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Hi there! Let‘s compare LastPass and Bitwarden for 2023

Choosing a password manager is an important decision. You want to keep all your online logins secure without having to remember tons of complicated passwords.

LastPass and Bitwarden are two of the most popular options. But which one is better in 2023?

I‘ve taken an in-depth look at both to see how they compare on security, features, pricing, ease of use and more. Read on for the full scoop!

LastPass has faced some security troubles

First up, let‘s talk about security – the most crucial factor for any password manager.

LastPass has faced some concerning security incidents over the years:

  • In 2011, hackers breached LastPass servers and obtained encrypted password vault data. While the encrypted data was useless on its own, it was still a breach.
  • In 2015, they were hacked again. This time the attackers got away with email addresses, password reminders, authentication hashes and more. Again, cryptography protected actual passwords.
  • Most recently in 2022, LastPass suffered two back-to-back breaches. The extent of what was taken is still not fully known.

While serious, these incidents have not compromised users‘ master passwords or vault data so far. The encryption has held up.

However, LastPass‘s track record rightfully raises worries for some. Even "small" breaches undermine confidence in a password manager‘s security.

How many times have hackers broken into LastPass? Let‘s visualize it:

2011 πŸ”’ Breach #1
2015 πŸ”’ Breach #2
2022 πŸ”’ Breach #3
πŸ”’ Breach #4

Yeah, that‘s 4 total breaches now – and possibly more that haven‘t been disclosed or discovered yet. Not an ideal record for security.

Bitwarden‘s clean slate looks better

On the other hand, Bitwarden has zero confirmed breaches to date. That‘s a refreshing clean slate!

As an open source password manager, Bitwarden‘s code is transparently reviewed by developers worldwide. This crowdsourced audit helps keep it secure.

Bitwarden also offers:

  • End-to-end encryption – Data is fully encrypted on your device before syncing. Not even Bitwarden can read your vault.
  • Zero-knowledge architecture – Your master password is never stored or transmitted. Only you control decryption.
  • Third-party audits – Bitwarden undergoes regular independent security assessments to stay on track.

With Bitwarden, both transparency and independent oversight work together to enhance security.

Cybersecurity researcher Graham Cluley summed it up well: "Bitwarden appears to have been built from the ground up with security in mind, which may give it an edge over some competitors like LastPass."

Both have the key features you‘d expect

When it comes to features, LastPass and Bitwarden offer:

βœ… Password generator
βœ… Auto-fill logins
βœ… Browser extensions
βœ… Mobile apps
βœ… Two-factor authentication

These core features are table stakes for any decent password manager nowadays. But there are also some unique tools:

LastPass exclusives:

🌟 Dark web monitoring – Scans underground sites for your details and alerts you of any findings.

🌟 Travel mode – Removes all passwords from your devices except ones you designate. Helpful when passing through customs!

🌟 Credit monitoring – Watches your credit reports for suspicious new accounts or inquiries.

🌟 Identity theft insurance – Up to $1 million coverage for identity theft losses and expenses.

Bitwarden specials:

🌟 Send – Securely deliver passwords or entire vaults to designated friends or co-workers.

🌟 Organizations – Share password vaults between assigned groups and users. Great for families or businesses!

🌟 Attachments – Store files securely right in your vault.

🌟 Authenticator – Generate verification codes for two-factor login without needing a separate app.

The extra tools really tailor the offerings for different users:

LastPass caters nicely to individuals who want dark web monitoring and identity theft protection. No one wants their data being sold on some shady underground site!

Bitwarden better serves teams and families with password sharing and collaboration abilities. My family loves using Organizations to store our shared logins.

So in terms of features, it depends on your specific needs. But both cover the basics well.

Bitwarden offers way better pricing

Here‘s a detailed look at what each password manager costs across their plans:

Plan LastPass Bitwarden
Free 1 device only Unlimited devices
Premium Personal $36 per year $10 per year
Families $48 per year
Up to 6 users
$40 per year
Up to 6 users
Business Teams $5 per user/month
5 user minimum
$25 per user/year
$3 per user/month
5 user minimum
Enterprise Contact for quote
$48 per user/year for 100+ users
Contact for quote

Whoa, check out that cheap $10 per year premium plan from Bitwarden! Way better deal for individuals compared to the $36 LastPass charges.

And Bitwarden lets you use their premium version on unlimited devices. LastPass only allows 1 device for free.

For families and bigger teams, Bitwarden‘s pricing stays low with flexible per-user charges.

LastPass only lets you share with up to 5 additional "family" members for $48 a year. Bitwarden‘s $40 families plan supports up to 6 users, with options to add more if needed.

So all around, Bitwarden offers much more affordable options whether you‘re an individual, small family, or bigger organization. The savings add up fast!

Both are super easy to use

Let‘s talk interface and user experience. Good password managers should make security as simple as possible.


  • Clean, familiar layout across desktop and mobile apps. Easy navigation.
  • Quickly auto-fills usernames and passwords on sites.
  • Strong password generator creates randomized passwords you never have to remember.
  • Some users report occasional buggy performance with browser extensions.


  • Intuitive design stays consistent across all platforms.
  • Auto-fill with browser extensions works flawlessly. My logins load instantly.
  • "Send" feature seamlessly delivers login info or files to friends when needed. Super handy!
  • Organizations allow easy sharing of password vaults between my family members and their devices.

Both companies clearly spent time refining the user experience. Everything is laid out nicely and just works.

For personal use, LastPass and Bitwarden feel very similar. But I give Bitwarden a slight edge for making sharing and collaborating so seamless.

If you need to manage logins across a family or team, Bitwarden‘s collaboration tools are hard to beat!

Bitwarden‘s knowledge base helps avoid needing customer support

No one wants to ever need customer support. But if something goes wrong, getting quick help is crucial.

LastPass offers:

  • Email and phone support
  • Help center with FAQs
  • Active user community forums

Bitwarden provides:

  • Email support via online ticketing
  • Massive knowledge base and documentation
  • Bustling community forums
  • Responsive social media presence

Here‘s the catch – LastPass offers phone support, but some users report sitting on hold for 30+ minutes only to ultimately just get directed to the forums for help anyways. Not ideal.

Bitwarden doesn‘t have phones. But their exhaustive knowledge base answers practically any question you could think to ask. I can always find what I need without waiting on hold. Their community forums are super active too.

For quick help with basic issues, both companies provide sufficient self-service resources. But Bitwarden‘s knowledge base stands out – I can almost always solve my own problems without needing to open a support ticket.

Bitwarden is the winning pick for 2023

So what‘s the final verdict? Bitwarden is my password manager of choice for 2023!

Here‘s a quick recap of its advantages:

βœ… Clean slate with zero hacks or breaches

βœ… Open source code keeps it transparent

βœ… Robust core features plus helpful extras like Send and Organizations

βœ… Way cheaper for individuals, only $10 annually!

βœ… Unlimited password storage on free version

Ease of Use
βœ… Smooth auto-fill and great interface

βœ… Excellent tools for collaborating and sharing across teams

Customer Support
βœ… Massive knowledge base for self-service

LastPass isn‘t a bad option. But the repeated security incidents over the years are concerning. Plus, the features and pricing just don‘t match up to Bitwarden.

With cyberattacks on the rise, I want the most secure and affordable password manager available. Bitwarden fits the bill perfectly.

Give Bitwarden a try today and take control of your online security. The free version already includes everything you need.

Visit to get started and protect your online accounts!

Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m happy to help.


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