

Pluto TV likely comes closest to the Mobdro experience of free live TV streaming. This popular app provides over 250 live channels spanning categories like news, sports, movies, cartoons, entertainment, and more.

The interface allows browsing by category or searching for your favorite channels. All content is 100% free but ads are included. Pluto TV is available on all major platforms like Firestick, Roku, Android, iOS, and web.


  • Completely free service
  • 250+ live channels
  • Intuitive browsing by category
  • Available on all major streaming devices


  • Contains ads
  • Lacks advanced DVR controls

Overall if you‘re seeking a free and simple Mobdro replacement, Pluto TV is a top choice that closely replicates the Mobdro experience.

Learn how to install Pluto TV on Firestick and other devices

2. Sling TV

Sling TV is one of the most affordable options for paid live TV streaming. Plans start at just $35/month. You can choose from packages tailored to your interests like the Orange plan with 30+ popular channels or Blue plan with 40+ channels.

Add-on packs for extras like sports, comedy, and news channels are available. Cloud DVR with 50 hours of storage comes included. Sling TV works on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, iOS, Android, and more.


  • Channel packages starting at $35/month
  • 50+ live channels on base plans
  • Cloud DVR included
  • Supported on most streaming devices


  • Additional fees for more channels and DVR
  • Video quality can be inconsistent

Sling TV gives you an affordable way to replicate and upgrade the Mobdro experience while ensuring reliable streaming.

Check out our Sling TV guide to get started

3. YouTube TV

YouTube TV is a top premium choice for live TV streaming with its expansive channel lineup and unlimited DVR storage. The base package includes over 85+ popular live channels for $64.99/month.

You also get unlimited cloud DVR, 6 accounts per household, and 3 concurrent streams. Compatible devices include Apple TV, Roku, Android, iOS, Chromecast, Fire TV, and browsers. Video quality up to 4K where available.


  • 85+ live channels
  • Unlimited cloud DVR included
  • 6 accounts per household
  • 4K streaming available


  • No permanent DVR storage
  • More limited platform support

If you want a feature-packed live TV service on par with cable, YouTube TV is a superb option to replace Mobdro.

Learn more about YouTube TV and how to sign up

4. Hulu + Live TV

For $69.99/month, Hulu + Live TV grants access to over 75+ live channels alongside Hulu‘s massive on-demand streaming library and original content. The Disney+ and ESPN+ bundles provide even more value.

Cloud DVR comes with 50 hours of storage and is upgradeable to 200 hours for $9.99/month. 2 screens can stream simultaneously. Supported devices include Roku, Firestick, Apple TV, Chromecast, iOS, Android, and game consoles. Video quality up to 1080p based on your connection.


  • 75+ live channels
  • Disney+/ESPN+ bundles available
  • 50+ hour cloud DVR included


  • $70/month cost
  • Channel lineup could be expanded

Hulu + Live TV combines live channels, a cloud DVR, and all of Hulu‘s impressive on-demand catalog into a singular streaming package, albeit at a premium price.

Check out our full guide on Hulu + Live TV

5. AT&T TV

AT&T TV Now starts at $69.99/month for their base package with 40+ channels. You can customize your channel lineup from a wide selection of options. 20 hours of DVR storage comes included.

Supported devices include Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, iOS, and Android. Video quality depends on your connection speed but 1080p HD is available. AT&T TV Now lacks niche channels but has mainstream networks.


  • 40+ channels on base package
  • 1080p HD streaming
  • 20 hours of DVR storage


  • Higher starting price
  • Lacks unique niche channels
  • Limited device support

While a bit pricier, AT&T TV Now provides reliable mainstream cable channels live and on-demand after Mobdro‘s demise.

Check out AT&T TV Now‘s channel packages and pricing

6. fuboTV

fuboTV tailors its channel packages specifically for sports fans. Plans start at $69.99/month for over 100 channels, with add-ons available. Cloud DVR includes 250 hours of storage.

Supported platforms are similar to other services – Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, iOS, Android. Two streams at once allowed. Video maxes out at 1080p based on your connection speed.


  • 100+ channels on base plan
  • 250 hour cloud DVR
  • Extra sports focus


  • No TNT or TBS
  • More limited device support
  • Packages beyond budget for some

If sports programming is a priority, fuboTV brings excellent coverage and DVR flexibility to the table.

See fuboTV channel packages and pricing

7. Plex Live TV

The Plex media platform offers an expanding selection of over 80+ free live TV channels, alongside tons of free on-demand media. All you need is a Plex account and the Plex app installed to start streaming.

Of course channel selection is more limited compared to paid services. But it‘s a free option seamlessly integrated if you already use Plex. Supported on Roku, Fire TV, iOS, Android, and more.


  • 100% free live TV
  • Easy access for Plex users
  • 80+ free live channels


  • Requires Plex setup
  • Smaller channel lineup

For existing Plex fans, its free live TV channels are a useful replacement for Mobdro‘s freemium selections.

Learn how to setup Plex and watch the live TV channels

How VPNs Enhance Streaming Privacy

When using free streaming platforms instead of paid services, it‘s highly recommended you also utilize a VPN (virtual private network).

A VPN will encrypt all network traffic from your streaming device to keep your viewing activities private and secure. This prevents snooping from ISPs, government agencies, copyright enforcers, and even app developers.

VPNs route your connection through remote servers, meaning your true IP address and location are hidden. You can bypass geographic restrictions and streaming blocks imposed by video services.

Our top recommendation is __ VPN for their blazing connection speeds perfect for live streaming, watertight encryption, and budget-friendly pricing.

With servers in 94 countries, __ VPN lets you spoof your location to access region-locked content. Apps for all major platforms make setup easy.

Sign up at VPN here to save %!

Key Takeaways on Replacing Mobdro

  • Mobdro shutting down removed one of the most popular free live TV streaming apps, but left users needing alternatives.

  • Look for replacements that match your budget, channel needs, platform support, and features like DVR availability.

  • Apps like Pluto TV offer free streaming reminiscent of Mobdro, while services like YouTube TV provide premium paid cable channel replacements.

  • Using a quality VPN encrypts your streaming activity and prevents snooping by ISPs, government agencies, and more.

While Mobdro offered live TV streaming in a legal gray area, its shutdown illustrates the risks of relying solely on unverified apps. There are now ample great options to replace Mobdro‘s features and channels through reputable free streaming platforms or premium subscriptions. With the right apps tailored to your preferences and streaming habits, you‘ll enjoy live television without missing Mobdro.


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