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How to Install Multiple Kodi Builds on Firestick/Android in 2022 (Cool Trick)

Do you wish you could expand your Kodi streaming setup with more builds and addons? Are you itching to try different customized interfaces and features beyond just a single build? Well, I‘ve got good news for you – you absolutely can install and run multiple Kodi builds on devices like the Firestick 4K and NVIDIA Shield!

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll explain:

  • The benefits of having multiple builds
  • Step-by-step installation of a second Kodi fork
  • Choosing the right additional builds for you
  • Troubleshooting tips for a smooth multi-build setup
  • Answers to frequently asked questions

So let‘s get right to it and unlock the full potential of a multi-build configuration for your entertainment needs!

Why Use Multiple Kodi Builds?

Here are some of the biggest advantages you gain by setting up different Kodi builds on the same device:

More Addons and Content

With multiple builds, you can expand your access to a much wider library of addons and streaming sources. Most builds include unique addons not found in other builds. For instance, the Xenon Build has addons like Quasar and Rising Tides, while the No Limits Magic Build has ones like Limitless and Ghost.

Having more builds essentially gives you more content!

Personalization for Different Users

Builds allow you to create personalized setups for different people using your Kodi device. You can make one build just for kids with parental controls, another for sports fanatics loaded with sports addons, a 4K focused build for home theater experience and so on. The options are endless when you can customize multiple builds tailored to users‘ interests!

Testing New Options Risk-Free

Trying out new builds is super easy when you have multiple installed. If you don‘t end up liking a new build you‘re testing, you can simply switch back to your original setup that‘s still there! This takes the risk out of experimenting with new Kodi builds.

Separation of Content Types

Having niche focuses spread across builds keeps your content neatly organized. For instance, you may want to keep your fitness and cooking content separate from your main entertainment build. Multiple builds allows you to compartmentalize things this way.

Specialization for Different Content

Many Kodi builds are designed with specific types of content in mind, like regional channels, sports, PPV events etc. With multiple builds, you can take advantage of specialized builds for India/UK/Canada channels, live sports, wrestling PPV, and much more without being limited to one build.

Fallback and Backup

In the unlikely case that your primary build crashes or has issues, your secondary build on a Kodi fork acts as a great backup option so your Kodi device never goes down! You can instantly switch to another working build.

Enjoy New Features and Skins

Every Kodi build brings something unique to the table – whether it‘s the skin customization, homescreen layouts, widgets or just the overall UI experience. With multiple builds, you can play around with a variety of new features that builds offer.

As you can see, having the ability to install more than one build opens up a ton of possibilities to enhance and customize your Kodi setup! Now let‘s look at how to actually set this up.

Installing a Second Kodi Build from Scratch

The process involves first installing a Kodi "fork" like SPMC or Kodi Krypton, and then adding your secondary build to the fork. Here is a step-by-step visual guide:

Step 1: Install a Kodi Fork like SPMC

Forks allow you to run an alternate version of Kodi on your device. Go to the Downloader app on Firestick and enter this URL to grab the SPMC APK:

![SPMC Download in Downloader][image2]

Once downloaded, select "Install" to get SPMC added to your Firestick/Android TV Box apps.

![Install SPMC on Firestick][image3]

SPMC will now appear as a separate app alongside the default Kodi app on your home screen.

Step 2: Install Desired Build on the Kodi Fork

Now the fun part begins…time to install a new Kodi build! For this example, we‘ll set up the supremely popular No Limits Magic Build on SPMC.

Here are the steps to install it:

  1. Launch SPMC and go to File Manager > Add Source
  2. Enter this source URL:
  3. Go back to Home Screen > Add-ons > Install from Zip
  4. Select the source you just added >
  5. Wait for the No Limits Magic repo installation notification
  6. Install the NL Magic build zip file from this repository

And voila! You‘ll now have a sparkling new Kodi build running on the SPMC fork, while still retaining your original setup on the default Kodi app. Rinse and repeat the fork installation process to add even more builds.

Choosing the Right Additional Kodi Builds

With hundreds of builds out there catering to all kinds of interests and needs, how do you pick the best ones to install? Let‘s look at some key factors to consider when selecting additional builds:

Storage Space

Many Kodi builds range from 300MB on the lighter side up to 1GB for heavy builds loaded with tons of addons and features. So the available storage space on your device is important to factor.

Here are some benchmarks to guide you:

  • Fire TV Stick 1st and 2nd Gen: Go with smaller builds < 500MB
  • Fire TV 4K and Cube: Can fit 2-3 larger builds < 1GB
  • NVIDIA Shield: Easily handle 5+ builds with expanded storage

Build Size

As mentioned above, build size matters especially on low storage devices like the Firestick. Some recommendations:

  • Light builds: Misfit Mods, Titanium, Streamline Xavier
  • Medium builds: Xenon, The Oath, Supremacy
  • Heavy builds: No Limits Magic, Midian, Tantrum

Keep your device‘s storage in mind when choosing build sizes.

Required Features

Evaluate what features matter most – addons, skin customization, menu layouts etc. Pick builds that have the functionality you need.

For instance, UltraHD builds like Atom Reborn or Blue Magic focus on crisp 4K streams. Sports builds like Supremacy provide tons of reliable sports addons. Kids builds like Kids Zone have parental controls. Select builds tailored to the features you need.

Build Focus Area

In addition to features, consider the niche or focus area of builds like:

  • General entertainment
  • Live TV
  • Sports
  • Movies
  • Kids
  • Regional
  • Gaming

Choose specialized builds that align with your interests, region, or device usage profile (family, personal etc.)

New vs Popular Builds

Newer builds have the latest features and addons but can have some bugs initially. Popular builds are more tried and tested. Find the right balance for your needs.

Here are some recommended picks that check most of the boxes we just covered:

Build Name Size Focus Key Features
[No Limits Magic] Heavy General entertainment Massive addon selection, beautifully designed skins
[Xenon] Medium Movies and TV shows Solid all-round build from popular developer
[Misfit Mods Lite] Light General entertainment Smaller sized build great for older devices
[Supremacy] Medium Sports Excellent live sports and UK/International content
[Atom Reborn] Medium Kids and family Kid friendly skin, parental controls and locks

Match your device storage, niche needs and other criteria to the build specs in this table to arrive at the best options for your streaming setup.

Now that you know how to install multiple builds and pick the right ones, let‘s go over some troubleshooting tips for a smooth multi-build experience.

Troubleshooting Guide for Multi-Build Setups

Here are some common issues you may face after setting up multiple Kodi builds and how to resolve them:

Builds Not Installing

If you face errors while trying to install a build on the Kodi fork, first enable "Unknown Sources" in both the fork and default Kodi app settings. This allows installation from unofficial repositories.

Also double check that the repository URL was entered correctly without any typos.

Kodi Won‘t Open After Installing Builds

Sometimes the additional builds and forks can conflict with the default Kodi app, leading to crashes on launch.

Try uninstalling/factory resetting the problematic build fork (don‘t reset your main one!). Also clear cache and packages in the Settings of each application. Reinstall builds from scratch if needed.

Addons Not Working or Missing in Builds

For addons to remain functional, enable Notifications in the addon settings of each build. This prompts you to update addons when new versions are available.

Periodically open the Add-ons section in your builds and manually check for addon updates by selecting the available ones and installing them. This keeps your builds‘ addons working smoothly.

Builds Resetting or Crashing Frequently

If you notice builds resetting to default view or frequently crashing, insufficient storage space could be the culprit.

Heavy builds require breathing room in storage capacity to run properly. Try uninstalling some apps on your device or deleting packages in the Kodi Settings to free up space.

Reinstall builds if crashes persist. Avoid installing too many heavy builds on low storage devices.

For troubleshooting any other issues not listed here, feel free to reach out in the comments section below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about installing and managing multiple Kodi builds:

How many builds can I install on a single device?

This primarily depends on the storage capacity of your streaming device:

  • Firestick/Fire TV: 2-3 builds
  • NVIDIA Shield 16GB: 4-5 builds
  • NVIDIA Shield 500GB: 6-8 builds

Of course, you can stretch these limits by being selective of lighter builds.

How do I switch between different installed builds?

Launching the Kodi fork app like SPMC opens your secondary build installed on it.

Your primary build remains on the default Kodi app which you can open separately. No other special steps required to swap builds!

How do I update Kodi builds if I have multiple installed?

Enable auto-update in the Settings of each individual build. Also periodically check for updates manually in the Add-ons section of every build and install any available ones.

Can I copy my main build to another device/fork?

Unfortunately, you cannot directly copy or backup builds between devices or forks. You will need to reinstall the build from scratch on the new location. Your custom settings andwatched status will not transfer either.

What devices allow installing multiple builds?

You can install multiple Kodi builds on almost all devices like Firestick, Fire TV Cube, NVIDIA Shield, 4K TVs with Android OS, Windows/Mac PCs, smartphones and more.

The process may vary a bit across devices but the concept remains the same. Avoid low powered devices like 1st gen Firestick though.

And that wraps up this detailed guide on livening up your entertainment center with multiple Kodi builds! With the ability to install several tailored builds for your needs, the streaming possibilities are truly endless.

Let me know if you have any other questions in the comments below. Go ahead and unlock the full potential of Kodi by setting up a multi-build configuration on your device right now!


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