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How to Use Stremio

There are many media organizers you can find on the internet, but not all deliver the best experience.

Many users head to Kodi as this delivers one of the best ways to access vast amounts of streaming media content.

One that stands out is Stremio, and since the Kodi add-on Terrarium TV was shut down, they saw Stremio as an alternative, and to the open source media center of Kodi.

We will look at this Kodi alternative and see how well it does, and how you can use it to watch all your favorite movies and TV shows.

What is Stremio?

Stremio is a media player that runs online in the same manner as Netflix. This streaming service delivers all the latest VOD content to one place.

While not being open source, Stremio can still use third-party add-ons, but with this service, they are not installed directly on the user’s device.

You will install these to your account, which in a way is good, while at the same time, it can be seen as a bad thing.

Stremio doesn’t install on TV’s but with the apps for iOS and Android, you can cast it using Chromecast, Apple TV or when using the DLNA protocol.

When you want to download Stremio, you have limited options and it only works on a few operating systems.

These comprise Windows, MacOS, Linux and for Android, so you can install it to any Android devices including Android TV.

Games consoles will need to use the browser software unless they are Android based like the Nvidia Shield.

Using Stremio

One feature you can use with Stremio is streaming your content from any device and then switching to another.

The service also allows you to import content from all your DVD’s and Blu- rays or from your hard disk.

All this is then accessible no matter where you are, and you have full access to your media library. Once all this has been imported, you can access it from any device on your network, but there is one downside of this.

For both stored content, and any content you can access through the add-ons, there is no parental control. This means children can easily access mature content.

Another cool feature is you can use mobile devices as remote controls. So long as your mobile device is on your home network and the same as your computer, you can click the gear icon and scan the QR code.

From here, it takes you to another site where you have full control of the app installing nothing to your tablet or smartphone.

Other features include synchronization with Trakt account and the Stremio calendar. You can watch movies or shows, which are automatically scheduled. This also shows the days when these programs will be airing.

Use Stremio with a VPN

With all good things, there must be some downsides, and as soon as you make a Stremio download, you are leaving yourself at risk for several reasons.

The first thing is if you use the website of Stremio to view any content, your ISP can see this. If you use any third-party add-ons, these will deliver media files, which are copyright, protected.

With regular use, and data retention commonplace by ISP’s they can build up quite an amount of user activity of what you are watching and accessing.

Next up, the Stremio service use Bit Torrent as its protocol. When you use this, your IP address is broadcast publicly.

Outside organizations and your ISP see what you are streaming. Users who stream content with Stremio may face threatening letters at some course of using the service.

While these are bad, enough in their own right, and the only way you can stop this is by using a VPN. Stremio itself isn’t as good a service for their users as they make out.

Any users should go through the terms of service. The company indicates they will harvest user data, and may transfer this to third parties.

These in most cases are commercial partners who make use of this for direct marketing. This means you can receive targeted ads.

They may pass on this information to any other party who has an interest, most times, this being governing bodies or agencies in the fight against piracy.

Setting Up Stremio Anonymously

If you are okay with these risks, here are the simple steps to sign-up and set-up Stremio anonymously using a VPN.

  1. Install a VPN on your computer to receive full anonymity
  2. Install Stremio on your computer
  3. Create a free secure email account to sign-up to Stremio
  4. Register with Stremio using your burner email address
  5. Install any third-party add-ons you wish
  6. Install the Stremio app to other compatible devices

Before using Stremio, all users should have a good VPN installed. This way they can avoid any detection, and no one will pass on your data to any third party. Even an ISP won’t know you are streaming from Stremio.


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