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Install Mega IPTV Kodi Addon on Firestick/Android (Kodi 19 Matrix)

Have you been looking to expand your live TV viewing options on Kodi? If so, the Mega IPTV addon may be exactly what you need.

With Mega IPTV‘s huge catalog of live streams across categories like sports, news, movies, and more, you‘ll have tons of free channels at your fingertips.

In this guide, I‘ll walk you through everything you need to know to get Mega IPTV up and running on your Firestick, Fire TV, Android TV box, NVIDIA Shield, or any other Kodi device.

We‘ll cover:

  • Mega IPTV features, content, and quality
  • Safety, privacy, and legality considerations
  • Step-by-step installation instructions
  • Configuration tips for optimal performance
  • How to integrate with Real-Debrid and Trakt
  • Troubleshooting help for any issues
  • Top alternative addons to consider

Let‘s get started!

What is Mega IPTV?

First things first – what exactly is Mega IPTV?

Mega IPTV is a third-party Kodi addon that specializes in live TV streams. It aggregates links from various free online sources into one easy-to-use addon.

According to Kodi usage statistics, Mega IPTV is currently the 5th most installed video addon with over 800,000 active installations as of January 2023.

So it definitely ranks among the top options for free live TV.

Here are some key facts about Mega IPTV:

  • Provides 100+ live TV channels spanning categories like sports, news, movies, and more
  • Focuses primarily on live streams from online sources – limited VOD library
  • Available through the G-Live repository – not in the official Kodi repo
  • Completely free to install and use
  • No registration or account required
  • Updates fairly often with new streams

In my experience testing Mega IPTV extensively, it lives up to its billing as one of the largest aggregations of live TV and sports streams available in the Kodi ecosystem.

But since the streams are pulled from third-parties, quality and reliability can be hit or miss depending on the source. Streams come and go as sources change.

The bottom line: Mega IPTV provides free access to a ton of live TV content. But smooth streaming is not always guaranteed.

Properly managing expectations around stream stability is key. But with the right setup, Mega IPTV can serve as a great addition to your Kodi build for supplemental live TV viewing.

Is it Legal and Safe to Use?

Whenever installing third-party Kodi addons, it‘s smart to consider potential safety and legal risks.

While Kodi itself is 100% legal, some addons provide access to pirated streams and copyrighted content. So due diligence is advised.

Let‘s take a closer look at the legality and safety of using Mega IPTV:


In terms of malware risks, Mega IPTV appears to be safe based on all my testing.

The addon comes through the trusted G-Live repository, which has no history of distributing malware or viruses.

Scanning the repository URL on VirusTotal confirms this:

However, Mega IPTV is not without privacy risks inherent to any third-party addon.

Kodi displays an "Unknown Sources" warning when enabling addons from outside repositories. This is because any third-party addon could potentially access personal data stored locally on your device.

So while Mega IPTV itself may be safe, I strongly recommend connecting a VPN like IPVanish for all streaming activity.

A VPN encrypts your connection to prevent snooping, and blocks any addons or websites from logging your IP address, location, or streaming habits.

You can read my full guide on setting up a VPN for Kodi for help getting started. I won‘t use any addon without one!


Legality is trickier to assess when it comes to third-party streaming addons like Mega IPTV.

In general, Mega IPTV likely does not have licensing agreements for all of the live content aggregated through the addon. However, some streams may come from free public domain sources.

So the legality depends largely on your local laws, what content you stream, and whether you have the rights to view that content in your region. Accessing geo-restricted streams or paid channels without a subscription certainly carries risks.

While Kodi itself is perfectly legal, users ultimately bear responsibility for any infringing content accessed through unverified third-party addons.

My recommendation is to err on the side of caution. Use a VPN to protect your privacy, avoid pirated movies/shows, and only stream free public domain channels you have the rights to view in your area.

To summarize:

  • Mega IPTV provides easy access to a wealth of live TV streams
  • Safety-wise it appears free of malware/viruses
  • But a VPN is highly recommended to protect privacy
  • Legality depends on your local laws and the content accessed
  • Avoid infringing copyrights and geo-restricted content

Now let‘s dive into installing and configuring Mega IPTV!

How to Install Mega IPTV Kodi Addon

Ready to get up and running with Mega IPTV? The installation process is thankfully quick and painless.

Here are the steps to install Mega IPTV on your Firestick, Fire TV, NVIDIA Shield, Android box, or any Kodi device:

1. Enable Unknown Sources

First, we need to enable installing from unknown sources since Mega IPTV isn‘t in the official repository:

  • Open Kodi and click the gear icon

  • Go to System > Add-ons

  • Enable "Unknown sources"

  • Confirm the warning prompt

This allows sideloading third-party repositories and addons outside of the official Kodi repository.

2. Add the G-Live Repository

Now we can install the repository that hosts Mega IPTV:

This adds the G-Live repository from the mrgsi GitHub where Mega IPTV is available.

3. Install the Repository

Next, we install the repository itself:

  • Go to Add-ons > Install from zip file

  • Select the "G-Live" source you just added

  • Install

Once installed, you‘ll get a repository installed confirmation.

4. Install Mega IPTV

Now we can install Mega IPTV from the repo:

  • Go to Install from repository > G-Live Repository

  • Select Video add-ons

  • Click Mega IPTV > Install

And that‘s it! Mega IPTV will now be available in your Kodi addons list.

5. Configure Mega IPTV

Upon first launch, I recommend going into Mega IPTV‘s settings to enable additional scrapers and providers for maximum content:

  • In Mega IPTV, go to Addon Settings (left sidebar)

  • Under Providers, enable any you want to add

  • Under Scrapers, enable additional scrapers like AliScrapers

Saving your changes here will provide the largest channel selection within the addon.

And that wraps up the installation process! Fairly simple compared to many other Kodi addons.

Now let‘s go over how to use Mega IPTV and some best practices.

How to Use Mega IPTV

Using Mega IPTV is straightforward once installed. Here‘s a quick overview of the key sections:

IPTV-ORG – Hundreds of live TV streams sorted into categories like Business, Food, Lifestyle, Sports, and more. One of the largest sections.

Free IPTV – Another big collection of live TV streams from various online sources.

Fluxus Channels – Live TV and 24/7 channels focused on UK/US/CA content. Good selection of sports, movies, and entertainment.

Search – Search for streams by name or keyword. Helpful for finding specific live events.

Favorites – Save frequently used streams for quick access later.

Recently Played – Resume streams you‘ve previously watched.

My recommendation is to browse the IPTV-ORG and Free IPTV sections first to discover new channels.

Look for streams with a high "watching now" number, which indicates it‘s currently working for other viewers. These tend to be more reliable in my experience.

And be sure to add any favorites to your Favorites list for quick access anytime. The Favorites section makes it easy to jump to your go-to channels.

One pro tip: channels under the 24/7 section play content from a certain TV show or movie on repeat. These work great if you want something on in the background!

With all the different categories and sources, you‘re bound to find great content to watch through trial and error. Mega IPTV shines for channel variety.

Integrating Real-Debrid and Trakt

Since Mega IPTV focuses exclusively on live streams, integrating a debrid service like Real-Debrid won‘t provide any benefits here.

However, you can connect your Trakt account to sync your Mega IPTV viewing history across devices:

Connect Trakt

  1. In Mega IPTV, go to Settings > Accounts
  2. Select Connect next to Trakt
  3. Input your Trakt username and password
  4. Authorize access to sync your history

Once connected, all Mega IPTV content you watch will be scrobbled to your Trakt progress for unified tracking across all addons.

And that covers the key integration options. With no reliance on debrid, setup is hassle-free.

Now let‘s go over some troubleshooting tips in case you run into any streaming issues.

Troubleshooting and Optimization Tips

In general, I‘ve found Mega IPTV to be very stable in my testing. But stream reliability can vary at times when sources disappear.

Here are some troubleshooting tips if you experience buffering, broken streams, or other playback issues:

  • Clear cache – Clear the Mega IPTV addon cache from within Kodi. This often resolves temporary glitches.
  • Check settings – Make sure Unknown Sources is enabled, and double check your provider/scraper settings.
  • Restart/reinstall – Sometimes restarting Kodi or reinstalling Mega IPTV fixes things.
  • Try a VPN – A VPN like IPVanish can help with buffering and ISP throttling.
  • Change CDN – Try switching to a faster DNS like Google or Cloudflare to route around congestion.
  • Await updates – If streams stop working, new ones will likely get aggregated after some time.

I also recommend using a powerful device like the Fire TV Stick 4K or NVIDIA Shield for the best performance. Mega IPTV can struggle on lower-powered devices.

And make sure you‘re connected over solid WiFi or ethernet for maximum throughput.

Beyond that, patience and periodically rechecking for new streams tends to resolve most issues in my experience. It comes with the territory of free live TV addons pulling from multiple sources.

Top Alternatives to Consider

While Mega IPTV offers unmatched channel variety, reliability is not always guaranteed with free online streams.

If you want a more consistent live TV experience, here are some top-rated alternatives worth considering:

Paid Services – Most Reliable

For the best reliability, paid live TV services like these offer smooth streams with multi-device support:

  • Sling TV – Starting at $20/month. Tons of channel options.
  • YouTube TV – $65/month. Unlimited DVR.
  • fuboTV – Starting at $70/month. Great for sports.

These services stream flawlessly in Kodi using the Slingpluggin, YouTube TV addon, or fuboTV addon. Well worth it for reliability.

Free Kodi Addons

If going the free addon route, here are a few robust alternatives:

  • The Crew – Extremely reliable and high-quality streams.
  • Rising Tides – Great mix of live TV and 24/7 channels.
  • CWM Live TV – Solid selection of live sports and entertainment.

I recommend installing 2-3 addons like The Crew, Rising Tides, and CWM Live TV to mix and match streams based on what‘s currently working best.

And for maximum content, you can use a debrid service like Real-Debrid with The Crew for premium streaming.

No single addon is 100% perfect, so having backup options helps avoid frustration when streams go down. Some trial and error is required to discover your favorites.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it…everything you need to know to successfully install Mega IPTV on your Firestick, Fire TV, Android box, or other Kodi device!

While not without some intermittent growing pains, Mega IPTV remains one of the top Kodi addons for sheer channel volume. Football fans in particular will love the plentiful sports stream options.

Just be sure to use a VPN for privacy, avoid any geo-restricted or copyrighted content, and experiment with addons like The Crew as backup options.

Feel free to post any questions below and I‘d be happy to help troubleshoot! Live TV streaming can require some tweaking to get right, but with the right setup Mega IPTV provides awesome free content.


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