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How to Install Infusion Kodi Build on Firestick, Fire TV, and Android TV Box

If you‘re looking to install the popular Infusion build on your Firestick, Fire TV, or Android TV box, you‘ve come to the right place. This detailed guide will walk you through the entire installation process step-by-step.

I‘ll provide everything you need to know to get Infusion up and running, from downloading the repository to configuring the interface. You‘ll be streaming movies, shows, live TV, and more in no time!

Here‘s what we‘ll cover:

  • What is the Infusion Kodi Build?
  • Is Infusion Safe to Install?
  • Detailed Installation Instructions
  • Navigating the Infusion Interface
  • Infusion‘s Best Add-ons and Features
  • Legal and Security Tips for Streaming
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Let‘s start by understanding exactly what this Kodi build is all about.

What is the Infusion Kodi Build?

Infusion is one of the most popular third-party builds available for Kodi, the open-source media center software. Kodi allows you to aggregate various streaming sources into one easy-to-use interface.

Builds take that functionality even further by bundling together repositories, add-ons, and custom skins to deliver a complete streaming ecosystem out of the box.

According to the Kodi wiki, there are over 1000 different builds available. But Infusion stands out for its simplicity and breadth of content options.

The Infusion interface uses a slick custom skin for smooth navigation between menus like Movies, TV Shows, Sports, Apps, Live TV, and more.

It also comes pre-loaded with tons of great video add-ons like Seren, The Crew, Numbers, YouTube, and many others we‘ll detail shortly.

Kodi usage has exploded in recent years. A [TechRadar report](– british-homes-now-have-a-streaming-service) found that over 22 million UK homes have Kodi installed. And Sandvine data showed Kodi accounting for 6.8% of total downstream traffic on fixed access networks.

With its flexibility and customization, it‘s easy to see the appeal of Kodi for cord-cutters looking to consolidate streaming options. And the Infusion build delivers everything you need for the ultimate entertainment experience.

Now let‘s go over some key factors to consider before installing Infusion.

Is Infusion Safe to Install?

When dealing with third-party software like Kodi builds, it‘s smart to do some due diligence on safety first. Since these aren‘t official add-ons approved by the Kodi foundation, you have to be cautious.

The good news is that Infusion comes from a legitimate developer – Cellar Door TV. They host the build on their official repository:

I always recommend scanning any third-party Kodi repository with a tool like VirusTotal before installing. This allows you to check the URL for anything malicious.

Here are the VirusTotal scan results for the Cellar Door TV repository:


You can see that 0 out of 70 malware engines detected anything dangerous. This suggests the Infusion repository itself is safe and doesn‘t contain any obvious threats.

However, Kodi builds do carry inherent privacy and security risks since they provide access to unverified third-party addons and streaming sources.

To mitigate these risks, I strongly advise using a VPN like [Top Recommended VPN] anytime you stream or download content through Kodi builds like Infusion.

A quality VPN provides an encrypted tunnel to hide your traffic and IP address from your ISP, government, copyright enforcers, and anyone else snooping on your connection.

Here‘s a tutorial on how to install and configure a VPN on a Firestick or Android TV box:


With those preparations complete, you can install Infusion itself safely and securely. So let‘s dive into the installation process next.

Detailed Infusion Installation Instructions

One of the great things about Infusion is how simple it is to install. By following these steps, you‘ll have it up and running in just a few minutes:

  1. Launch Kodi on your device

  2. Click the settings icon (cog wheel)

  3. Go to System > Add-ons

  4. Enable "Unknown Sources"

  5. Select Yes on the warning prompt

  6. Return to the System menu and open File Manager

  7. Click "Add source" and enter:

  8. Name the source "infusion" and click OK

  9. Go back to Add-ons and choose "Install from zip file"

  10. Select the "infusion" source you just added

  11. Install from the repository

  12. Once installed, go to Install from Repository > CellarDoorTV Repo > Program addons

  13. Select the "CDTV Wizard" and install

  14. Open the CDTV Wizard addon, go to Builds and choose Infusion

  15. Click to install Infusion from the file list

  16. Be patient as the build downloads and extracts

  17. Force close Kodi and relaunch – Enjoy Infusion!

The entire process should only take about 5-10 minutes depending on your internet speed.

After launching the reloaded Kodi, give Infusion a minute or two to fully initialize and populate all of its menus and content.

Now let‘s explore everything this excellent build has to offer.

Navigating The Infusion Interface and Add-ons

The Infusion build uses a custom skin for smooth navigation between different sections dedicated to Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Apps, Sports, Music, and more.

Here‘s an overview of the main menus and what you‘ll find inside:

Movies – This menu provides access to addons like Numbers and Seren for finding and playing movies. You‘ll get tons of on-demand streaming options.


TV Shows – Find addons like Seren, The Crew, and Tempest in this section for streaming your favorite shows and series.


Live TV – Here you can access live TV addons like USTVGO, Mobdro, LiveNetTV, and more. Use these for news, sports, and other live programming.


Sports – This menu includes sports specific addons such as Rising Tides and Sports Devil for streaming matches and events.


Apps – Get access to utility addons like a speed test tool, web browser, file manager, and app installer in this section.


Music – Find addons for streaming music content from sources like YouTube and radio stations here.


Playlists – This menu contains playlists of video content from various addons aggregated together for each genre.


Favorites – Quickly access your favorite movies, shows, live channels, and other content that you bookmark.


The Infusion skin makes navigating these menus completely seamless. And there are tons of great addons included right out of the box.

Some of the best video add-ons packed into Infusion include:

  • Numbers – Great for on-demand movies and shows. Scrapes multiple link sources.
  • Seren – Pulls links from torrent sites. Requires Real-Debrid for best results.
  • The Crew – Movies, TV shows, sports, live TV, and more.
  • YouTube – Official YouTube add-on for viewing videos and content.
  • Tempest – Large catalog of movies and TV shows.
  • Shadow – Another Exodus fork focused on movies and TV.

Infusion really has something for everyone. But remember – you are solely responsible for what content you access. More on that next.

Legal and Security Concerns with Infusion

Now that you know how to install Infusion and navigate its many streaming options, let‘s discuss some important legal and security considerations.

Since Infusion is not an official Kodi build, the legality depends on what content you ultimately access. Streaming something you own or is freely available in the public domain is completely legal.

However, some of the addons pull unlicensed streams from dubious sources. Accessing pirated copyrighted content is illegal. While Kodi itself is perfectly legal, some builds cross the line – so use proper judgment.

A key way to stay safe is using a VPN like [Top Recommended VPN] to protect your streaming activity. This prevents snooping by your ISP, government, copyright trolls, and others.

The VPN allows you to safely and anonymously stream free public domain content. But avoid anything that seems pirated to stay on the right side of the law.

For the best, fully legal live TV streaming, I suggest using a dedicated IPTV service instead of questionable Kodi addons. Check out my guide to the [Best IPTV Services] to compare your options.

I hope these legal and security tips help you safely enjoy all of the entertainment options the Infusion build provides. Now let‘s wrap up with some common questions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Infusion Kodi Build

What is the Infusion Kodi build?

Infusion is a third-party Kodi build that packages together repositories, addons, and a custom interface for easy streaming access.

Is the Infusion build safe to install?

Infusion itself does not contain malware but use caution with unverified third-party Kodi addons. A VPN is highly recommended.

How do I install Infusion on Firestick/Fire TV?

Follow the step-by-step guide earlier in this article to add the repository and install on any Firestick or Fire TV device.

Is Infusion legal to use?

The build itself is legal but may provide access to pirated streams. Be responsible and avoid illegal copyrighted content.

What Kodi addons come with Infusion build?

Some of the top addons in Infusion include Numbers, Seren, The Crew, YouTube, Tempest, and Shadow. It has dozens of great options.

Is Infusion build good for live TV?

Dedicated IPTV services will provide a better live TV experience. But Infusion does include some live TV addons like USTVGO and Mobdro.

And that wraps up this detailed guide on installing and using the excellent Infusion Kodi build! I hope you found this walkthrough helpful for getting Infusion configured on your streaming device.

Take your time navigating the interface and addons to find all sorts of great movies, shows, live content, and more. Just be smart and safe with what you access. A quality VPN goes a long way!

Let me know if you have any other questions down in the comments! I‘m always happy to help fellow cord-cutters. Enjoy Infusion!


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