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A Comprehensive Review of IPTV Trends – Is This Popular IPTV Service Worth It?

If you‘re looking to stream thousands of live TV channels on your Fire TV, Android box or other streaming device, there‘s a good chance you‘ve heard about IPTV Trends.

With over 19,000 HD channels for just $19 a month, IPTV Trends offers an overwhelming amount of content at a very affordable price point. But is it actually worth using?

In this detailed review, I‘ll cover everything you need to know about IPTV Trends:

  • How it works and what you get
  • The huge lineup of sports, news, movies and international channels
  • Pros and cons compared to other IPTV providers
  • Important considerations around legality, safety and reliability
  • Recommendations based on first-hand experience using the service
  • FAQs answered on pricing, features and more

By the end of this guide, you‘ll have all the information to decide if IPTV Trends is right for your streaming needs or if you should consider other options. Let‘s dive in!

What Exactly is IPTV Trends? A Quick Overview

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. Essentially, it‘s a way to watch live TV delivered over the internet instead of through traditional cable or satellite.

Rather than using an officially sanctioned provider like Sling or DirecTV Stream, IPTV Trends is a third-party IPTV provider. This means it likely doesn‘t have any agreements in place with TV networks and broadcasters.

Here‘s a quick rundown of IPTV Trends and what it offers subscribers:

  • 19,304 live channels – An absolutely massive selection of live TV channels across every genre imaginable. From sports to news to movies and more.

  • Supported devices – Apps available for Firestick, Fire TV, Android phones/tablets, Android TV boxes like NVIDIA Shield.

  • Different pricing tiers – Plans range from 1 month for $18.99/month to 6 months for $80.99 total ($13.50/month). Multi-connection packages also available.

  • HD quality streams – Channels stream in 720p or 1080p HD quality if your internet connection is fast enough. Expect buffering with slower speeds.

  • Global content – Huge offering of international channels from Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East and more regions. Great for expats or language learners.

  • Cloud DVR features – Ability to record and playback shows, though functionality seems limited compared to official live TV streaming platforms.

  • On-demand content – Large library of VOD movies and shows you can watch on your own schedule. Content changes frequently.

  • EPG guide – Electronic program guide gives you info on what‘s currently airing or coming up next for every channel.

So in summary, IPTV Trends markets itself as a cheap alternative to cable/satellite that provides endless live TV channel options from all over the world. But it comes with some major caveats.

IPTV Trends Channels List – Just How Extensive is the Channel Lineup?

One of the biggest selling points of IPTV Trends is the sheer volume of channels available. While the exact channel selection changes periodically, here‘s an idea of what you can expect to access:


Channel Number Channel Name
#23 ESPN
#24 ESPN2
#25 FS1
#26 NBC Sports Network
#41 NFL Network

Including all the local regional sports networks from Fox Sports, NBC Sports, MSG, Spectrum, Root, Altitude, NESN and more.

Plus channels like ESPN Deportes, Golf Channel, MLB Network, NBA TV, NHL Network, CBS Sports Network, Tennis Channel, TVG, beIN sports, Willow TV, Fight Network and many more.

News & Business

Channel Number Channel Name
#100 Bloomberg TV
#104 CNBC
#120 CNN
#122 Fox Business
#123 Fox News

Along with BBC World News, Cheddar, Newsy, Al Jazeera, Newsmax, OAN, Euronews, CGTN, DW, France24, RT and more top news outlets.

Entertainment & Lifestyle

Channel Number Channel Name
#300 A&E
#303 AMC
#305 Bravo
#309 E!
#317 HGTV

Plus FX, TBS, TNT, USA, Discovery, Food Network, HBO, Showtime, Hallmark Channel, GSN, Game Show Network, DIY, Cooking Channel, MTV, VH1, BET and many more.

Kids & Family

Channel Number Channel Name
#500 Nickelodeon
#501 Disney Channel
#505 Cartoon Network
#506 Disney Junior
#510 Nick Jr.

Includes BabyTV, PBS Kids, Universal Kids, Disney XD, Nicktoons, TeleNiños and other children/family options.

International Content

Channel Number Channel Name Region
#2000 Sony TV Indian
#2001 Zee TV Indian
#2100 TV Globo Brazilian
#2300 Caracol Colombian
#2800 lazybuoy RTL German

Hundreds of channels from Europe, Latin America, Asia, Africa and elsewhere around the globe. Ideal for expats or language students looking to watch foreign TV.

And much more across movies, entertainment, documentaries, lifestyle, and virtually any other genre imaginable. It‘s an impressively exhaustive channel lineup!

How Does IPTV Trends Quality and Reliability Compare to Other IPTV Services?

Overall, IPTV Trends offers comparable quality and reliability versus other popular IPTV options like Beast IPTV, Rocket IPTV, OK2 Streams and more.

Video Quality

Channels are available in Full HD 1080p resolution, provided your internet speeds are fast enough to support it. Expect TV shows and movies to look sharp on a big screen TV.

However, many users report frequent buffering and quality drops, likely due to IPTV Trends overselling its server capacity. Using a wired ethernet connection and VPN can help maintain stability. But don‘t expect perfectly smooth streaming at all times.


Like most IPTV services, uptime and reliability is hit or miss. While outages are common with unauthorized IPTV providers, Trends seems to suffer more downtime than average based on user reports. Channels suddenly freezing and the app crashing unexpectedly is not uncommon.

EPG Accuracy

The electronic program guide provides schedule information like show titles, air times, descriptions and more. However, many users report the EPG data for IPTV Trends is not completely reliable. Listings are sometimes inaccurate or outdated.


IPTV Trends provides core features like VOD, EPG, catch-up TV and the ability to create custom channel lists. But advanced IPTV features like automatic series recordings, cloud DVR storage allocation, multi-screen viewing and closed caption support seem to be lacking or limited in functionality.

So in summary, IPTV Trends offers bread-and-butter IPTV functionality but lags behind top providers when it comes to performance and features. For the price, quality and reliability is decent but not outstanding.

IPTV Trends Pricing Breakdown: Plans, Discounts and Payment Options

Here‘s a detailed overview of the IPTV Trends pricing and payment options:

Plan Price Details
1 Month $18.99/mo One connection, 19,000+ channels
3 Months $50.99 total One connection, 19,000+ channels
6 Months $80.99 total One connection, 19,000+ channels
1 Year $216.99 total One connection, 19,000+ channels

Multi-connection packages are also available for an added fee. For example, the pricing for 3 devices at once is:

Plan Price Details
1 Month $26.99/mo 3 connections, 19,000+ channels
3 Months $76.99 total 3 connections, 19,000+ channels
6 Months $120.99 total 3 connections, 19,000+ channels
1 Year $325.99 total 3 connections, 19,000+ channels

The longer the subscription, the more you save overall by pre-paying. But I actually recommend just doing monthly subscriptions when using third-party IPTV services, since they frequently get shut down by authorities. Paying upfront could mean losing your money if the service goes offline.

For payment methods, IPTV Trends accepts PayPal, credit/debit cards and cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. To better protect your privacy, cryptocurrency or anonymous PayPal accounts purchased with gift cards are ideal.

Is IPTV Trends Safe and Legal to Use?

When using any unauthorized IPTV service, the most important questions are usually around safety and legality. Let‘s explore this topic more closely.

Is IPTV Trends Safe to Use?

I scanned the IPTV Trends website and apps using VirusTotal which aggregates results from over 70 antivirus engines. It did not detect anything overtly dangerous or malicious.

However, IPTV Trends likely does not have licensing from content owners. Your best protection is using a VPN like Surfshark to keep your streaming activities private and secure your internet connection. A VPN encrypts all traffic leaving your device.

A quality VPN is essential both for privacy and improving stream stability. ISPs often throttle traffic from IPTV services, and a VPN prevents this.

Is IPTV Trends Legal? What Are the Risks?

Unfortunately, determining the legality of any IPTV provider is tricky. Only the service operators truly know if they have agreements in place with content owners. And even then, their licensing agreements could violate terms.

In general though, unauthorized IPTV services are operating in a legal grey area by streaming copyrighted content without permission. While end users likely face minimal risk, services themselves frequently get shut down by legal action.

My advice is to use common sense precautions like VPNs, avoid publicly sharing login details, and only pay month-to-month in case the service suddenly goes offline. Also realize that reliability will never match an authorized provider.

For the most complete peace of mind around legality and stream quality, excellent live TV streaming options exist like YouTube TV, Sling, DirecTV Stream, or Hulu + Live TV. But channel lineups are more limited.

IPTV Trends Review Verdict – Is It Worth Trying?

So should you give IPTV Trends a try for $19 bucks a month? Here are my final pros and cons:

Pros of IPTV Trends

  • Cheap price point at only $18.99/month
  • Massive selection of 19,000+ live channels
  • Great for international content from many regions
  • No geo-restrictions, useable anywhere
  • Apps available for Firestick, Android, iOS, Smart TVs
  • Tons of VOD movies and shows

Cons of IPTV Trends

  • Questionable legality of content sources
  • Buffering and uptime problems are common
  • EPG guide data is inaccurate at times
  • Lacks certain advanced IPTV features
  • Relies on unstable unauthorized streams
  • Interfaces can be a bit clunky

If you go in knowing the risks and use a VPN, IPTV Trends can be a very cheap way to access a huge library of live TV channels spanning American, European, Asian and international programming. Just don‘t expect rock-solid stability like official live TV streaming platforms.

Give the free trials a test, see how channel selection and performance look for your needs, and decide if the pros outweigh the cons. It offers great channel variety but falters on reliability.

Hopefully this detailed and honest review gave you all the info to make a decision! I try to provide straightforward facts and experienced opinions to help you find the best streaming options. Please reach out with any other questions.

Frequently Asked Questions About IPTV Trends

Here are answers to some of the most common questions people have about the IPTV Trends service:

Q: Does IPTV Trends really have 19,000 channels?

A: The number of channels fluctuates constantly, but yes they claim to offer around 19,000 live channels from countries all around the world. The actual selection changes day to day.

Q: How many people can use IPTV Trends simultaneously?

A: The base package allows 1 simultaneous stream. You can pay extra for plans that support 2, 3 or even 5 concurrent users.

Q: Does IPTV Trends offer a free trial?

A: Yes, they offer 24 hour trials for only $3. This lets you test channel selection and streaming quality before committing to a paid plan.

Q: Can I use IPTV Trends on any device?

A: It‘s compatible with Fire TV, Firestick, Android TV, Apple TV, phones, tablets and more. But channel quality varies across platforms. Firestick and NVIDIA Shield are most recommended.

Q: Is there DVR so I can record shows?

A: There is DVR capability but it seems functionality is limited compared to official live TV streaming platforms like YouTube TV or Hulu. Recording reliability is mixed.

Q: Can I cancel anytime if I‘m unhappy with the service?

A: Yes, you can cancel and stop payments at any time if you find channel selection or reliability lacking for your needs.

Q: Does IPTV Trends work in my country?

A: There are no geo-restrictions so IPTV Trends can be accessed from anywhere in the world. But those outside North America may experience more buffering on North American channels.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m happy to provide advice about IPTV Trends or guide you towards alternative options that may better suit your streaming needs and budget.


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