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How To Get Kodi Subtitles on Any Kodi Device in 2022: A Comprehensive Guide

Do you ever struggle to understand dialogue or follow along with the complex plots of your favorite shows in Kodi? Do foreign language films go over your head when you can‘t read the subtitles?

One simple trick to maximize your Kodi streaming is enabling subtitles.

Subtitles display text transcripts of the dialogue, narration, and sounds that occur in videos. They make it easier to comprehend what you are watching.

In this detailed guide, you’ll learn:

  • Why subtitles are so important for Kodi streaming
  • How to add and configure subtitle addons in Kodi
  • The steps to download and sync subtitles for any movie or show
  • Troubleshooting for common subtitle issues

Follow along and you’ll be able to enable subtitles on your Kodi device including Firestick, Android, Raspberry Pi, and more.

Why Subtitles Are Essential for Kodi

Here are some key reasons millions of users make use of subtitles while streaming on Kodi:

Enhanced comprehension – Trying to follow complex plots or understand thick accents without subtitles can be nearly impossible. Subtitles allow you to take in all the dialogue you might otherwise miss.

Closed captioning – For those who need or prefer closed captions, subtitles display this text transcription on screen as you watch. Over 25 million Americans have hearing loss that can make watching videos difficult according to Johns Hopkins.

Viewing in other languages – Subtitles aren’t just for translating foreign languages in films. They also allow you to watch English or your native language videos dubbed or subtitled in a language you are learning. Over 1 billion people are actively learning English worldwide.

Audio and video sync – When audio and video fall out of sync, readable subtitles matched to the video can often realign the timing and make watching easier.

Flexible viewing environments – Subtitles allow you to stream Kodi in loud places like gyms or quiet ones like libraries where controlling volume isn’t ideal.

Catching missed dialogue – Ever miss a critical plot point that a character mumbled? Subtitles let you look back and see dialogue you may have missed the first time.

Kodi subtitles make your streaming experience, especially watching older or international content, vastly more enjoyable. The ability to toggle them on and off as needed makes them an invaluable accessiblity tool.

How Kodi Subtitles Work

To understand how to add and configure subtitles, it helps to know what they are and how they work in Kodi:

Softcoded vs hardocded – Softcoded subtitles are textual data files that can be enabled and disabled. They are separate from the video file itself. Hardcoded subs are permanently embedded into the video picture and can’t be turned off. All Kodi subtitle addons provide softcoded subs.

Subtitle formats – Common subtitle file formats include SRT, SUB, ASS/SSA, and VTT. SRT is the most basic while SSA/ASS allows for more styling like font, color, and position. Kodi supports them all.

External subtitle files – Whether sourced from OpenSubtitles or your own collection, Kodi uses subtitle files with timing data that it displays synced to the video as it plays.

Text encoding – Unicode and UTF-8 are common text encodings that allow subtitle files to support a wide array of language characters and special symbols beyond just English.

Delay controls – Playback controls within Kodi let you adjust subtitle delay in realtime to sync external subtitle files to match the dialogue and action.

Now that you know a bit about how they work under the hood, let’s look at how to add subtitles to your Kodi setup.

Kodi Subtitle Addon Options

The easiest way to enable subtitles in Kodi is by using a subtitle addon. These addons integrate with Kodi to fetch subtitles from online databases as you stream.

The most full-featured Kodi subtitle addon is which provides access to the largest catalog of subtitles available.

But there are alternatives that make syncing and managing subtitles easy as well:

As an unofficial Kodi addon for, it taps into their database of over 5 million subtitles in over 65 languages. Since these subtitles are uploaded by users, you can view ratings and comments before downloading. is the most widely used subtitle service with over 7 million active users. The Kodi addon provides free access with no limits. Due to its massive subtitle library and helpful quality feedback, OpenSubtitles is the recommended option for most.


Subscene relies on subtitles sourced from other sites and indexed in their database. It has a simple interface for fast subtitle searches compared to OpenSubtitles. However, since it draws subtitles from disparate sources, its coverage is less extensive.

Subscene’s primary appeal is providing an additional source of subtitles to fall back on if what you need isn’t on OpenSubtitles. It’s very quick to search and download from within Kodi.


The SubZero Kodi addon takes an automated approach – it can download matching subtitles in the background while you stream without having to manually search.

By pulling subtitle data from OpenSubtitles and other sources and checking it against hashes, SubZero attempts to automate fetching and syncing subtitles based on what you are viewing in Kodi.

However, its more limited subtitle sources means it won’t find subtitles for as much obscure content as OpenSubtitles. But the hands-off convenience can be helpful.


YATP stands for “Yet Another Subtitle Parser” – as the name suggests, it is designed for easily integrating existing subtitle files you already have rather than downloading new ones.

It supports manually loading in external SRT and ASS/SSA subtitle files by selecting them within Kodi. You can then manage styling and tweak the sync.

YATP is the perfect tool if you prefer to use a personalized subtitle library rather than rely on sometimes inconsistent online sources.

Step-By-Step Guide to Add Subtitles with OpenSubtitles

Now let’s walk through how to install and configure to add subtitles to all your Kodi content:

Install OpenSubtitles Addon

  1. In Kodi, click on the gear icon to open Settings
  2. Click on “Add-ons”
  3. Select “Install from repository”
  4. Choose “Kodi Add-on repository”
  5. Click on the “Subtitles” category
  6. Select the add-on
  7. Click “Install” to download and enable it

Once installed, you’ll get a confirmation message.

Link Your OpenSubtitles Account

To unlock OpenSubtitles’ features, you need to connect your free account:

  1. Go back to Add-ons and open the addon
  2. Choose “Configure”
  3. Enter your username and password
  4. Click OK to link your account

This connects your Kodi install to your OpenSubtitles account so you can download subtitles just by logging in. No limits or fees for a personal account.

Set Default Subtitle Services

The final step is to set OpenSubtitles as the default source for subtitles:

  1. In the OpenSubtitles addon configuration, go to the “Player” section
  2. For “Default TV show service”, select
  3. For “Default movie service”, also select
  4. Click OK to save changes

Now whenever you play a show or movie in Kodi, it will automatically enable subtitles from OpenSubtitles for you.

Download Subtitles

With OpenSubtitles configured, fetching subtitles for anything you watch is a breeze:

  1. Simply play a video in Kodi you want subtitles for
  2. Click the OK button on your remote to bring up the on-screen controls
  3. Select the CC subtitle icon in the lower right
  4. Choose “Download subtitle” to search OpenSubtitles
  5. Pick a subtitle from the list based on language, rating, or release
  6. The subtitles will automatically load!

If the timing is slightly off, use the “Subtitle offset” option to fine tune the delay and sync it perfectly. Enjoy!

Troubleshooting Common Kodi Subtitle Problems

Subtitles not working right in Kodi? Try these troubleshooting tips:

Subtitles out of sync – Attempt downloading a different subtitle file. Failing that, tweak the offset timing until the subtitles match up with the dialogue.

Subtitles not downloading – Doublecheck OpenSubtitles is set as the default subtitle service and your login credentials are correct.

Subtitles not showing – Enable subtitles under Playback settings and verify they are not disabled for the specific video.

Subtitles too fast/slow – Beyond adjusting subtitle offset, you can set a custom playback speed under Playback settings to slow down or speed up all subtitles.

Subtitles not available – Unfortunately, some videos simply don’t have subtitle contributions available yet in OpenSubtitles’ database. You may be able to request them in the OpenSubtitles forums.

Don’t forget you can access Kodi’s log files for more detailed subtitle-related error messages to troubleshoot odd issues.

Advanced Kodi Subtitle Tips

Master your Kodi subtitle experience with these power user tips:

  • Check ratings and comments before downloading subtitles to pick the best available for a video.

  • When searching for subtitles for more obscure media, look for TV rather than movie subs which are more plentiful in OpenSubtitles.

  • Strip out years and special tags like “director’s cut” when searching to maximize finding subtitle results.

  • Set a preferred alternate subtitle language in OpenSubtitles configuration if you always want non-native subtitle languages.

  • Customize subtitle styling like font, size, colors, and position in Kodi’s Player settings menus.

  • You can add multiple subtitle tracks in some video addons like The Crew for foreign audio and native language subs.

  • If you already have subtitles, use addons like YATP to add local SRT files to videos instead of downloading new ones.

Now you have mastered getting the most out of subtitles for all your Kodi streaming!

Protect Privacy While Enjoying Kodi Subtitles

Enabling subtitles through OpenSubtitles makes your Kodi experience much more enjoyable.

But alongside helpful addons, it’s equally important to protect your privacy and security online.

Streaming copyrighted or questionable material can expose you to legal and malware risks if your traffic isn’t encrypted.

A VPN like Surfshark encrypts all Kodi traffic so ISPs, hackers, and outsiders can’t see what you do online.

It prevents throttling, blocks ads, and lets you bypass geographic restrictions. A VPN is essential for safe addon streaming.

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I hope this comprehensive guide has shown you how to fully utilize subtitles and get the most enjoyment out of Kodi. Let me know if you have any other questions!


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