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How to Install Luxray Kodi Build on Firestick/Android (Kodi 19 Matrix)

The Luxray Kodi Build provides an easy way to access a ton of entertainment content on your Firestick, Fire TV, or Android device. With just a few clicks, you can install this build and start streaming movies, TV shows, live sports, and more.

But is Luxray safe and legal to use? This in-depth guide will walk you through everything you need to know, including:

  • Is Luxray Kodi Build safe?
  • Step-by-step installation instructions
  • Overview of features
  • Legality and safety considerations
  • FAQs

So whether you‘re new to Kodi or just looking for a quality build to install, keep reading to see if Luxray is right for you!

Is Luxray Kodi Build Safe to Use?

When installing third-party Kodi builds like Luxray, it‘s always smart to do some research first. While the build itself may be safe, some included add-ons could pose risks.

To verify safety, we can scan the repository URL using a site like VirusTotal:

The scan comes back clean, which is a good sign. However, there are a few other precautions worth taking:

  • Use a VPN like IPVanish – This encrypts your streaming activity and prevents Kodi builds from accessing personal data on your device.

  • Avoid "gray area" add-ons – Stick to add-ons that stream free, legal content instead of unauthorized material.

  • Keep Kodi updated – Updates fix bugs and security flaws that could be exploited.

As long as you take basic security measures, Luxray appears to be a safe Kodi build option. But ultimately, you‘re responsible for any content accessed through the build.

Luxray Kodi Build Installation Process

Ready to install Luxray on your Firestick or Android box? Follow these steps:

  1. Open Kodi and click the Settings icon in the top left.

  2. Go to System > Add-ons and toggle on "Unknown Sources."

  3. Click Yes on the warning prompt.

  4. Return to the System menu and select File Manager.

  5. Click Add Source and enter as the path. Name it "Luxray" and click OK.

  6. Return to the main menu and open Add-ons.

  7. Choose "Install from zip file" and select the file.

  8. Wait for the "Add-on enabled" notification, then go back to Add-ons.

  9. Launch the Stream Digital Wizard add-on.

  10. Navigate to Builds and select Luxray. Click Install.

  11. Confirm installation when prompted. The build will now download and install.

  12. Once complete, close Kodi and relaunch it to start using Luxray!

And that‘s all there is to it! Overall the process should only take about 10 minutes. Now let‘s look at what makes this build so great.

Luxray Kodi 19 Build Details & Features

The Luxray build really shines when it comes to the variety of entertainment options it offers:

  • Movies – Tons of add-ons to stream movies, from classics to new releases. Supports Real-Debrid for premium links.

  • TV Shows – Binge your favorite shows with add-ons like The Crew, Ezra, and more.

  • Live TV – Local and cable channels, PPV events, sports, and more through add-ons like The Loop and Rising Tides.

  • Kids Zone – Educational and entertainment content for children.

  • Fitness – Workout videos, yoga classes, and instructional content.

  • 1-Click Movies – Quick access to popular movie titles.

And much more across over 15 different categories! The interface is intuitive and attractive as well thanks to the customized skin.

Advanced users will also appreciate the ability to add extra repositories and expand the build‘s capabilities even further.

Overall Luxray provides an excellent viewing experience right out of the box. Just pair it with Real-Debrid or a Debrid service and you‘ll have a library of premium streaming links at your fingertips.

Is Luxray Kodi Build Legal?

When it comes to third-party Kodi builds, legality can be a gray area. The build itself is just an interface – the real issue is whether included add-ons have the rights to distribute their content.

Unfortunately, many add-ons stream copyrighted content without permission. Using these add-ons to watch movies and shows you don‘t own is likely illegal.

However, Luxray also aggregates add-ons that provide legal, free content such as:

  • Old public domain films
  • Independent movies and documentaries
  • Home workout videos
  • News and educational programming

Accessing this type of content is perfectly legal. Just avoid any add-ons clearly designed for pirated material.

Ultimately the legality comes down to the judgment of the end user. While Kodi developers work hard to root out problematic add-ons, grey area ones still exist. Exercise discretion when streaming through builds like Luxray.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the system requirements to run Luxray?

Luxray will run smoothly on any Fire TV device or Android box with at least 2GB RAM. You‘ll also need Kodi 19 installed along with the ability to install from unknown sources.

How do I uninstall Luxray if I don‘t like it?

In Kodi, navigate to Add-ons > My Add-ons. Find Luxray and select Uninstall. Then reset Kodi to default settings.

Is there a cost to use Luxray?

Luxray is totally free to install and use! However, consider pairing it with a debrid service like Real-Debrid for better streams.

Is Luxray safe for kids?

While there is a Kids Zone, parents should still monitor and filter content appropriately for children. Not everything included may be kid-friendly.

Are there alternatives besides Luxray?

Definitely, some other great builds to consider are Titanium, Nova, Xenon Build, and Misfit Mod Lite. Test a few to see which interface you prefer.


The Luxray Kodi build provides an exceptional streaming experience right out of the box. With tons of working add-ons, Real-Debrid support, and constant updates, it‘s one of the best complimentary builds available today.

Just be mindful of the legal gray area when accessing certain add-ons. As long as you avoid unauthorized content, Luxray is a fantastic option for your Firestick or Android streaming device.

Have you tried Luxray yet? Let us know your experience in the comments!


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