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You may have recently come across a site called claiming to offer IPTV subscriptions and streaming media services affiliated with TROYPOINT. Let me be clear – this site is 100% a scam and has no relationship with TROYPOINT despite duplicating our brand identity. Read on to learn more about this fraudulent site and why you should stay far away.

As an experienced cord cutting advisor, I have seen many cases where scam services try to piggyback on the name and reputation of a trusted brand. This technique aims to mislead consumers into believing they are signing up for a legitimate service. Unfortunately, is just one of many imposter sites using this bait-and-switch tactic right now.

The TROYPOINT team has received multiple user reports warning us that has stolen our name, logo, images, and branding without permission. They appear to be enticing users to hand over payment and personal information for supposed IPTV subscriptions powered by TROYPOINT. However, I can confirm without a doubt this is a fraudulent site.

TROYPOINT has never offered any commercial IPTV services before. As many of you know, our site focuses solely on providing tutorials, guides, gear reviews and advice related to cord cutting options. We take pride in educating our community – not selling them questionable streaming products.

In 2021 alone, the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center received over 800,000 complaints related to various online scams resulting in over $6.9 billion in losses. Identity theft and tech support fraud rank among the top scam categories. Unfortunately, sham services like are masters at duping consumers using convincing brand impersonation and fake endorsements.

Let‘s take a closer look at why spells trouble and should be avoided at all costs:

Stealing Brand Identity

The first red flag is how thoroughly clones the TROYPOINT brand. They utilize our exact logo, fonts, images and color schemes to appear credible on the surface. However, TROYPOINT has no official mobile apps, IPTV services, or affiliate programs as claimed on their site. These are outright lies using our brand illegally.

Fake Reviews and Testimonials

The site also features questionable reviews allegedly from satisfied customers. However, the reviewers seem suspiciously enthusiastic and generic. This appears to be a common tactic shady sites use to fabricate credibility. Any positive mentions of "TROYPOINT" IPTV services are false.

Fraudulent Charges

Worse yet, we have received complaints from multiple customers who signed up for services on but never received access. Even more concerning, many reported fraudulent charges, account hacking, and theft of credit card details after handing payment info to this shady provider.

No Customer Support

Additionally, the site provides no working contact details or customer support channels. IPTV users reporting issues were completely unable to reach anyone to resolve problems or cancel services. This lack of support team is typical of fly-by-night scam sites.

Sharing Your Data

Finally, by providing personal and payment information to unverified providers like, you risk identity theft and account hacking. Your data could easily be sold on the dark web or used maliciously without your knowledge.

As you can see, exhibits all the warning signs of an IPTV scam service. They cannot be trusted under any circumstances.

Dangers of Using Unverified IPTV Services

Beyond just, many unverified IPTV providers pose serious risks you should consider:

  • Hidden fees – Shady IPTV providers often lure you in with low introductory pricing only to jack up fees down the road. Reading the fine print typically reveals additional recurring charges.

  • Account suspensions – Underground IPTV services frequently have accounts shut down abruptly due to illegal streams. Don‘t expect reliability or support.

  • Malware risks – Piracy streaming apps or illegal addons may infect your devices with malware, ransomware or other viruses.

  • Data harvesting – Your personal info could be sold to shady third parties or used for targeted scam campaigns.

  • Poor streaming quality – Underground IPTV sources tend to have spotty connections, constant buffering, offline streams and other issues.

Your best bet is to avoid any sketchy, unverified IPTV provider altogether. Using illegal streaming sources can also potentially expose you to civil or criminal penalties. It‘s simply not worth the risks.

How to Avoid IPTV Scams

Here are some tips to steer clear of IPTV scams:

  • Research before subscribing – Thoroughly investigate any new streaming provider to confirm they are legitimate. Search for user reviews and complaints indicating scam warnings.

  • Beware of impersonators – Keep an eye out for copycat sites using the names of trusted brands without permission. This is a common scam tactic.

  • Avoid "too good to be true" deals – Anything heavily discounted or free should raise red flags. Be wary of hot deals that seem fake.

  • Pay with reputable vendors – Never provide direct credit card or bank details to unverified sites. Use intermediaries like PayPal if possible.

  • Check for valid contact information – Legitimate services will have customer service phone numbers, emails, live chat and physical addresses.

  • Use a VPN – A VPN like Surfshark masks your IP address and personal data from prying eyes. Don‘t allow scam sites to harvest your info.

Instead of risking sketchy IPTV providers, I always recommend verified legal services like Vidgo for the safest streaming experience.

Vidgo provides over 150 popular live TV channels, unlimited cloud DVR storage, multi-stream support and more for just $10/month. With rock-solid apps on all major platforms, you can enjoy stable live TV streaming without any contracts or hidden fees. Vidgo keeps your data safe and private while delivering exceptional value.

Give Vidgo a shot using the link below and avoid any potential IPTV scams altogether:

Vidgo Official Site

I hope this breakdown has helped explain exactly why is a scam IPTV provider that should be avoided completely. Never hand your personal or payment details to unverified sites – it‘s simply too risky. Stick with reputable solutions like Vidgo for your live TV streaming needs. Stay safe out there!


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