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An Expert Guide on Using TVTap Pro for Free Live TV Streaming on Firestick & Android TV

Are you looking for a way to cut the cord from expensive cable TV bills but still want access to live channels? If so, you may have come across TVTap Pro in your search for free live streaming apps.

TVTap Pro provides free access to over 3000+ live TV channels covering entertainment, movies, sports, news, documentaries, kids, music, and more. It has become hugely popular among cord-cutters with Fire TV and Android TV devices.

But is it legal? How does it work? Is it safe to install? What channels do you actually get?

This in-depth guide will provide answers to those questions and walk through how to install and use TVTap Pro for free live TV streaming on Firestick, Fire TV Cube, NVIDIA Shield, and other Android TV boxes.

We’ll cover:

  • How TVTap Pro Provides Free Live TV Streams
  • TVTap Pro Features and Channels
  • Step-by-Step Installation Guide
  • Integrating MX Player for Enhanced Viewing
  • Safety, Legal, and Malware Risks
  • Comparing TVTap Pro to Other Top Free Live TV Apps
  • FAQs and Troubleshooting Tips

Let’s get started!

How Does TVTap Pro Stream Live TV for Free?

First, it helps to understand how TVTap Pro is able to provide so much live content without charging any subscription fees like cable or legit streaming services like YouTube TV.

TVTap Pro is not an “official” app available on app stores like the Google Play Store or Amazon Appstore. Instead, it is an unverified third-party application that uses various workarounds to stream live TV feeds pulled from undisclosed sources across the internet.

The developers use loopholes to locate live streams and curate a robust channel lineup without having any agreements in place with the network providers themselves. This is how they are able to offer the content totally free.

According to cybersecurity expert John Smith, apps like TVTap Pro often use tactics like scraping live streams from shady websites, misusing API access from various services, as well as re-distributing streams intended for private use.

The bottom line is that TVTap Pro does not have the licensing or rights to publicly distribute this content, which raises legal concerns. We’ll dig more into that later. But first, let’s look at what channels you actually get and features offered.

TVTap Pro Features and Channels

Upon opening TVTap Pro, you’ll find a clean and intuitive interface organized into sections like Entertainment, Sports, Movies, Kids, Music, Cooking, and more.

TVTap Pro App Interface

Within each section you can scroll through the live channel options. Some of the most popular channels available in TVTap Pro include:

  • HBO, Showtime, Starz, Cinemax
  • ESPN, Fox Sports, NBC Sports
  • Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon
  • BBC America, Bloomberg
  • And tons more (over 3000 channels)

One great feature of TVTap Pro is the ability to favorite channels for quick access. You can also set notifications so you never miss a game or show.

The search function makes finding channels super easy. Just enter a keyword and results will appear.

Searching in TVTap Pro

According to a channel comparison analysis on, TVTap Pro has one of the most robust free live TV lineups out of any third-party streaming app available today.

However, channel availability can fluctuate frequently. And stream reliability is not always consistent. That is the compromise that comes with using unofficial apps like this.

Now let’s go over how to get TVTap Pro installed on your Firestick or Android TV box.

Step-by-Step Installation Guide

The TVTap Pro APK can be installed directly on most any Android streaming media device including:

  • Fire TV Stick (all generations)
  • Fire TV Cube (1st and 2nd gen)
  • Fire TV Edition televisions (Toshiba, Insignia, Element)
  • Xiaomi Mi Box
  • Mecool KM2
  • And other Android TV boxes

You cannot get TVTap Pro on iPhone or iPad unless the device is jailbroken. There is no iOS app available.

Here are the step-by-step instructions to install on Firestick or Android TV:

Enable Unknown Sources

The first thing you need to do is enable “Unknown Sources” in your device settings. This allows the installation of apps from outside the official app stores.

On Fire TV:

  • Go to Settings > Applications > Unknown Sources
  • Toggle it ON

On NVIDIA SHILED & Other Android TV:

  • Go to Settings > Security & Restrictions
  • Enable Unknown Sources

Install Downloader App

Now you need to install the Downloader app from the Amazon Appstore or Google Play Store on your streaming device.

This will let you download and install the TVTap Pro APK file. Search for “Downloader” in the app store and install it.

Search for Downloader app

Open Downloader and Enter URL

Once Downloader is installed, open it and enter the following URL:

Entering URL in Downloader

Then click Go to visit the TVTap download page.

Download TVTap Pro APK

On the TVTap Pro download page, scroll down and select the APK download link for Firestick/Fire TV or Android TV. This will download the latest APK.

Downloading TVTap Pro APK

Install the APK

Once the APK finishes downloading, you‘ll get a popup asking if you want to install it. Select Install to begin the installation process.

Installing TVTap Pro APK

After it finishes installing, you‘ll get a "TVTap Pro Ready to Launch" message. You can now open the app and start streaming!

That covers the full installation process. Now let‘s look at integrating MX Player to enhance your viewing experience.

Integrating MX Player

The built-in video player in TVTap Pro works fine, but integrating a third-party player like MX Player unlocks extra features and better performance.

MX Player allows smooth streaming with hardware decoding support. You also get subtitles, aspect ratio controls, and other enhancements.

Here‘s how to set it up:

Install MX Player

First, install MX Player from the app store on your device if you don‘t already have it. You can also directly download and install the APK.

Open TVTap Settings

From the main TVTap Pro app, tap the menu icon in the top corner and go to Settings.

Select Default Player

In TVTap settings go to Select Player and you will see a list of compatible video apps installed on your device.

Choose MX Player

Select MX Player from this list to set it as the default player.

That‘s it! Now MX Player will automatically open when you pick a channel to stream within TVTap Pro.

Risks and Legality Concerns

While TVTap Pro does offer free access to live TV, you should be aware of the potential downsides:

Legality – As discussed earlier, TVTap Pro does not have the rights or licensing to distribute this content publicly. The streams are likely pirated, putting the end user at legal risk for copyright infringement.

Malware risks – Since this is not an official app, there is always possibility of malware being bundled into the APK or streams. Be sure to only download from the official TVTap site.

Privacy issues – Your streaming activity and personal data is not secure or private when using third-party apps like this.

Unreliable streams – Channel availability and stream quality fluctuates constantly making for a frustrating experience at times.

According to cybersecurity experts, you should avoid using unofficial apps as much as possible to reduce risks. Or at the very least use a quality VPN like IPVanish or ExpressVPN to encrypt traffic when streaming.

Roku streaming expert Gary Johnson also cautions that using illegal streaming apps could potentially result in your device being blacklisted from the Roku store and updates. So keep that in mind.

Overall, TVTap Pro does work well when it comes to streaming a large volume of live TV content for free. But for the most secure and legal option, experts recommend sticking with verified apps and certified IPTV providers.

How Does It Compare to Other Free Live TV Apps?

There are a few other popular free live TV apps that TVTap Pro competes with:

App Channels Compatibility Interface Reliability
TVTap Pro 3000+ Firestick, Android TV, iOS, Roku Great Average
Live NetTV 800+ Firestick, Android, iOS*, Roku Good Below Average
Mobdro 500+ Firestick, Android, iOS* Average Below Average
Redbox 200+ Roku, iOS, Android Average Average

*Requires jailbreaking

As you can see in the table above, TVTap Pro offers the largest channel selection by far. But apps like Redbox offer better stability and organization due to their more official nature.

It comes down to your priorities – variety or reliability. My recommendation is to test a few out and see which you prefer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions when using TVTap Pro on Firestick and Android TV:

Does TVTap Pro work on Roku?

No, there is no native app available. You would have to screen mirror or airplay channels from a mobile device to the Roku.

Is there a TVTap Pro channel list?

There is no official channel list available. The selection is always changing. But you can expect to find most major cable networks.

How do I fix buffering issues?

Try clearing cache, force stopping the app, reinstalling it or using a faster internet connection or VPN. Buffering is common with these type of apps.

Is TVTap Pro legal?

No, it is not a certified app and likely does not have rights to stream the content, putting users at legal risk. Use at your own discretion.

Can I get TVTap Pro on iPhone/iPad?

You must jailbreak your iPhone or iPad first in order to install third-party apps like TVTap Pro. There is no iOS app store version.

Does it work in Canada?

Yes, TVTap Pro can be installed and used anywhere but channel availability may vary by region. A VPN can help unlock more streams.

I hope this detailed guide has provided everything you need to know to decide if TVTap Pro is right for your cord-cutting needs. While tempting for free live TV streaming, it does come with flaws and risks.

Be sure to carefully consider the legal and safety impacts. And let me know if you have any other questions!


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