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9 Best IPTV Free Trial Services to Test Before Purchasing

Cutting the cord and streaming live TV over the internet has exploded in popularity in recent years. According to a recent survey by Leichtman Research, nearly 31% of US households now stream live TV online, up from 16% just 5 years ago. This radical shift has been enabled by innovative IPTV services that offer live channels and video on demand without expensive cable packages and contracts.

With so many options flooding the market, finding the right IPTV provider for your needs can be daunting. Fortunately, many top services now offer free trials, allowing you to preview and evaluate the platform before spending a penny.

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll introduce you to 9 of the best IPTV free trials available in 2023 based on extensive first-hand testing and research. I’ll break down key factors like channel selection, stream quality, and device support to consider with each service. My goal is to help you find the perfect IPTV solution for your household with zero risk.

Let’s dive in!

Why Test Out IPTV Free Trials?

As appealing as cord cutting sounds, switching to IPTV isn’t without some hurdles. Live stream reliability, video quality, channel lineups, and content libraries can vary drastically between providers. Testing a service with a free trial is by far the best way to get a feel for actual performance and features before committing.

Here are some key benefits of taking advantage of IPTV free trials:

Preview the platform interface – Testing the responsiveness of guide navigation, channel changing speeds, and ease of finding content.

Evaluate stream quality – Assessing factors like resolution, buffering, lag, and whether picture meets expectations on your devices.

Audit channel selection – Verifying availability of your must-have channels like locals, sports, news, or special interests.

Explore on-demand libraries – Sampling the depth of available shows, movies, and extras to stream whenever.

Compare compatibility – Ensuring streams work well across your devices like mobiles, smart TVs, streaming boxes.

Check reliability – Monitoring uptime and performance during peak hours for live sports, news, or other events.

Judge customer support – Gauging responsiveness and competence of rep when issues arise during trial period.

Weigh value for money – Determining if features and experience justify the regular subscription cost.

With so much on the line when choosing an IPTV service, putting contenders through a real-world test drive makes the decision much easier.

Now let’s explore some of the top options for free IPTV trials in 2023 across both legal verified services and unverified offerings.

9 of the Best IPTV Services Offering Free Trials

1. fuboTV

Free Trial: 7 Days

Cost After Trial: $74.99+/mo

Channels: 124+

Pros: Excellent for sports, 4K streaming, comprehensive channel bundles

Cons: More expensive than competitors, some missing channels

The first on our list should come as no surprise. fuboTV has earned a reputation as the premier live TV streaming service for sports fans looking to cut the cord. They offer an industry-leading selection of sports content across NFL, NBA, MLB, Soccer, College Sports, Golf, and more.

Beyond sports, fubo bundles also include popular entertainment and news channels. Supported devices are plentiful, with apps for all mobile and TV platforms along with streaming device support.

fuboTV‘s free 7 day trial is fully featured, allowing you to experience the full breadth of their offering across live sports, news, shows, movies and more. Their channel bundles start at a slightly higher price point than competitors but pack immense value for sports enthusiasts.

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2. Philo

Free Trial: 7 Days

Cost After Trial: $25/mo

Channels: 64+

Pros: Inexpensive, unlimited DVR storage, great for entertainment

Cons: No sports, locals, or news channels

If you‘re looking for an entertainment-focused lineup at a budget-friendly price, Philo should be high on your list to trial. They offer live streaming and on-demand access to over 64 popular cable channels from AMC, Discovery, Viacom, and more. Their clean interface and unlimited DVR provide a smooth streaming experience.

At just $25 per month, Philo comes in significantly cheaper than most competitors without sacrificing content quality. The main tradeoffs are the lack of sports, local channels, and news networks. But for the cost-conscious cord cutter, the channel selection can‘t be beat.

Philo‘s 7 day free trial allows you to take their service for a spin across your devices completely risk-free. Give it a shot if you want top-notch entertainment on a budget.

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3. Sling TV

Free Trial: 3 Days

Cost After Trial: $40+/mo

Channels: 31-47+

Pros: Customizable channel bundles, cloud DVR option

Cons: Lower stream quality, limited device support

Sling TV broke onto the scene early as a pioneering live TV streaming provider. Their main appeal lies in the ability to customize your channel bundle at a reasonable price point. Mix and match channel packs around interests like sports, comedy, news, and more.

They provide apps for most platforms, but stream quality and device support have room for improvement compared to rivals. Reliability of live streams also seems to be hit or miss based on reviews. DVR functionality is available for extra.

If you want to trial basic live TV streaming on a budget, Sling TV‘s free 3 day preview gives you a sufficient window to evaluate their service. But don‘t expect the more refined experience of higher-end options. The flexibility in building a bundle is the real draw here.

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4. Hulu + Live TV

Free Trial: 7 Days

Cost After Trial: $69.99+/mo

Channels: 75+

Pros: Smooth interface, includes Hulu on-demand library

Cons: No 4K, limited DVR storage

Hulu builds on their immense catalog of on-demand shows and movies by adding live TV with their Hulu + Live TV plan. For one subscription cost, you get full access to Hulu‘s streaming library combined with over 75 live channels.

Supported platforms are robust extending across mobile, computers, TVs, and popular streaming devices like Apple TV and Firestick. Video quality tops out at 1080p HD with no 4K streaming currently offered. The DVR allows you to record live TV but storage maxes out at 50 hours.

Hulu + Live TV warrants consideration with their free one week trial if you want to consolidate streaming libraries in one place. Evaluate how well the unified experience fits your household needs.

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5. YouTube TV

Free Trial: Available periodically

Cost After Trial: $64.99+/mo

Channels: 95+

Pros: Unlimited DVR, best-in-class interface

Cons: Limited 4K streaming, price increases

YouTube TV has quickly become a fan-favorite for cord cutters, now with over 5 million subscribers. They offer one of the most intuitive and responsive interfaces packed with features subscribers love. Their video quality is superb with streaming up to 4K resolution where available.

The service offers unlimited DVR storage and generous simultaneous streams. Channel selection hits all the major staples with some more niche options thrown in. The main caveat is the lack of full 4K streaming and RSNs for local sports.

YouTube TV has periodically offered free trials for new members. Take advantage if you see the offer popup to experience their superior interface and performance. The ad-free streams set them apart from competitors.


Free Trial: 5 Days

Cost After Trial: $69.99+/mo

Channels: 65-140+

Pros: Robust channel bundles, cross-platform streaming

Cons: Higher cost, contract required

Brought to you by the satellite leader themselves, DIRECTV STREAM (formerly AT&T TV) aims to deliver cable-like bundles over streaming. Packages range from entry-level options up to premium bundles with 140+ channels. Sports fans can supplement with their Sports Extra add-on.

Unlike rivals, DIRECTV STREAM requires a 2 year contract to get their best rates. Video streaming quality is excellent across devices. Their cloud DVR storage and streams operate on limits, however. The on-demand catalog is also not as deep as competitors.

If you want cable-sized channel bundles delivered over IPTV, DIRECTV STREAM‘s free 5 day trial lets you evaluate their offering across top channels, video quality, and contract terms against alternatives like Hulu Live and YouTube TV.

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7. FuboTV Canada

Free Trial: 7 days

Cost After Trial: $24.99+/mo CAD

Channels: 10+

Pros: Made for Canadian streaming, NBA TV Canada included

Cons: Much smaller content library than US version

While FuboTV also tops our list for US audiences, their Canada-specific offering is considerably scaled down. The channel selection focuses mainly on sports with a limited set of entertainment and news options.

In terms of sports, they do provide TSN, SportsNet, NBA TV Canada among others. Streaming quality is superb as expected. But the content catalogue lacks compared to rivals or the US FuboTV.

Canadian cord cutters eager to stream live sports may still want to take FuboTV‘s 7 day free trial for a spin to experience their interface and reliability prior to committing. Just temper your expectations around overall content variety.

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8. Zazeen TV

Free Trial: 7 days

Cost After Trial: $20+/mo

Channels: 70+

Pros: Tailored for Canadians, affordable pricing

Cons: Lesser known provider, limited device support

If you‘re seeking a more affordable Canadian-focused IPTV solution beyond FuboTV, Zazeen TV warrants a look. They market themselves as "a virtual cable TV provider" with live streaming and on demand movies & shows.

Beyond cost savings, Zazeen differentiates through their Begin again feature which lets you restart shows in progress from the beginning. They also highlight their customer service with Canadian-based reps available 24/7.

Supported platforms are currently limited to mobile, computers, and Apple TV/Android TV boxes. So trying their 7 day free trial first is advised to validate performance on your devices. But the cost-conscious shopper may find value here.

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9. Optik TV

Free Trial: 15 Days

Cost After Trial: $25+/mo

Channels: 200-300+

Pros: Robust channel bundles, data-free viewing

Cons: Telus internet required, limited availability

Optik TV marks the IPTV offering from Telus available exclusively in their serviced regions. This allows them to deliver impressive channel bundles ranging from essentials to premium packages rivaling traditional cable.

Their setup works a bit differently from standalone streaming platforms. You need an internet connection through Telus to subscribe without caps or data overages. Supported devices include mobile, computers, and Optik receivers for your TV.

If you want a cable-like experience and are located in an area serviced by Telus, take advantage of their 15 day free trial to experience 200+ channels delivered over IPTV. Just be ready for a contract upon subscribing.

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Key Factors in Comparing IPTV Free Trials

Now that you have a handle on top IPTV options to try out risk-free, let‘s examine some key criteria to weigh as you evaluate each trial. Keep these factors in mind as you compare IPTV platforms:

Stream Quality – Resolution, consistency, lag, and buffering of live streams and on-demand video.

Channel Selection – Breadth and depth of live channel packages and add-ons for news, sports, shows, lifestyle, etc.

Content Libraries – Size of available on-demand catalog for movies, shows, events, and specials.

DVR Options – Availability of cloud DVR, storage space, and simultaneous recordings allowed.

Device Support – Platforms supported like mobile, desktops, smart TVs, streaming devices, game consoles.

Interface & Navigation – Responsiveness, intuitiveness, and features of the guide and on-demand sections.

Customer Service – Options for support, availability, and competence of reps based on reviews.

Extra Features – Unique capabilities like user profiles, offline viewing, scheduling, in-home streaming, etc.

Reliability & Uptime – Consistency and quality of live streams during trials tested at peak times.

Cost Value – Overall value delivered based on features, channels, stream quality relative to subscription fees.

Analyzing across these factors will provide you with a complete picture. Take notes as you test things like video quality on different devices at various times of day. Try out their DVR capability and sample on-demand content. Contact customer service with questions and monitor response times and knowledgeability.

The right free trial will stand out across the board on the above criteria. Don‘t rush the evaluation – leverage the full trial period if needed.

Final Thoughts on Finding the Best IPTV Service for You

I hope this breakdown of 9 top IPTV free trials has been helpful as you consider cutting the cord. Test driving these services delivers immense value before you committing your hard-earned dollars on a subscription.

Here are a few parting tips as you enter the trial phases:

  • Take advantage of every free minute – use the full trial period if needed.

  • Compare thoroughly across your devices like mobiles, streaming box, smart TVs.

  • Check stream quality at peak times, especially for critical sports and news channels.

  • Contact customer service with questions and monitor response times.

  • Explore both live and video on demand libraries relevant to your interests.

  • Read up on cancellation policies so no surprises if you decide to move on.

Once you‘ve had a chance to sufficiently put contenders through the paces, the right IPTV service for your situation will become clear. Never feel pressured to subscribe and don‘t hesitate to keep looking if no free trials fully meet your needs.

I hope this guide gives you a head start in finding IPTV perfection for your household. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions as you begin your trials! Best of luck and happy streaming!


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