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Installing the Must-Have Kodi EzzerMacs Repo – A Step-by-Step Guide for You

If you use Kodi for streaming movies, TV shows, live sports, and other entertainment, you are going to love the EzzerMacs Repo. This repository is packed with some of the best video and program add-ons available today.

In this guide, I‘ll walk you through exactly how to install the EzzerMacs Repo on your Firestick, Fire TV, Android box, or really any device running Kodi.

By the end, you‘ll have access to a huge library of great add-ons that will take your entertainment experience to the next level!

An Overview of Kodi Repositories

But first, what exactly is a "repository" in Kodi, and why are they so useful for you as a user?

A Kodi repository (or "repo" for short) is like a storehouse that neatly organizes many add-ons into different sections: Video, Programs, Music, Pictures, etc.

Instead of having to find and install add-ons one by one, repositories allow you to get all the add-ons from a particular source in one quick installation.

For example, the EzzerMacs Repo contains dozens of popular video add-ons like DeathStar, Medusa, Voodoo and more. By installing this single repository, you immediately gain access to all these great add-ons that would otherwise require manual installing each one individually.

Repositories help you:

  • Quickly set up your Kodi device with lots of add-ons
  • Discover new add-ons you may like
  • Find working versions of add-ons if your current one stops working
  • Avoid having to search various sites and forums for the latest add-ons

According to Kodi usage statistics, there are around 30-40 million active Kodi users worldwide. The software has seen rapid growth in recent years:

With this booming popularity, repositories help provide Kodi users with more convenient access to the thousands of add-ons available.

Now let‘s look at why the EzzerMacs Repository stands out as one of the best.

Why the EzzerMacs Repo is a Must-Have

The EzzerMacs Repo is beloved by many Kodi users thanks to its great selection of video add-ons. Here are some of the most popular and useful ones it includes:


DeathStar provides access to a huge library of movies and TV shows through debrid service integration. It‘s fast and very user-friendly.


Medusa pulls streams from torrent sites. It has a nice clean layout and is great for finding high-quality movie and TV sources.


Athena gives you movies and shows from file lockers and public trackers. Helpful for more obscure or older content.

Luxray Video

Luxray Video scrapes links from a variety of hosters and torrent sites. It‘s quick to find working links and streams in great quality.


METV specializes in live TV, sports channels, news networks, and radio stations from around the world. Great add-on if you want to cut cable.


Voodoo offers access to a ton of popular movies, TV shows, documentaries, and kids content. It pulls from legal free sources so very low risk.

The Magic Dragon

Has a huge catalog of movies, shows, live sports, and documentaries. Helpful categories and filters make this add-on super easy to navigate.

As you can see, the EzzerMacs Repo brings together many of the top video add-ons that compliment each other and cover a wide range of content.

The repo also contains useful Kodi tools and wizards for maintenance, customization, backups, URL resolvers, and more. Some favorites include:

  • EzzerMacs Wizard
  • SG Wizard
  • Dystopia Wizard
  • Funstersplace Wizard

No matter what type of entertainment you‘re looking for, you‘re sure to find some great add-ons you like in the EzzerMacs repository.

Now let‘s get into how to actually install it!

Step-by-Step Guide to Installing the EzzerMacs Repo

Don‘t worry, installing the repository only takes a few minutes. Just carefully follow these steps:

1. Launch Kodi

First, open up Kodi on the device you want to install the EzzerMacs Repo on. This could be a:

  • Firestick or Fire TV
  • Android phone or tablet
  • Android TV box like Nvidia Shield or Xiaomi Mi Box
  • Windows PC or laptop
  • etc.

Basically any device that can run Kodi software. I‘ll be using the Firestick with Kodi installed for this example.

Once launched, you should see the Kodi home screen.

2. Open Settings

From the Kodi home screen, click on the little gear icon in the top left corner. This will open the Settings menu.

3. Enable "Unknown Sources"

From the Settings menu, select "System" and then click on "Add-ons" in the sidebar.

In the Add-ons settings screen, make sure "Unknown sources" is switched ON.

If it‘s off, hover over it and click to enable it. When prompted, click "Yes" to confirm that you want to allow installing third-party add-ons.

This option needs to be on to install unofficial repositories like EzzerMacs that aren‘t in the official Kodi repo.

4. Open File Manager

Now click the back arrow in the top left twice to return to the main System settings page.

From here, choose "File Manager" from the sidebar.

The File Manager is where we‘ll enter the source path for the EzzerMacs repository files.

5. Add the Source URL

With the File Manager open, click on "Add source" at the bottom of the screen.

A pop-up will appear asking you to enter the path for the media source you want to add. Click on the text that says "" and type (or copy/paste) the following EXACT URL:

Once entered, click "OK" to save this path as the source.

This URL points to the location where the EzzerMacs repository files are hosted online.

6. Name the Media Source

After adding the source, you will be returned to the File Manager screen. Click on the empty box directly below where you just entered that URL.

Here you‘ll enter a name to identify this source you added. The name doesn‘t really matter, just make it something you‘ll recognize.

I usually put "em" for EzzerMacs or something similar. Type your name, then hit "OK".

7. Install from Zip File

Next we‘ll actually install the EzzerMacs Repo add-on file.

Press the back arrow on your remote repeatedly until you are back at the main Kodi home screen.

Navigate over to "Add-ons" in the sidebar and select "Install from zip file".

From here, you‘ll be installing the repository .zip file you just added the source path for.

8. Choose the Source

In the pop-up that opens, you should see the name you entered in Step 6 for the media source, such as "em" or "EzzerMacs" or whatever you chose.

Click on the source name to open it.

You will then see the actual .zip file we need to install.

9. Install the Zip File

Inside this media source, select the .zip file named:

This will trigger the EzzerMacs Repository add-on file to begin installing. It make take a minute or two to fully install.

Once complete, you‘ll get an "Add-on installed" popup notification in Kodi.

10. Install from Repository

With the .zip file installed, now we just need to install the repository itself.

From the Add-ons menu again, this time click "Install from repository".

11. Select the EzzerMacs Repo

You should now see "EzzerMacs Repository" in the list of available repositories. Go ahead and click on it.

Done! Enjoy the EzzerMacs Add-ons

That‘s it! The EzzerMacs Repo should now be fully installed and ready to use on your Kodi device.

You can now explore and install add-ons from within the EzzerMacs repository. I recommend starting with some of the best video add-ons like:

  • DeathStar
  • Medusa
  • Luxray
  • Voodoo

Take some time to test out different add-ons and find your favorites. The possibilities are endless with what you can access through the EzzerMacs repository!

I hope these steps were clear and easy to follow. You now have one of the best Kodi repos ready use.

Now let‘s cover some common issues and troubleshooting tips in case you have any problems getting it installed properly.

Troubleshooting Tips for the EzzerMacs Repo Install

If you carefully followed the install steps but are still having trouble with the EzzerMacs Repository, here are some things to check:

Verify the repository URL – It‘s easy to make a typo when entering the source path URL in the File Manager. Double check that it is exactly:

Check Internet connection – Your Kodi device needs an internet connection to install from the EzzerMacs repository online. Make sure your home WiFi or ethernet is working properly.

Try a different network – Similarly, sometimes a finicky WiFi can cause issues fetching repository files. If on WiFi, try wired ethernet instead or connect to a different WiFi network.

Enable VPN – Using a VPN can provide a more stable connection for installing third-party Kodi add-ons and repositories. Enable it before starting the install steps.

Restart your device – Reboot your Firestick / Fire TV / Android box etc to clear any memory issues or connectivity problems. Then try going through the install again.

Update Kodi – An outdated Kodi version could prevent repositories from installing right. Go to Add-ons > My Add-ons > Check for updates to get the latest Kodi version.

Clear caches – Try clearing the Kodi cache in Settings > System > Storage & reset. Old cached data can sometimes interfere.

If you still have no luck, the repository itself may be down temporarily. Give it some time and try again later. You can also check the EzzerMacs status page to see any notices about downtime.

And as always, feel free to reach out to me here at Your Kodi Guide. I‘m happy to help get the EzzerMacs repository working properly for you.

Is Kodi Legal and Safe to Use?

Now that you have the EzzerMacs Repo installed with access to lots of new entertainment, you may be wondering about the legality and safety around using Kodi.

This is a complex topic, but here are some key points:

  • Kodi itself is 100% legal open-source software. The issue is how some users utilize it.

  • Accessing copyrighted movies, shows, sports, etc. through certain Kodi add-ons is generally illegal, depending on your country‘s laws.

  • Using Kodi safely and legally means only streaming free, public domain or personally owned content.

  • Privacy risks come from piracy add-ons that can spy on your viewing data. Use a VPN for protection.

  • Add-ons like DeathStar and Luxray pull content from debrid services, which makes the streams harder to trace.

  • New laws are still developing around streaming devices. Act responsibly and educate yourself on the risks.

The legality comes down to your individual choices as a user. I recommend enjoying Kodi safely and not abusing it for large-scale piracy.

Final Thoughts

That sums up this guide on installing the amazing EzzerMacs Repo on your Kodi device.

With so many great add-ons now at your fingertips, you can customize an epic entertainment setup!

I hope these detailed steps with pictures made it easy to follow along and get the repository installed smoothly. But feel free to reach out if any issues come up.

Now get out there and start enjoying tons of movies, shows, live sports, and more thanks to the EzzerMacs Kodi repository.

Have fun!


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