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How to Watch Letterkenny Online Outside of Canada

With one of Canada’s most successful comedies comes Letterkenney, which brings a unique blend of comedy and humor.

Unfortunately for viewers outside Canada, this great show faces geo-restrictions and is blocked.

What is Letterkenney?

The show follows the lives of Hillbilly hicks in the small town of Letterkenney Ontario. With a touch of British humor, American attitudes and phrases, their people from all countries involved that are keen to feat their eyes on this show.

The small groups are constantly feuding, but the shows main focus is on Wayne and Katy who are siblings and running a small farm.

With the help of two friends “Squirrely and Dan, they are busy fending off, or standing at the sidelines to see the interaction of two local hockey players Reilly and Jonesy who are in ties with Katy.

The small town might not have much in size of the population, but it is packed with hicks, skids and hockey players who are all constantly feuding in each episode.

A lot of the best scenes come from Wayne who is desperately attempting to live up to his “Toughest guy in town” image.

With a town divided, this show has gone from strength to strength, and viewers love watching the hicks, skids and everyone else who is always bickering over trivial matters.

It is either this, or when it comes to the crunch between the group’s hicks, skids or the hockey players, the end result is always someone is about to get their ass kicked.

Why is Letterkenney Blocked Outside Canada?

The show was initially commissioned by Crave TV and has since run through 6 seasons. Due to publishing rights, the show is limited to outside viewing unless the channels and broadcasters think there is an opportunity to make some money from the Canadian comedy.

For that reason alone, that is why viewers seek ways to watch this entertaining TV series outside of Canada.

As with many other online streaming sites, they check to see where a person’s location is by their IP address. If it is inside the range of allowed IP’s, then viewers can watch a Letterkenney stream, if not then there is no further access granted.

Where to Watch Letterkenney

The best place where to watch Letterkenney outside of Canada is on CraveTV, this is still possible even if the streaming service is geo-blocked. Before looking how to get access to the Crave service, let’s take a look at how much it costs.


The basic package delivers a host of acclaimed TV series, Showtime series, and specials. Crave Originals (Letterkenney streaming included) and HBO library. This starts at $9.99 per month plus taxes.

Crave + HBO + Movies

With current HBO seasons such as GOT, Westworld, and movies such as The Shape of Water, there are also included 6 streaming channels that deliver live TV. This package totals $19.98 plus taxes.

With either of these packages, you can go back quickly and watch Letterkenney season 3, four five and six as easy as watching the first two seasons.

The annual payments give you 12 months for the price of 10 at $99.90

How to Watch Letterkenney

The Crave service can be viewed on any compatible devices, this includes all these from the list and also any device which has a web browser:

  • Chromecast.
  • PC/Mac.
  • Android.
  • iOS devices
  • Samsung Smart TV and Apple TV.
  • And many more…

Signing up for CraveTV would be the next step, and this is pretty straightforward. It can be easier if you already have the best VPN provider in place, but for now, we will run through the Crave sign up procedure assuming you have a VPN.

  1. Makes sure your VPN client software is connected and set to Canada
  2. Head to the CraveTV and click the sign in button
  3. You see two boxes asking how you subscribed, ignore these and click the sign-up text underneath. (You get one month free)
  4. Next, you are asked your email address, then to enter and verify a password
  5. Select the monthly option or the annual subscription and click continue
  6. Select add-ons (only HBO + movies can be included)
  7. Add card details or gift card redemption and click continue – Fill in personal information attached to the card used.

Using a VPN to Watch Letterkenney and Crave TV Outside Canada

VPN’s offer lots of privacy and security for all of a user’s online activity. This they do by using military grade encryption. This takes data and tunnels it to another VPN server in another location.

Finding a good VPN can hard, so to save the effort we have two recommendations. Here is a quick overview of what both offers.


Coming in as the second best in many VPN reviews, NordVPN offers the best in security and privacy while allowing users to change the country they are connected to easily.

Geo-blocked content can be easily circumnavigated, and their speeds are decent due to the extensive VPN network the company has.

The downsides being not all NordVPN servers deliver the fastest speeds all the time. Second is, the company has a 30-day money back guarantee, but there are lots of reports this takes an additional month to process.

One minor thing is, the service is based outside of any jurisdiction, but the payment process passes through a USA based company, so it isn’t possible for total anonymity.

Express VPN

This VPN service ranks above Nord and is seen by many as the best VPN service and provider around the globe.

With military-grade encryption, they deliver total privacy without compromise. You can sign up using bitcoin, so even then they might not know your full details.

ExpressVPN is based off-shore so they are under no government jurisdiction, and they have the fastest speeds for streaming.

ExpressVPN makes any online activity a breeze while being fully secure. They also have a 30-day money back guarantee, so use it for 29 days and cancel with no questions. Not many people cancel at this stage.

Now, you have all you need to watch Crave-TV, and the residents of Letterkenney belong where they should be, right on your device so you can laugh along with everyone else who is watching the show.


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