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How To Get A Mexican IP Address from Anywhere

Want to access content, websites, or apps that are only available in Mexico? Getting a Mexican IP address is easy with the right virtual private network (VPN). In this comprehensive 3000+ word guide, we‘ll cover everything you need to know to understand IP addresses, choose the best VPN for a Mexican IP, connect to Mexico servers, and use your new IP address safely and legally.

What is an IP Address and How Does it Determine Your Location?

Your IP address is like your computer‘s home address on the internet. It‘s a unique series of numbers assigned to each device that identifies its location. IP stands for Internet Protocol, which is the system of rules managing how data transfers across the internet or local networks.

Companies like Netflix use your IP address to see what country you are accessing the internet from. If your IP is American, you‘ll get the US Netflix library. But someone in Mexico accessing Netflix with a Mexican IP will get different content available only in that country.

This region-locking allows streaming platforms like Netflix or Spotify to abide by licensing deals that restrict shows, movies, and music to certain countries. According to data from Flixed, Netflix‘s library offers 39% less movies and shows in the US compared to Netflix Mexico. Games and other software can also have geographic restrictions.

How Does a VPN Get You a Mexican IP Address?

A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, allows you to bypass these geographic content blocks by masking your real IP address with one from another location – in this case, Mexico.

When you connect to a VPN server based in Mexico, it assigns you a Mexican IP address. Websites like Netflix that check your IP will think you are in Mexico and grant you access to Mexican Netflix. This works to unblock region-locked content from any country or streaming service.

Here‘s How VPN IP Address Masking Works:

  1. You connect your device to a VPN server located in Mexico. This creates an encrypted tunnel between your device and the VPN server.
  2. Internet traffic from your device is routed through the encrypted VPN tunnel before exiting to the internet.
  3. The VPN assigns your device a Mexican IP address as your new virtual location. Your real IP address is hidden.
  4. Websites see the Mexican IP address and think you are in Mexico. You can now access Mexican content!

This process allows you to bypass geo-blocks and access content or sites not available in your physical area.

VPN Usage Statistics

  • As of 2022, 28% of internet users reported using a VPN according to GlobalWebIndex.
  • Mexico ranked #16 worldwide for countries with the most VPN users according to Surfshark‘s 2022 VPN report.
  • The top reasons people in the Americas use VPNs are to access restricted content (32%) and shield their browsing activities (28%) per Surfshark.

How to Choose the Best VPN for a Mexican IP Address

The key to accessing Mexican content is choosing a VPN service that offers fast, reliable servers in Mexico. But there are lots of other factors that make up a good quality VPN.

Here are the most important criteria to look for in a VPN for getting a Mexican IP address:

Servers Based in Mexico

The VPN needs to have server locations within Mexico, preferably in multiple cities like Mexico City, Guadalajara, or Cancun. This allows the VPN to assign you a Mexican IP address. The more Mexico server options, the less likely they are to be congested which can slow speeds.

According to data tracker VPNMentor, top providers like ExpressVPN, CyberGhost VPN, and NordVPN all offer Mexican server locations.

Fast Internet Speeds

A slow VPN will buffer and lag when streaming shows or using bandwidth-heavy sites. Prioritize VPNs proven to offer fast connection speeds for smooth performance. Look for VPNs that offer speed test results right on their website for proof.

Top Security Features

Your VPN needs robust security to keep your data safe and keep prying eyes from tracking your new IP address:

  • Strong encryption like AES-256 bit or stronger secures your connection tunnel and scrambles data making it unreadable to hackers.
  • A no-logs policy means the VPN does not monitor or record your online activities while connected to their servers. This prevents them from turning over data linked to your IP.
  • Features like kill switches automatically disconnect you if the VPN drops to prevent IP leaks. Split-tunnelling allows you to pick which apps route through the VPN tunnel.
  • Using the OpenVPN protocol is more secure than PPTP or L2TP/IPsec. WireGuard is a fast emerging protocol option.

Ability to Unblock Streaming Sites

VPNs frequently get blocked by Netflix, Disney+ and other streaming platforms once detected. To avoid interruptions, the VPN needs proven capability of unblocking major sites, ideally with optimized streaming servers.

Allows P2P and Torrenting

If you plan to download torrents anonymously or access piracy sites with your Mexican IP, you‘ll need a VPN that permits peer-to-peer file transfers and BitTorrent traffic on at least some of their servers.

Simultaneous Device Connections

To maintain your Mexican IP address across all your gadgets, look for a VPN that allows for 5+ simultaneous connections per account. This way you can secure your IP on the go.

User-Friendly Apps

VPNs with intuitive apps for Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, and even Linux make it easy to connect to a Mexican server, check your new IP, and manage your VPN.

Reliable Customer Support

In case of any connectivity issues or speed problems, VPNs with 24/7 customer support via live chat, email, or phone can quickly resolve them.

Budget-Friendly Plans

While free VPN services seem appealing, most lack the speed and security of paid providers. But premium VPN plans can still be affordable with monthly prices as low as $2-3 or heavily discounted 1-3 year subscriptions.

5 Recommended VPNs for a Mexican IP Address

Based on the criteria above, these top-rated VPN services check all the boxes for securely accessing Mexican content and changing your virtual location to Mexico:

VPN Servers in Mexico Speed Security Streaming Unblocking Simultaneous Connections Price per Month
NordVPN 30+ Fast AES-256 encryption
Kill switch
No logs policy
BBC iPlayer
6 devices $2.99 – $11.99
ExpressVPN 10+ Very fast AES-256 encryption
No logs policy
Amazon Prime
5 devices $8.32 – $12.95
Cyberghost 50+ Fast AES-256 encryption
No logs policy
7 devices $2.19 – $12.99
Surfshark 5+ Fast AES-256 encryption
Kill switch
No logs policy
BBC iPlayer
Unlimited devices $2.49 – $12.95
IPVanish 10+ Fast AES-256 encryption
Kill switch
Amazon Prime
Unlimited devices $3.99 – $10.99

*Pricing for monthly plans, cheaper for 1-3 year subscriptions

This table compares key features, but you can read our full hands-on Surfshark VPN review and IPVanish VPN review for more detailed analysis.

Out of these excellent VPN options, NordVPN stands out as the best overall choice. It offers the most Mexican server locations, consistently fast speeds, watertight security, and can readily unblock Netflix Mexico.

Step-by-Step Guide to Getting a Mexican IP Address with a VPN

Ready to get started? Obtaining a Mexican IP address only takes minutes once you‘re signed up with your chosen VPN provider.

Here is a step-by-step walkthrough using NordVPN, our top Mexican IP recommendation:

1. Sign Up and Download the VPN App

First, go to and select a subscription plan. The 2-year plan offers the biggest savings. Complete signup and account creation.

Download and install the NordVPN app on your device – iOS and Android mobile apps are available alongside Windows and MacOS desktop apps. Log into your new NordVPN account through the app.

2. Connect to a VPN Server in Mexico

Once in the app, tap the icon in the upper right corner to open the server list. Scroll down and select Mexico.

You can choose to connect to any of the 30+ Mexico VPN server locations. Tap "Quick Connect" next to the server city name to initiate the connection.

3. Check Your New Mexican IP Address

It will take about 15-30 seconds to secure the VPN connection to your chosen Mexico server. Once connected, you can check your new Mexican IP address in two ways:

  1. The NordVPN app will display your new Mexican IP address right on the main screen
  2. Visit a website like to look up your public facing IP – it should now show a Mexican IP.

4. Start Enjoying Your Mexican IP Address!

Now that your IP address is Mexican, geo-blocks are lifted! You can:

  • Stream shows on Netflix Mexico, Claro Video, Blim TV and more
  • Access websites or apps only available in Mexico
  • Securely access public WiFi hotspots while traveling in Mexico
  • Keep your identity and traffic encrypted and private

When done, simply disconnect from the VPN app to revert back to your original IP address.

Why You Might Want a Mexican IP Address

Beyond accessing streaming sites like Netflix Mexico that typically top the list, there are a variety of other reasons you may want to use a VPN to get a Mexican IP address:

Access Mexico-Only Websites and Apps

Some websites or mobile apps are restricted to just Mexican IP addresses, like:

  • News sites such as Milenio or Excelsior
  • Travel sites for booking flights or hotels, like VivaAerobus or BestDay
  • Local Mexico shopping sites and classifieds for deals unavailable elsewhere
  • Dating apps like Matched or local alternatives
  • Municipal or government resources and information directories

Having a Mexican IP can unlock full access to these types of sites.

Secure Public WiFi Connections

According to a Norton survey, 55% of Mexicans access free public WiFi every day while traveling, commuting or out and about. But joining an open hotspot also opens you up to potential hacking and tracking.

Connecting to public WiFi using a Mexican VPN server encrypts your data and shields your browsing activity from prying eyes while masking your physical location.

Bypass Local Censorship or Restrictions

Some schools, workplaces, or even ISPs block access to certain websites and online services. Residents across Latin America also face internet censorship inhibiting access to information.

Routing your traffic through another country with a VPN allows you to bypass censored sites, school/work firewalls, and other limits on access to content imposed locally.

Reduce Exposure to Targeted Ads

Much of the advertising you see online is geo-targeted, meaning the ads are tailored specifically to your location and interests associated with local IP addresses.

By browsing under a Mexican IP, all the ads will instead be targeted toward a Mexican demographic. This reduces your exposure to personalized behavioral marketing targeted around your actual identity.

Piracy Concerns

While I don’t recommend accessing illegal pirated content, some users do seek to download movies, shows, music, software, and games from torrent sites, pirating platforms, or forums that may be blocked where they live.

Connecting through a Mexican VPN IP provides anonymous access to otherwise restricted piracy sites – but breaking copyright laws comes with its own risks regardless of VPN use.

Is It Legal to Use a VPN to Get a Mexican IP Address?

The legality of using a VPN itself is well-established in most countries, including Mexico where VPNs are fully legal to utilize. However, what you do over a VPN still matters. Accessing content over a VPN applies legal gray areas:

Stream Ripping

When you use a VPN to access streaming content not licensed for viewing in your region, this violates the Terms of Service (ToS) of platforms like Netflix. They can terminate your account for VPN use to bypass regional restrictions. So while unlikely to face actual prosecution, it does break contractual rules.


Downloading pirated media and software – aka torrenting and stream ripping – typically violates copyright law in Mexico as it does in most countries. Not all VPNs allow torrent traffic, but those that do don’t nullify the illegal aspect of copyright infringement.

Price Arbitrage

Shopping across borders can be an issue if using a VPN to disguise your location deliberately to order physical goods or purchase digital services at cheaper regional pricing not applicable to foreign customers. This may qualify as misrepresentation.

While the VPN itself is perfectly legal, consider the ethics behind how you plan to utilize alternate international IP addresses before connecting through proxies and masked locations.

Risks and Downsides of Using a Mexican IP Address

Despite unlocking geo-blocked content, providing anonymity, and enhancing privacy, utilizing a VPN and foreign IP address does come with some risks and downsides to consider:

VPN Detection Gets You Blocked

One major annoyance is streaming platforms like Netflix frequently detect and blacklist VPN IP addresses. This leads to abruptly getting error messages and blocked from viewing content until disconnecting from the VPN.

Staying under the radar can be tricky as streaming sites work continuously to identify and block VPN traffic. Some VPNs even offer dedicated streaming-optimized servers.

Slower Internet Speeds

Routing your connection through distant international servers can slow down your bandwidth. Latency caused by geographic distance and handshake gaps between VPN clients and servers leads to lag, buffering, and delays.

Fortunately, many premium VPNs make efforts to mitigate this by offering servers optimized for speed, limiting redundant hops, and utilizing efficient protocols. But some impact on performance remains likely.

Privacy Limitations

While a trustworthy VPN provides an encrypted tunnel protecting the sites you access and content you view, your underlying behavior can still be monitored and logged by the sites themselves.

A Mexican IP address doesn’t make you anonymous to a site like Facebook. They can still track your profile, connections, browsing, and clicks over a VPN. And public WiFi risks remain if entering passwords or sharing private data.

Red Flag Behavior

Frequently switching between IP addresses from different locations and countries can appear suspicious to websites or internet providers. Appearing to hop between locations or conceal your true IP address may lead to service disruption if detected.

Maintaining a consistent IP address origin through your VPN provider helps avoid rising red flags from extreme geography and IP switching indicative of misconduct or criminal cyber activity.

Expert Tips for Safe and Private Use

Take these additional precautions for safely browsing the internet using your VPN‘s Mexican IP address:

Verify No DNS or IPv6 Leaks

DNS and IPv6 leaks can expose your real IP address if the VPN connection drops. Use leak testing sites like or while connected to check for leaks.

Enable the VPN Kill Switch

A kill switch will sever your internet connection if the VPN stops, preventing exposure of your true IP instead of defaulting back to your unsecured home IP.

Avoid Public WiFi for Sensitive Tasks

It may seem secure under a VPN, but public WiFi still poses risks for activities like shopping or banking even under an encrypted connection.

Don‘t Mix Personal and VPN Browsing

Keep separate browsers or profiles for your personal usage versus private VPN activities to avoid linking the patterns together.

Turn Off Bandwidth-Hungry Apps

Disable background bandwidth drains like auto-updating apps and griddy cloud services that could slow speeds while connected to a distant VPN server.

Use Unknown Payment Methods

If purchasing goods or services linked to your IP activities, use gift cards or crypto instead of your personal credit cards.

The Bottom Line

Accessing the internet through a different IP address grants you access to geo-blocked content, anonymity benefits, and security for your connection when traveling or on public WiFi.

VPNs offer an easy way to get a Mexican IP address from anywhere in just minutes. Choosing a premium VPN like NordVPN or ExpressVPN ensures you get fast speeds, watertight security protections, and expanded access to streaming content as if virtually located in Mexico.

Just be mindful that utilizing foreign IPs to bypass regional restrictions inhabits legal gray areas. While VPN use itself is perfectly legal, how you ultimately use the anonymous access requires ethical consideration.

With the benefits and risks in mind, equipping yourself with a trustworthy VPN at your disposal allows you to digitally transport yourself anywhere in the world.


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