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IPTV Farm Review: Diving Deep into This Popular IPTV Service

IPTV Farm is a popular IPTV service that provides live TV streaming over the internet. With over 13,000 channels and 50,000 VOD options available for just $10 a month, it offers an unbeatable amount of content.

But how exactly does IPTV Farm work? Is it legal and safe to use? What steps are needed to get started? This comprehensive review will analyze IPTV Farm in-depth to cover everything you need to know.

What is IPTV and How Does it Work?

Before reviewing IPTV Farm specifically, let‘s quickly cover what exactly IPTV is and how it delivers live TV over the internet.

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. It takes live TV channels and streams them over the internet via IP protocols.

Instead of using traditional cable or satellite, the channels are broadcast as video streams that your IPTV app or set-top box accesses.

The video streams are delivered in MPEG formats via dedicated IPTV streaming servers. Common protocols used include:

  • HLS – HTTP Live Streaming
  • RTSP – Real Time Streaming Protocol
  • RTMP – Real Time Messaging Protocol

IPTV providers encode video feeds, package them into IP packets, then broadcast them to users.

Users access the IPTV streams by entering a custom M3U playlist URL into an IPTV media player app such as IPTV Smarters or Tivimate.

This M3U playlist file points to the streams of the various live TV channels offered by the IPTV provider.

Now that we‘ve covered the basics of how IPTV delivery works, let‘s take a closer look at one of the most popular services – IPTV Farm.

Introducing IPTV Farm

IPTV Farm is an IPTV service that provides live TV streaming over the internet. Here are the key things to know about IPTV Farm:

  • Provides over 13,000 live TV channels spanning numerous countries
  • Massive VOD library with 50,000 movies and shows
  • Works on Amazon Firestick/Fire TV, Android, iOS, computers
  • Access via M3U playlist URL entered into IPTV player apps
  • Prices start at just $10/month
  • Available internationally, not geo-restricted

Let‘s explore the features, channels, pricing, and more offered by IPTV Farm in greater detail.

IPTV Farm Features and Capabilities

IPTV Farm comes packed with features that make it easy and convenient to watch live TV over the internet:

Huge Channel Lineup

The core benefit of IPTV Farm is the enormous lineup of over 13,000 live channels. This includes popular US cable channels, UK favorites like BBC and Sky Sports, worldwide sports networks, news channels, kids programming, and channels from over 90 countries globally.

50,000 VOD Options

In addition to live TV, IPTV Farm provides around 50,000 VOD movies and shows. This on-demand content spans categories like new releases, classics, documentaries, and more.

Electronic Program Guide

An electronic program guide (EPG) displays schedules of what‘s currently playing and upcoming programs for each channel. This allows you to see what‘s on and browse channels more easily.

No IP Location Locking

IPTV Farm has no geo-restrictions, so can be accessed from anywhere in the world. This makes it easy to watch channels from your home country even when traveling abroad.

Favorites Manager

Easily create a custom favorites list of your preferred channels instead of browsing the full lineup.

PPV Events

Big pay-per-view fights and entertainment events are available at an additional cost.

Works Anonymously

IPTV Farm works with VPN services to let you watch anonymously and bypass ISP throttling or blocking.

Apps Support

In addition to the M3U playlist URL, some standalone apps for platforms like Firestick are also available for IPTV Farm.

Customer Support

Get assistance resolving any issues via online chat support.

IPTV Farm Channel Lineup

Now, let‘s take a deeper look at the various channel categories and highlights available with an IPTV Farm subscription:

United States Channels

For US channels, IPTV Farm has all the major broadcast networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox plus top cable favorites:

  • ESPN, ESPN2, FS1
  • HGTV, Food Network, TLC
  • Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network
  • MTV, VH1, BET
  • TCM, IFC, Sundance TV
  • A&E, History Channel, Discovery

There are also channels focused on music, movies, science, animals, outdoors, and more. Virtually every US channel you‘d want is included.

United Kingdom Channels

Top picks from UK television available include:

  • BBC One, Two, Three, Four
  • ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5
  • Sky Sports, BT Sport
  • Dave, E4, Film4, More4
  • Discovery UK, National Geographic, MTV UK

Plus all the best entertainment, movie, news, and kids channels from the UK.

Canadian Channels

The full range of popular channels from Canada are featured:

  • CBC, Global TV, CTV, Citytv
  • Sportsnet, TSN 1-5
  • Food Network Canada, HGTV Canada
  • Teletoon, YTV, Treehouse TV
  • AMC, FX Canada, MuchMusic

Latino Channels

Hundreds of Spanish language channels from Mexico, Central/South America, and Spain are included:

  • Univision, Telemundo
  • Caracol TV, RCN Nuestra Tele
  • Azteca 7, Azteca Uno
  • Canal 5, Gala TV
  • Fox Sports Latin America
  • Discovery en Español
  • Nickelodeon Latinoamérica

International Channels

Beyond US/UK/Canada, IPTV Farm has channels from over 90 other countries worldwide.

Some highlights include India‘s Zee TV, NDTV, Colors TV; Arab channels like MBC, Al Jazeera Arabic, Dubai One; German favorites ProSieben, RTL; and Australian ABC, SBS.

Nearly any international channel you‘re looking for can be found here.

Sports Channels

For sports fans, IPTV Farm offers tons of worldwide sports networks covering:

  • NFL RedZone, NFL Network
  • NBA TV, MLB Network, NHL Network
  • BeIN Sports, Fox Soccer Plus
  • CBS Sports Network, ESPN U
  • MLS Direct Kick, PAC 12 Network
  • Tennis Channel, WWE Network
  • BT Sport ESPN, TSN 1-5
  • Sky Sports F1, Sky Sports Premier League

You also get access to premium packages like NFL Sunday Ticket Max.

Movie Channels

Major US movie channels featured include:

  • HBO, HBO2, HBO Signature
  • Cinemax, Starz, Showtime
  • Epix, TCM, IFC
  • FX Movie Channel, Sundance TV

Plus international movie channels like Sky Cinema, Sky Cinema Drama, Sony Pix, and more.

News Channels

Stay updated with leading US and global news networks like:

  • CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, Bloomberg
  • CBS News, ABC News, NBC News
  • Al Jazeera, Russia Today, DW
  • Sky News, BBC News, Euronews

Kids Channels

Keep children entertained with kids channels such as:

  • Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon
  • Disney Channel, Disney XD
  • Nick Jr., Boomerang, BabyTV
  • Treehouse TV, Teletoon

Music Channels

Channels focused on music videos and concerts, including:

  • MTV, MTV2, MTV Hits
  • VH1, VH1 Classic
  • MuchMusic, Fuse, BET Soul
  • JTV, Country Music Television

And many more favorites across other categories like food, lifestyle, science, travel, and more!

As you can see, IPTV Farm has an incredibly diverse and extensive channel lineup rivaling traditional cable and satellite. You’ll find all the most popular channels from the US, UK, Canada, and around the world.

IPTV Farm Pricing and Plans

One reason IPTV Farm is so popular is the affordable pricing. Here are the current IPTV Farm subscription options:

Plan Price
1 Month $10.25/month
3 Months $25.99 total ($8.66/month)
6 Months $45.59 total ($7.60/month)
12 Months $76.99 total ($6.42/month)
18 Months $112.99 total ($6.28/month)
24 Months $143.99 total ($6/month)

There is also a free 24 hour preview available to test out the service first.

Pro Tip: I recommend starting with a 1 month plan to evaluate the service without long term commitment.

The more months you prepay upfront, the cheaper the per month cost is. But there‘s risk paying for many months with unverified IPTV providers that could go offline unexpectedly.

Payments can be made via credit/debit card, PayPal, and Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is the most anonymous payment method to use with services like IPTV Farm.

Now that we‘ve covered the core packages, let‘s discuss how to actually sign up…

How to Sign Up for IPTV Farm

Since IPTV Farm is not offered on official app stores, you‘ll need to sign up directly on their site to get an M3U playlist URL. Here are the steps:

  1. Visit the IPTV Farm website – Use a VPN for privacy.

  2. Register for a new account – I advise using an anonymous email.

  3. Select your subscription package and pay.

  4. You‘ll receive an email with your M3U playlist URL.

  5. Install an IPTV media player app like IPTV Smarters or Tivimate on your streaming device.

  6. Copy the M3U URL into the app to connect.

And that‘s it! The M3U playlist will now stream all the live IPTV channels from IPTV Farm‘s servers.

I recommend using a prepaid card and masked email when signing up to keep your identity protected.

A quality VPN is also strongly encouraged when accessing unverified IPTV services to ensure streaming privacy and security.

The Legality of IPTV Farm Explained

Now that we‘ve covered how IPTV Farm works and what it offers, let‘s discuss the elephant in the room – is IPTV Farm legal?

The short answer is IPTV Farm‘s legality is questionable at best.

Technically, IPTV services require licensing from content owners to legally redistribute live TV streams. Unverified services like IPTV Farm are likely operating without these licenses.

However, the area of digital streaming copyright law is still rather gray and evolving. Officially, IPTV Farm‘s legality has not been outright challenged or confirmed either way.

The responsibility and risk ultimately falls on the end user when accessing unlicensed IPTV services.

Authorities typically go after distributors over individual users. But there are still risks like service shutdowns or DMCA violation notices.

For the best protection, I advise using a secure VPN like Surfshark when accessing IPTV Farm or any unverified IPTV service. This will encrypt your streaming activity to avoid issues.

Unlicensed IPTV providers also run higher risks of sudden shutdowns or going offline unexpectedly. There‘s no guarantee of longevity compared to verified options.

While the pirated content availability is appealing, legitimate services provide a much safer and more reliable IPTV experience overall.

IPTV Farm Compared to Legal Alternatives

Instead of risking it with IPTV Farm, you may want to consider legal live TV streaming alternatives such as:

  • YouTube TV ($64.99/month) – Offers 80+ channels and unlimited DVR storage. Excellent overall value.

  • Hulu + Live TV ($69.99/month) – Over 75 channels plus tons of on-demand shows and movies.

  • FuboTV ($69.99/month) – Ideal for sports fans, with MLB, NBA, NFL, and more.

  • Vidgo ($59/month) – My personal favorite legal IPTV service. Low price for over 100 popular channels.

While legal options have fewer channels than IPTV Farm, you benefit from:

  • Reliability – Services are professionally run and unlikely to have streams go down.

  • Video Quality – Legal IPTV services deliver streams in 1080p or 4K resolution in many cases. Illegal IPTV can suffer from compression artifacts and buffering.

  • Device Support – Access legal IPTV apps on all major platforms, not just Firestick and Android.

  • Customer Support – Get help from professional support teams instead of sporadic online chats.

  • DVR Included – Many legal IPTV services now include cloud DVRs to record and rewatch shows.

The overall streaming experience is better with legal options. And you can rest easy knowing your access to the content is 100% authorized and above-board.

Is IPTV Farm Worth Trying? Final Verdict

In the end, whether or not trying IPTV Farm is a good choice comes down to your personal preferences as a cord-cutter:


  • Massive channel selection rivaling cable
  • Inexpensive subscription rates
  • Easy to setup on Firestick and Android devices


  • Questionable legality without content licenses
  • Risk of unexpected service shutdown
  • Mediocre stream quality/reliability

If you want to replicate the cable TV experience as closely as possible and are comfortable with the risks of unlicensed IPTV, then IPTV Farm has definite appeal.

However, for most cord-cutters, I believe verified legal options like YouTube TV and Vidgo are the smarter choice overall.

The decision ultimately lies with you. My goal with this review was to provide an in-depth analysis of IPTV Farm exploring its features, legal status, and alternatives – so you can weigh the pros and cons fully and make an informed decision.

Whichever path you take, be sure to use a VPN for online privacy and security. Happy streaming!


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