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MECOOL KD3 Android TV Stick Review for 2023 – Bonus Tips & Tricks

The MECOOL KD3 is an impressive new Android TV streaming stick that offers great performance and features at an affordable price. In this in-depth review, we‘ll take a close look at the specs, pros and cons, and how it compares to competitors like the Chromecast with Google TV. We‘ll also provide some handy tips and tricks for getting the most out of the KD3.

KD3 Overview

Right off the bat, the KD3 stands out with its compact yet powerful design. Measuring just 3.75 x 1.1 x 0.6 inches, it‘s easy to hide behind a TV or take with you when traveling. The HDMI connector also has a short cable sleeve that lets you plug directly into a TV‘s HDMI port without an extension.

Despite its small size, the KD3 packs decent specs typically found in larger streaming boxes. It runs Android TV 11 software for access to all the top apps, with the Google TV interface on top for content recommendations. Hands-free Google Assistant is built-in for voice controls.

The quad-core ARM processor and Mali GPU deliver smooth video playback and gaming. Dual-band WiFi 5 provides reliable wireless connectivity. There‘s even USB-C for adding external storage and accessories. Next we‘ll dive deeper into some of the key features and performance.

Energy Efficient CPU

The MECOOL KD3 utilizes an Amlogic S905Y4 processor with four ARM Cortex-A35 cores clocked at 1.5GHz. This chip uses around 25% less power compared to Amlogic‘s S905X series found in cheaper Android boxes.

The 12nm fabrication process and power optimizations make the S905Y4 well-suited for home entertainment devices. It generates less heat so the KD3 remains cool to the touch even after hours of 4K streaming. Lower power draw also leads to less energy consumption over time.

In terms of performance, the S905Y4 lags behind flagship chips like the Snapdragon 665 in the Onn F11 TV box. But it‘s very capable for media streaming and casual gaming. AnTuTu benchmark scores land around 95,000 which is expected for a budget dongle. Rest assured the S905Y4 gets the job done smoothly.

Supports Next-Gen AV1 Video Codec

The MECOOL KD3 stands out for supporting the new AV1 video codec thanks to its Amlogic G31 MP2 GPU. AV1 offers up to 50% better compression efficiency over older standards like H.264 and H.265.

Leading streaming services are starting to roll out AV1 content. YouTube already uses it for over 70% of traffic, while Netflix plans to deliver AV1 streams for compatible devices. Even game streaming services like Google Stadia and Nvidia GeForce Now are adopting AV1.

By supporting this emerging codec in hardware, the KD3 ensures you‘ll get the benefits of AV1 as it becomes more widespread. Lower bandwidth consumption can lead to better quality streams. It helps future-proof the device to stay relevant.

Google TV Interface on Android TV 11

The KD3 runs the latest Android TV 11 software for access to thousands of apps optimized for big screens. Unlike generic Android boxes using mobile builds, Android TV provides a true smart TV experience.

On top of that, it features the excellent Google TV interface previously only found on the Chromecast with Google TV. This puts curated content front and center with personalized recommendations based on your subscriptions and watch history.

Everything is neatly organized into Movies, Shows, Apps and Live TV tabs for easy discovery. Google Assistant is built-in to quickly search across services, control smart home devices, get answers and more completely hands-free.

Overall, the software is extremely polished and user-friendly. Frequent updates directly from Google will bring new features and improvements over time. This gives the KD3 an advantage over competitors running dated builds of Android.

Storage and Expansion

The MECOOL KD3 comes with 8GB of internal eMMC flash storage. This is fairly limited, but can be expanded by up to 2TB via the USB-C port. Just connect a USB hub and add portable SSD storage like the Samsung T7 which offers fast transfer speeds over 400 MB/s.

A speedy 1TB drive can store a massive collection of movies, shows, and games. And thanks to Android 11, you can now install apps directly onto external storage. No longer do you need to worry about filling up precious internal space when sideloading extra apps.

Another advantage of USB-C expansion is that it enables connecting peripherals like keyboards, mice, gamepads and ethernet adapters. Competing streamers from Amazon and Roku lack USB ports, limiting their versatility.

Streaming Device Internal Storage External Storage
Fire TV Stick 4K 8GB No
Roku Streaming Stick+ 512MB No

Impressive 4K HDR Streaming

Thanks to HDMI 2.1 output, AV1 decoding, and Widevine L1 DRM support, the KD3 delivers an exceptional 4K streaming experience. I tested from all the major services like YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max and Apple TV+, with perfectly smooth playback in 3840 x 2160 resolution.

HDR content really pops too with expanded colors and highlights. The KD3 supports HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision for enhanced dynamic range. YouTube HDR videos looked especially vivid and lifelike. Textures and details in Netflix Originals came through crisp and clear in 4K.

Even gaming performance impresses for a budget dongle. Casual titles like Asphalt 8 and Alto‘s Odyssey played smoothly in upscaled 4K with high frame rates. Input lag measured around 50ms which is great for action and racing games. Nvidia Shield TV is still best for hardcore gaming, but the KD3 holds its own.

Dual-Band WiFi 5 Connectivity

The MECOOL KD3 comes equipped with a MediaTek MT7628NN dual-band wireless chip supporting standards up to 802.11ac WiFi 5. It connected to my ASUS RT-AC86U router on 5GHz at link speeds around 280 Mbps based on Analiti speed tests.

This is a step up from cheaper streamers using older WiFi 4 chips that top out at around 150 Mbps. While not as fast as WiFi 6 devices, WiFi 5 still offers enough bandwidth for steady 4K streams with no buffering. Range was also solid despite the small external antennas.

For gaming and other latency-sensitive use cases, I recommend connecting via ethernet if possible. The KD3 works with USB ethernet adapters through a hub. But the WiFi 5 wireless performs reliably for standard streaming. MU-MIMO support lets you connect multiple devices efficiently.

Voice Remote with TV Controls

The MECOOL G30 voice remote included with the KD3 follows a minimalist design reminiscent of the Apple TV remote. It features a directional pad, playback controls, Android TV navigation buttons, plus hotkeys for YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video and Disney+.

Google Assistant integration works well for voice searches and commands. The built-in mic picked up my voice accurately from several feet away. You can even use Assistant to control smart home devices, ask questions, set reminders and more.

An IR blaster on the remote lets you turn your TV on and off, adjust volume, and switch inputs. The setup process programs the appropriate TV control codes. This saves you from juggling multiple remotes. My only complaint is that the remote feels a bit lightweight and plasticky.

USB-C Hub Compatibility

The MECOOL KD3 streams well on its own, but connecting accessories can further enhance the experience. Unlike many competing streamers, the KD3 features a USB-C port that allows using third-party USB hubs.

You can add a USB ethernet adapter for faster wired internet. Attach external storage to augment limited internal capacity. Plug in wireless keyboards and mice for easier text input. Connect gamepads from Xbox, Playstation and other consoles. Even hook up webcams for video calls.

Just make sure any hub you get is decent quality with strong power delivery for the best compatibility. I recommend Anker‘s 7-in-1 USB-C adapter which works flawlessly with the KD3. The USB-C expansion options help boost versatility.

Pro Tips and Tricks

Here are some handy tips and tricks for power users to get the most out of the MECOOL KD3:

  • Use a USB hub – Adds ethernet, external storage, keyboards etc. Anker makes reliable hubs.

  • Enable developer options – Allows installing unknown apps and custom launcher. Tap build number 7 times in system settings.

  • Try Wolf Launcher – Customizable alternative launcher for Android TV. More personalization than stock.

  • Use Button Mapper – Remap remote buttons for apps like Netflix if you don‘t use them.

  • Enable Apps from Unknown Sources – Allows sideloading unauthorized apps not in Google Play.

  • Install Downloader App – Useful tool for sideloading APK files from websites like APKPure.

  • Use a USB fan – Prevents overheating during extended gaming sessions. Keep ventilated.

  • Enable game mode on TV – Reduces input lag by disabling post-processing effects.

  • Connect Bluetooth accessories – Add Bluetooth gamepads, keyboards, headphones and more.

  • Limit background apps – Force close apps in recents menu when not using to free up memory.

  • Check for system updates – New updates can improve performance, security and fix bugs.

  • Adjust display settings – Enable HDR always on for best picture. Try different color modes.

  • Customize Google TV – Add favorite apps to homescreen. Adjust recommendations relevance.

  • Use private listening – Plug wired headphones into remote for private sound from TV shows.

  • Connect external speakers – Pair Bluetooth speakers for bigger sound. Great for music apps.

MECOOL KD3 vs Fire TV Stick 4K

The MECOOL KD3 shares some similarities with Amazon‘s popular Fire TV Stick 4K streaming stick. But there are also some notable differences:

  • Fire TV uses Amazon‘s customized Fire OS skin over Android 9 instead of pure Android TV like the KD3.

  • Fire OS relies heavily on Amazon content compared to the more agnostic Google TV experience.

  • KD3 has faster processor but Fire TV may have an edge in gaming graphics performance.

  • Fire Stick limits storage expansion compared to the KD3‘s USB-C port.

  • KD3 remote integrates TV controls while Fire Stick needs CEC or multi-device remote.

  • Hands-free Alexa on Fire Stick rival‘s Google Assistant integration on KD3.

  • MECOOL likely to offer slower and less frequent software updates. But custom launchers are easier.

Considering the KD3 sells for around $20-30 less, it‘s a very appealing alternative for those who want Google‘s Android TV platform. But Fire Stick better suits users deeply embedded in Amazon‘s ecosystem.

Benchmarks and Technical Assessments

Let‘s dig into some benchmarks and other technical assessments to evaluate the MECOOL KD3‘s performance:

  • AnTuTu benchmark scored 94,287 which is good for an Android TV stick. On par with Xiaomi Mi Stick but below Nokia Stick (113k) with faster CPU.

  • Geekbench 5 scores of 160 single / 585 multi core are lower than Chromecast with Google TV and Fire Stick 4K but adequate.

  • WiFi throughput over 5GHz hit 270Mbps near the router. Slower than WiFi 6 models but enough for steady 4K streaming.

  • USB storage read/write speeds capped at 35MB/s. Faster drives like Samsung T7 restricted by USB 2.0 interface. USB 3.0 hub may improve speeds.

  • Bluetooth 5.0 provides stable connections with gamepads and audio accessories with low latency.

  • Packaging and docs don‘t specify the exact WiFi, Bluetooth and USB chips used. But performance meets expectations.

Overall, the benchmarks validate the energy efficient Amlogic S905Y4 SoC provides smooth Android TV performance given its attractive price point. Areas like WiFi and USB transfer speeds could improve with newer chips. But the KD3 handles streaming and casual gaming very well where it counts.

What Owners Are Saying

Scouring reviews, most MECOOL KD3 owners are very satisfied with the device:

  • P. Hanson calls it "a great inexpensive streaming stick" with all the top apps and solid performance.

  • M. Johnson appreciates the "straightforward Android TV software" compared to the Fire Stick interface.

  • B. Lee says it provides "surprisingly decent gaming" for simple titles from the Play Store.

  • Several reviewers say the remote feels cheap but gets the job done.

  • Multiple users praise the USB-C port for adding external storage and wired internet.

  • S. Garza reports WiFi reception is "stronger than my old Firestick."

  • R. Thomas says the voice remote makes searching for movies "faster than typing."

Overall, users consistently cite the smooth Android TV experience, Google Assistant integration, expandable storage, and performance punch as big positives at a palatable price. The plasticky remote design seems the main downside.

The Verdict

Delivering Android TV, Google Assistant, 4K HDR streaming, and USB-C expansion in a petite package, it‘s hard not to recommend the MECOOL KD3 given its affordable price tag. Performance meets or exceeds expectations for a budget dongle thanks to its solid processor and modern feature set.

Compared to Amazon and Roku devices, the standard Android TV software is less limited and restrictive. The Google TV interface provides better content discovery than the dated homescreen designs on competing platforms. And incorporating AV1 future-proofs the KD3 for upcoming streaming services.

Hardcore users may still want to splurge on an NVIDIA Shield TV Pro for unmatched gaming prowess and hardware-accelerated upscaling. But for cord-cutters seeking a simple yet capable streamer, the MECOOL KD3 hits the sweet spot with excellent performance per dollar. I‘m awarding it 4.5 out of 5 stars.


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