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iStream Kodi Not Working – What To Do?

iStream is one of the popular Kodi Addon that is running for a long time. This Addon allows you to watch movies and TV Shows from unique sources on Kodi.

The addon uses a combination of streaming sources from movie sites to Usenet to provide many sources and can work better with Real Debrid and other premium streaming products.

If you find the iStream Krypton Kodi add-on not working as the iStream Kodi no sources error crops up, you may wonder what’s wrong with Kodi.

Luckily, the problem isn’t Kodi and the Kodi addons not working is because iStream has been taken over and has a home in a new repo.

iStream has changed to Duckpool and now lives in the Mucky Duck repo, and the team offer all development and support from now on. In our guide, you can learn how to install iStream/ Duckpool and carry out the how-to install iStream Kodi fix you need. (Read Mucky Duck Repo Not Working – What to Do)

Install from Repository iStream/ Duckpool on Krypton

  1. From the Kodi home screen, click Addons
  2. Click the Settings Icon in the top left screen menu
  3. Select the Addons option and enable Unknown Sources on Kodi
  4. Select yes of the warning pop-up message
  5. Navigate back to the home screen on Kodi using the return button
  6. Click on the Settings icon
  7. Select File Manager
  8. Select Add Source
  9. Click None
  10. Enter this URL exactly:
  11. Select Done
  12. Click in the Text Box underneath and give the media Source a name. Type “mdrepo”, then click OK
  13. Navigate back to the Kodi home screen by pressing the return button (Back arrow)
  14. Select Addons
  15. Click the Addon Browser at the top left corner of your screen
  16. Select Install from Zip File
  17. Select “mdrepo”
  18. Select the
  19. Wait for the Addon enabled notification
  20. Select Install from Repository
  21. Select Mucky Ducks Repo
  22. Select the Addon Repository
  23. Select the iStream XBMC Addons Repository
  24. Click Install and wait for the Addon enabled notification
  25. Navigate back to the “Install from Repository” option.
  26. Click the iStream XBMC Addons Repository
  27. Select iSTREAM
  28. Click Install and wait for the Addon enabled notification
  29. The iSTREAM addon will have been installed and accessed by going back to the Kodi home screen and selecting Kodi Add-ons.

How to Install iStream Kodi Addon on Krypton 18?

  1. Home Screen – Add-ons – Settings – Enable Unknown Sources.
  2. Download the ZIP and save it to your device.
  3. Navigate back to the Home Screen – Add-Ons – Add-on Browser
  4. Install from zip file so locate the Zip file you on your device
  5. Wait for the Add-on enabled notification
  6. Navigate back to the Home Screen and select Settings – File Manager – Add Source.
  7. Enter URL in the top box
  8. Name the source in the bottom box and select OK.
  9. Navigate to Home Screen – Add-Ons – Add-on Browser
  10. Select Install from zip file
  11. Wait for the Add-on enabled notification.
  12. Select Install from repository & install
  13. Wait for the Add-on enabled notification
  14. Install from repository – Video add-ons – iStream – Install
  15. Wait for your Add-on enabled notification
  16. iStream Add-on is installed ready for use.

Unless you change the repo for iStream to the Mucky Ducks repository, Kodi won’t open or access links from the old repo as these are potentially dead links. Using the above should help, yet it is good to know a couple of other fixes for addon issues or problems with builds you could encounter.

How to Fix Problems with Krypton Kodi Add ons?

Third-party Kodi add-ons are constantly updated, and the iStream Kodi add-on now supported by a new repo. If your iStream Kodi add-on stops working, you will need to remove the old add-on and update it to install it from the Mucky Duck repo as above.

You will find Kodi/XBMC foundation doesn’t support the use of third-party Kodi add-ons, so asking them for help won’t get you anywhere.

Here are a few fixes you can find for your addons, be it from a third party repo or the official repo. (Learn How to Remove a Build From Kodi)

Universal fix

Uninstall and reinstall Kodi can solve a wide range of issues. Do this but forgetting to update your addons and repositories can also cause dependency issues and other problems arising from an out-of-date repo or addon.

Update or Remove Kodi Repository

  1. Head to Add-ons
  2. Select Install from repository
  3. Long press on the repo to update or remove. Select Information from the context menu
  4. Select Update or Uninstall

Update or Remove Addons

  1. Head to Add-ons
  2. Long press on the addon to update. Select Information from the context menu
  3. Select Update or Uninstall

Crash During Playback of Videos

Problem: If Kodi crashes when playing back videos from different channels, try to adjust some advanced settings, such as cache memory buffer size, CURL timeout, and buffer factor.

By default, these are set to certain values. You can use Kodi wizards or do this manually, yet it is a thing many users get wrong, especially when set on a FireStick.

If you enter too high values, you can cause Kodi not to start on a FireStick. While you think setting such values lower helps, if the settings are too low, it means your channel’s content will buffer too much before the videos start. (Read Is Kodi Safe)

To make sure you have the best settings, you can use the advanced Settings Wizard, which you’ll find with Ares Wizard. It scans your device and Kodi to find out the optimum settings.

Performance-Related Issues

Lack of performance is a common issue that many Kodi users live with when accessing various content. Much of these come from an underpowered device or even a connection that isn’t suitable. T

Common issues you can find are:

  • Lag with Slow-motion video and excess buffering
  • App crashes or reduced video quality
  • Lower frame rate and Out-of-sync sound

Most of these can be attributed to incorrect settings, yet most come from internet connections or ISPs throttling connections because of streaming.

When you watch free movies from any streaming service, you may notice your connection slow down if you stream a lot.

Any Kodi user should use a VPN for security, yet they can also stop your ISP throttling connections as they can’t see you are streaming or what movies and TV channels you are accessing.

Kodi Build-Related Issues

Kodi builds offer an all in one solution, yet they can cause many problems. Most Kodi builds use more system resources than Kodi in a vanilla form. Kodi builds often contain vulnerabilities, malware, and spyware, so it makes sense to use a VPN and only get builds from an official source.

Addon Open Error

If you can’t open an addon, it could be incompatible with your version of Kodi; Some are designed for Kodi Krypton, while some only run on Kodi Leia, or vice versa.

You can also find some streams only work in certain countries. A VPN can help here as they bypass geo-restrictions. (Read Superrepo Krypton Not Working – What to Do)

Failed to Install Dependency

Some media add-ons depend on other addons to carry out their task. Dependency occurs as you install new addons or if an existing addon is updated, and these addons don’t work together.

To fix this, you need to disable repositories that no longer work, such as with the iStream addon being rebranded and moved to the Mucky Ducks repo.

Here’s the steps you need to disable a Kodi repository:

  1. Launch Kodi and select the Gear icon, so you open the settings menu
  2. Head to File manager and locate the repo you need to remove
  3. Long press on the repo, and once the context menu appears, Select Remove source

Excessive Buffering

Long media buffer times are caused by many issues regardless of the Kodi version or Kodi addons you have. Here is a quick fix that works with most of the major Kodi add-ons.

Open Kodi

  1. Navigate to Add-ons – Video add-ons
  2. Select any add-on you’re having trouble with. Scroll down and select Tools or the name the addon uses.
  3. Select any Clear providers and Clear cache option

Slow internet connections cause buffering, and even when you have a speedy connection, your ISP may frown on Kodi addons and throttle bandwidth accordingly.

As we have touched upon, a VPN will encrypt all your device’s internet and web traffic; as it encrypts all your data, it also passes it to another server in a location you choose. Because of this, you get a new IP address for your system and not only are you out of sight. Adding to this, you can bypass any geo-restrictions and access video media streams that wouldn’t be accessible otherwise. (Read our StrongVPN Reviews)

So, any user who wishes to install iStream on their XBMC Kodi system box is advised to use a VPN app as these can resolve many issues with any Kodi addon.


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