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15 Best Live TV Streaming Sites – November 2023 (Free & Working)

Plex Live TV

Live TV streaming has become increasingly popular as more people cut the cord on cable TV. With the rise of streaming devices like Fire TV and Roku, it‘s easier than ever to access live TV channels online. This guide will cover the 15 best free live TV streaming sites as of November 2023.

I‘ve tested and reviewed each of these sites extensively, looking at factors like channel selection, stream quality and reliability, ads, and device compatibility. My goal is to provide you with a comprehensive list of legit free live TV options so you can ditch cable once and for all.

Let‘s dive in!

1. Pluto TV

Pluto TV is hands down one of the best free live TV platforms available today. It‘s owned by Paramount and provides over 300 live channels spanning categories like news, sports, movies, comedy, lifestyle, and more.

The stream quality is excellent, on par with cable TV in my experience. Pluto TV has apps for all major platforms like Fire TV, Roku, Android, iOS, and web. You don‘t even need an account to start watching.

It is ad-supported, but I‘ve found the ads to be relatively unobtrusive compared to other free streaming sites. Overall Pluto TV hits the sweet spot between channel selection, stream quality, and ease of use.

Notable channels: CBS News, NBC News, CNN, Bloomberg, NFL Channel, Paramount Movie Channel, Comedy Central, MTV, Spike,VH1

Compatibility: Fire TV, Roku, Android, iOS, Web

Pluto TV Streaming

2. The Roku Channel

The Roku Channel is another excellent free option available on Roku devices and the web. It provides over 190 live channels including major networks like ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC in select markets.

You‘ll also find categories like entertainment, movies, sports, comedy, lifestyle, kids, and more. The Roku Channel has been expanding its live TV offering aggressively.

It‘s ad-supported, but I find the ads less intrusive compared to other free streaming platforms. Video quality is superb as you‘d expect from Roku.

Notable channels: ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, America‘s Test Kitchen, AFV TV, Hallmark Drama, FailArmy, People TV, WeatherNation, Cheddar News

Compatibility: Roku, Web

3. Plex

Believe it or not, Plex now offers over 80 free live TV channels spanning categories like news, sports, movies, food, finance, and more. Plex Live TV works directly within the Plex app without a subscription.

You‘ll need to setup Plex Media Server on a PC, NAS, Nvidia Shield or cloud server to access the live TV feature. But once it‘s setup, the streams are high quality and very reliable in my experience.

Plex also provides free on-demand movies, TV shows and other content if you add your own media libraries. It‘s a great option for cutting the cord that offers both live TV and on-demand viewing.

Notable channels: Reuters, Yahoo Finance, Stadium, Tastemade, IGN, CNET, Comedy Dynamics, Gravitas Movies, FailArmy

Compatibility: Plex app on Fire TV, Roku, Android, iOS, smart TVs, PC, Mac

Plex Live TV

4. Xumo

Xumo provides over 190 free live channels spanning categories like news, sports, movies, gaming, animals, and more. It‘s available as an app on most major streaming platforms.

You don‘t need an account to start watching Xumo. Just install the app and tune into the live channels. I‘ve been impressed with Xumo‘s channel lineup considering it‘s completely free.

The streams aren‘t quite as high quality as Pluto TV or Plex in my experience. But they‘re very watchable, especially if you have a high speed internet connection. Xumo is ad-supported.

Notable channels: NBC News Now, Accuweather, Stadium, Crime 360, PowerNation, Filmrise, Unsolved Mysteries, Animals, The Pet Collective, Revry, Kid Genius Cartoons

Compatibility: Roku, Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Smart TVs

5. LG Channels

LG Channels is a free live TV service with 325+ channels available specifically for LG smart TVs. It doesn‘t require any additional devices or account creation.

Just go to the LG Content Store on your compatible LG TV and download the LG Channels app. The channel lineup includes movies, news, sports, comedy, kids, lifestyle and more.

This is an excellent cord-cutting option if you own an LG TV. The video quality and reliability match cable TV. And best of all, it‘s 100% free.

Notable channels: NBC, Fox, ABC, CBS, BBCA, Bloomberg TV, Cheddar, Tastemade, Stadium, Bon Appetit, TMZ, FailArmy, Power Nation, Revry, Unsolved Mysteries, NatureVision, World Poker Tour

Compatibility: 2016-2022 LG smart TVs (webOS 3.5 or higher)

6. Samsung TV Plus

Samsung is another major TV manufacturer that provides a free live TV service. Samsung TV Plus offers around 190 channels on compatible Samsung smart TVs.

No downloads, sign up or additional equipment is required. Just go to the Samsung TV Plus app on supported models. You‘ll find live channels across categories like entertainment, movies, news, sports, gaming, lifestyle and more.

Video quality is excellent since it streams directly from your TV. Overall Samsung TV Plus is a hidden gem for cord-cutters with a compatible Samsung set.

Notable Channels: NBC News Now, CBSN, ABC News Live, Fox Soul, Bloomberg TV+, Tastemade, FailArmy, Fubo Sports Network, Unsolved Mysteries, Nature Vision, World Poker Tour, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

Compatibility: 2016-2022 Samsung smart TVs

7. DistroTV

DistroTV is a newer free live TV service with over 200 channels. It‘s available via the DistroTV app on most streaming platforms like Fire TV, Roku and Apple TV.

In addition to live channels, DistroTV has thousands of free on-demand movies and shows. The channel selection covers categories like news, sports, entertainment, music, kids, cult classics and more.

DistroTV is ad-supported. You‘ll see video ads during shows and channel sponsors. But it‘s a small price to pay for a robust live TV lineup completely free. Well worth checking out.

Notable Channels: NBC News Now, Newsy, Drink TV, Buzzr, The Pet Collective, Unsolved Mysteries, America‘s Test Kitchen, Stadium, Bloomberg TV, Revry, Fubo Sports Network, Filmrise True Crime

Compatibility: Fire TV, Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, iOS, Android

8. Vewd App

The Vewd App provides free live TV channels from Sony‘s suite of streaming services. It combines content from PlayStation Vue, Crackle and PopcornFlix into one app.

You‘ll find 200+ live channels spanning categories like news, sports, movies, comedy, lifestyle and more. Vewd also has a large on-demand library of full TV show seasons and movies.

The channel lineup isn‘t quite as robust as Pluto TV or the Roku Channel. But Vewd is still worth considering since it combines live TV and on-demand viewing with no subscription required.

Notable Channels: NBC, Fox, Stadium, beIN Sports, America‘s Test Kitchen, Buzzr, Cheddar News, Bloomberg, Young Hollywood, Unsolved Mysteries, FailArmy, People TV, WeatherNation, World Poker Tour, Revry

Compatibility: Fire TV, Roku, Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Web

9. Redbox

In addition to its on-demand movies, Redbox now offers over 100 free live TV channels on supported devices. Redbox Free Live TV launched in 2021 and continues to expand its channel lineup.

It‘s ad-supported, but I‘ve found the ads less frequent than other free services. There‘s a solid variety of content spanning movies, news, sports, entertainment, comedy, lifestyle and more.

Video quality is excellent on par with cable TV in my experience. At this point Redbox Free Live TV is available on select devices, but worth keeping an eye on as it grows.

Notable Channels: TMZ, Unsolved Mysteries, USA Today, Stadium, Buzzr, Sports Illustrated, Filmrise True Crime, Filmrise Family, Revry, People TV, QVC, World Poker Tour

Compatibility: Select LG and Vizio Smart TVs, Chromecast with Google TV


Amazon owns IMDB TV which features a large selection of free movies and shows as well as live channels. It‘s ad-supported like most free streaming platforms.

The live lineup includes news from CBSN, celebrity entertainment from PEOPLE TV, cooking shows on Hell‘s Kitchen and lifestyle content from Home. IMDB TV is still ramping up its live TV offering compared to other services on this list.

But if you already use Prime Video, it‘s a convenient option to add some live channels to your viewing.

Notable Channels: CBSN, PEOPLE TV, Hell‘s Kitchen, Home

Compatibility: Fire TV, Roku, Android/iOS mobile devices

11. Stirr

Stirr from Sinclair Broadcast group provides about 50 free live channels spanning different categories. No account or login is needed to start watching.

The video quality is excellent, comparable to cable TV in my experience. And there are apps for all the major streaming platforms – Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV and Chromecast.

Stirr also offers hundreds of free on-demand movies and shows. The combination of live channels and video on demand makes it a nice option for cord cutters.

Notable Channels: AccuWeather, Bloomberg TV, Cheddar News, Comedy Dynamics, DrinkTV, TMZ, Buzzr, MST3K, The Pet Collective, Stadium, Young Hollywood, Game Show Network.

Compatibility: Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, iOS, Android

12. VIZIO WatchFree+

WatchFree+ comes pre-installed on all VIZIO SmartCast TVs. It provides over 175 free live TV channels from America‘s Top 120+ lineup. No subscription, sign up or equipment is needed.

WatchFree+ has news, sports, movies, shows, comedy and more. You‘ll also find free on-demand programming from services like TMZ, USA Today, Unsolved Mysteries and more.

It‘s ad-supported but overall one of the best free options available directly on smart TVs today. Well worth trying out if you own a supported Vizio television.

Notable Channels: NBC, Fox, PBS, Stadium, Newsy, Bloomberg, Entertainment Studios Networks, Buzzr, CBS Sports HQ, The List TV, CBN, TBD Network, Unsolved Mysteries, FailArmy

Compatibility: 2016-2022 VIZIO SmartCast TVs

13. Locast

Locast is a non-profit streaming service that offers local broadcast stations in 35 US markets. It streams ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, PBS and other local channels over the internet.

Locast is completely free but does ask for donations to help cover costs. There are quick video ads every 15 minutes unless donating.

Channel availability varies by location. But if Locast serves your city, it‘s a great way to stream local channels without cable. They also have apps for iOS, Android, Roku, Fire TV and Chromecast.

Notable Channels: ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, PBS (availability varies)

Compatibility: Web, iOS, Android, Fire TV, Roku, Chromecast

14. Kanopy

Kanopy isn‘t technically live TV but I wanted to mention it because hundreds of public libraries provide Kanopy for free. It has over 30,000 films including independent movies, classic cinema, documentaries and more.

All you need is a library card to access Kanopy‘s huge on-demand catalog. It has apps for Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, Android and iOS. There are no ads or fees. New users get 10 credits per month to "check out" titles.

For movie lovers, Kanopy is an excellent supplement to free live TV. See if your library provides free access.

Kanopy Movies

15. Hoopla

Like Kanopy, Hoopla provides free streaming movies, TV shows, music and more through your local library. Sign up with a valid library card to gain access.

The movie selection isn‘t as robust as Kanopy but still solid. Hoopla also offers popular TV shows, best selling albums, ebooks, comics and audiobooks. Content can be streamed or downloaded for offline viewing.

Hoopla allots 20 borrows per month. It‘s a great free streaming source for libraries supporting the platform. Available on all major streaming devices.

Notable Content: Movies, TV Shows, Music, eBooks, Audiobooks, Comics

Compatibility: Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Android, iOS

Those are 15 of the best free live TV streaming sites available today. I hope this comprehensive guide helps you find great channels to watch without cable.

The streaming landscape is always changing.Bookmark this page and check back for updates on the latest and greatest free live TV options.

Let me know if you have any questions!


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