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HUTV Review – Over 12,000 Live Channels for $15/Month

Are you looking for an affordable live TV streaming service with tons of channel options? If so, HUTV may be exactly what you need.

HUTV provides access to over 12,000 live channels for just $15 per month. That‘s one of the most extensive channel lineups among IPTV services, and at an incredibly low price.

But how does the HUTV experience stack up? Is it easy to use across devices? Are the streams high quality? Is it even legal?

You probably have a lot of questions about HUTV, and rightly so. Finding the right IPTV service for your needs requires research.

Well you‘re in luck, because in this comprehensive HUTV review, I‘ll be answering all of those key questions and many more.

By the end, you‘ll have all the details to determine if HUTV is the right IPTV option for your household. Let‘s get started!

What Exactly is HUTV? A Quick IPTV Explainer

Before we dive into the specifics around HUTV, let‘s make sure we‘re all on the same page about what an IPTV service actually is.

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. Essentially, it involves streaming live TV channels over the internet instead of through traditional cable or satellite providers.

With IPTV services like HUTV, you can access tons of live channels by simply installing an app and signing up for a subscription. No contracts or equipment rentals required.

An IPTV provider will supply streams for all of the most popular cable channels across categories like entertainment, movies, sports, news, kids, and more.

Many IPTV services also offer video on demand libraries with 1000s of movies and shows available instantly.

Now that you understand the basics of how IPTV works, let‘s get into the specifics around HUTV and what sets them apart.

Introducing HUTV IPTV

HUTV provides over 12,000 live channels for only $15 per month. That‘s one of the largest channel lineups among any IPTV service.

They offer extensive options across entertainment, sports, movies, news, documentaries, music, kids, international, and more.

HUTV also includes premium channels, PPV events, and adult content for additional fees. There‘s always tons of new movies and shows being added to the on demand library as well.

Here‘s a quick overview of some of the core features HUTV offers:

  • Over 12,000 live channels for $15/month
  • Apps for Firestick, Android TV, iOS, computers, and more
  • HD quality streams
  • Video on Demand library
  • Electronic Program Guide
  • Multiple simultaneous connections
  • Catch up and playback controls
  • Favorites manager
  • VPN friendly with no IP restrictions
  • 24 hour free trial

HUTV provides a very robust overall streaming package considering the low monthly price. Let‘s explore more details around their channel lineup and pricing options.

Inside the HUTV Channel Lineup

With over 12,000 channels available from HUTV, you‘ll have endless options when it comes to finding something to watch. The lineup includes both standard cable networks as well as more obscure international channels.

Here‘s a high level look at some of the main channel categories included:

Entertainment – A&E, AMC, BET, Bravo, Comedy Central, Discovery, Disney, E!, FX, Hallmark, HGTV, MTV, TBS, TLC, VH1, plus hundreds more major cable networks.

Sports – ESPN, Fox Sports, NFL RedZone, MLB TV, NBA TV, NHL Network, PPV events, individual team channels, and international sports.

News – CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, BBC, Bloomberg, Cheddar, Newsy, Al Jazeera, Euronews and more top national and global news networks.

Movies – AMC, IFC, TCM, TNT, Starz, HBO, Showtime, Cinemax and other top movie channels and services.

International Content – Hundreds of channels from India, Philippines, Latin America, Germany, Italy, Arabia, Africa, Vietnam, Korea and other regions around the world.

Documentaries – Discovery, History, CuriosityStream, Science Channel and other top docu-series networks.

Music – MTV, online radio stations, Vevo, California Music Channel, Retro Music TV, and other music video and listening options.

Kids – Nickelodeon, Disney, Cartoon Network, BabyTV, PBS Kids, and all other major children‘s entertainment brands.

And much more across categories like horror, comedy, classics, outdoors, pets, esports, shopping, religion, and various special interest channels.

HUTV really does offer an incredibly wide variety channel lineup suitable for the whole family.

Now let‘s explore the pricing and subscription options available.

HUTV Pricing Breakdown

One of the best aspects of HUTV is the affordable pricing. While the channel lineup is robust, the monthly rates are very reasonable.

HUTV offers a few different subscription options:

  • 1 Month – $15 per month. 12,000+ channels plus VOD. 1 connection.

  • 3 Months – $40 total. 12,000+ channels plus VOD. 1 connection.

  • 6 Months – $65 total. 12,000+ channels plus VOD. 1 connection.

  • 12 Months – $100 total. 12,000+ channels plus VOD. 1 connection.

The base packages include 1 simultaneous stream. But you can add extra connections for family or friends during checkout starting at just $5 per additional device.

HUTV accepts major credit cards, PayPal, and crypto for payments. Be sure to use anonymous payment methods to better protect your privacy when signing up for any IPTV service.

While the longer 3, 6, and 12 month subscription terms offer discounts, I recommend starting with a 1 month plan. That way if any issues come up, you can easily cancel without losing much money. Paying month-to-month gives you the most flexibility.

Now let‘s explore some important questions around safety and legality when using services like HUTV.

Is HUTV Safe and Legal to Use?

Whenever reviewing an IPTV service, I know many readers have understandable concerns around safety and legality. Here‘s a transparent look at both topics:

Is HUTV Safe?

I scanned the HUTV website through services like VirusTotal and it came back clean without any malware threats. However, it‘s still smart take precautions like using a VPN and antivirus when streaming. More on privacy tools later.

Is HUTV Legal?

The legality of services like HUTV is nuanced. Streaming copyrighted content through unofficial apps is technically illegal. But the odds of individual users facing consequences are very low. Just be aware of the risks when using unauthorized IPTV streams.

My advice is to take reasonable steps to enhance your privacy and security like using a VPN. That helps keep your identity private from your ISP, government agencies, and copyright enforcers. We‘ll cover more details on streaming safely coming up.

What Devices Work With HUTV?

One of the best aspects of HUTV is broad device support. The service works across phones, tablets, streaming platforms, computers, and more.

Here are some of the most popular devices compatible with HUTV:

  • Fire TV Stick and Fire TV – HUTV can be sideloaded on Firestick, Fire TV Cube, and other Fire OS devices. Setup instructions provided during signup.

  • Android TV/Box – Directly install HUTV on NVIDIA Shield, Xiaomi Mi Box, Chromecast with Google TV and other Android TV devices.

  • iPhone and iPad – Apple users can install the web-based HTML5 version of the HUTV app.

  • Android Mobile Devices – HUTV is available on Android smartphones and tablets running version 5.0 or higher.

  • Computers – Watch through the HUTV web app on Windows and Mac computers or use the IPTV Smarters app.

  • Smart TVs – Select models from Samsung, LG, Sony, and other brands allow sideloading IPTV apps like HUTV.

  • IPTV Players – Apps like Tivimate, Smarters IPTV, Perfect Player, GSE IPTV and more enable HUTV access across multiple device types.

With so many options, you can enjoy HUTV streams on pretty much any phone, tablet, computer, streaming stick, smart TV, or other device you own.

Key Features and User Experience

Beyond just the core channel lineup, HUTV includes several features and tools that enhance the overall streaming experience:

Stream Quality – The majority of channels stream in crisp, crystal clear HD quality. This rivals the visual fidelity you‘d expect from cable or satellite.

Cloud DVR – Record and save your favorite shows to watch later. HUTV Cloud DVR storage lets you build a catalog of recorded content.

On Demand Library – Instantly stream 1000s of hit movies, classic films and last season‘s TV shows on demand commercial-free.

Favorites – Easily bookmark preferred channels for quick access rather than sorting through 12,000+ options.

Multiple Languages – Change the default language across channels and the HUTV interface to options like English, Spanish, French, Arabic, German and more.

Stream Controls – Pause, rewind, and playback live programming up to 24 hours after airing thanks to catch up functionality.

External Players – For advanced users, HUTV allows passing streams to media players like VLC for enhanced performance and flexibility.

Account Sharing – Stream simultaneously across multiple devices all under a single HUTV account for seamless TV viewing.

24/7 Support – Get quick assistance via email, chat or Discord for any issues with channel playback, app performance, or account management.

HUTV hits all of the key areas when it comes to features and overall user experience. Next let‘s go over some best practices for privacy and security when streaming.

Using a VPN for Privacy and Security

My number one recommendation when using any streaming IPTV service is to connect through a trusted VPN (Virtual Private Network).

A quality VPN like ExpressVPN or NordVPN provides critical benefits:

  • Hide Identity – Masks your IP address, location, and online activity from your ISP, government, and copyright agencies.

  • Enhanced Security – Encrypts data and adds a layer of protection against hackers when on public WiFi or streaming.

  • Bypass Geo-Restrictions – Allows accessing region-locked content by routing traffic through international VPN servers.

  • Avoid Throttling – Prevents ISP from detecting streaming activity and intentionally slowing your internet speeds.

Using a reputable VPN is recommended even if HUTV works without one. It provides vital online protection for all browsing and streaming activities.

I personally use both ExpressVPN and NordVPN depending on which has the best current promo discount. Both work flawlessly with HUTV and all IPTV services.

Now let‘s summarize the main pros and cons of choosing HUTV.

HUTV Pros and Cons

Here‘s a quick rundown of the core advantages and disadvantages to consider with the HUTV IPTV service:


  • Inexpensive at $15 per month
  • 12,000+ live channels across every category
  • Compatible with tons of streaming devices
  • HD quality feeds
  • Extensive on demand library
  • Cloud DVR for recording shows
  • Useful tools like Favorites and EPG


  • Requires sideloading onto some devices
  • Unofficial streams could potentially get taken down
  • Might be missing some niche sports and cable channels
  • 1 connection limited with base package
  • Using safely requires antivirus and VPN

Even with a couple minor drawbacks, the pros heavily outweigh the cons thanks to HUTV‘s low pricing and robust channel selection.

Final Verdict: Is HUTV Worth Trying Out?

After reviewing all of the details and testing HUTV myself across multiple devices, I can comfortably recommend giving it a shot.

The $15 per month entry pricing is very affordable compared to traditional cable or streaming subscriptions. And you get access to 12,000+ live channels, tons of on demand movies and shows, Cloud DVR, and advanced features.

While no IPTV service is 100% future-proof, HUTV has proven reliable over many years. Taking reasonable precautions like using a VPN greatly improves privacy and security.

For cord cutters seeking an low-cost live TV option overflowing with channel choices, HUTV is absolutely worth trying out thanks to their free 24 hour preview.

Bottom line – the combination of huge content selection, flexible pricing tiers, broad device support, and robust streaming features makes HUTV a top choice for IPTV in 2023.

I hope this detailed hands-on review helped answer all of your questions about the HUTV service. Let me know if you have any other topics you want me to cover related to streaming TV and IPTV options. Thanks for reading!


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