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How to Watch Hulu in Australia

One of the best streaming services there is Hulu. This comes packed with a full library of on-demand content and the option for live streaming on the larger plan.

There are endless hours of movies and TV shows, some of which are Hulu Originals that are not available anywhere else.

Unfortunately, Hulu in Australia isn’t just a matter of heading to the website and signing up. The process to gain access is a little more involved.

There are two parts to access Hulu; one uses a VPN, which in itself can be a challenge for Australia.

Second, Hulu makes it awkward when it comes to pay for the service when users are outside the USA.

The rest of this article will look at how to get Hulu in Australia, as well as which are the best VPN services to use, and some options for payment for your Hulu subscription.

Hulu Basics

Hulu began back in 2008 as a joint venture; partners include Disney, 21St Century Fox, Comcast (NBC Universal) and AT&T (Warner Media).

Nowadays, it operates very differently from its beginnings because part of the service used to be free and Hulu plus was the paid-for option.

Now, there are three plans, and you will never find Hulu Plus in Australia because that plus moniker has been dropped.

  • The ad-supported plan is $5.99 per month
  • The ad-free plan is $11.99 per month
  • Hulu with Live TV is $44.99 per month

The two smaller options come with a one-month free trial, and the plan that offers live television shows comes with one week free.

There are a handful of add-ons you can select to change your experience such as Cloud DVR, unlimited screens, and other entertainment options.

Device compatibility is extensive and includes Apple and Android devices, Roku, Fire TV devices, Apple TV, Xbox, Chromecast, desktops, and others. All of these are available for use with the Hulu Free trial.

Users looking for the Hulu plus app won’t find it as it just goes by Hulu app now.

Signing Up for Hulu

Anyone who tries to sign up will fall over after they complete the following steps

  • Navigate to Hulu’s website
  • Click on ‘Start Your Free Trial’
  • Select Your desired plan
  • Add email, password and your name
  • Add your date of birth and your gender
  • Click ‘Continue’

These are all it takes to complete the first part of creating your account. If you try to go any further, it will not accept your payment, and you may wonder, “Does Hulu work in Australia?”

We will look at VPN’s and then the payment solutions because it is this stage where the problem arises for Hulu Australia subscription.

In summary, to unblock Hulu, you need an American form of payment, be it credit card or an American PayPal account.

Can You Get Hulu in Australia?

As it stands, Hulu is only available for residents in the USA. Anyone who thinks can you watch Hulu in Australia will see that it is possible with the workarounds we will go through.

The problem is that when you try to access any Hulu content outside the US, you will more than likely face an error such as “Hulu device not supported outside the USA.”

Once you attempt to access the service, it checks your IP address, like other content streaming services, this throws up these errors when they are not from the pool of American IP’s.

The workaround for this just needs a premium VPN, this is easy in operation, yet not all of them will let you enjoy Hulu or other streaming sites without buffering or being blocked.

Here we will answer the question “is Hulu available in Australia, and which VPN delivers the best service?”

Best VPNs For Hulu in Australia

Here are some of the top VPN’s and Smart DNS services that enable access to geo-blocked content.

1. ExpressVPN

This VPN is seen as the ultimate streaming VPN, and there is no country like Australia, which can make full use of its features. While it delivers best in class data encryption, it also offers the best download speeds to prevent data buffering.

You can read our

ExpressVPN review, and it more often than not comes out on top with its industry-leading features, which other providers follow.

It comes with a large network of optimized streaming VPN servers and can be tried for a full month free by using their no questions asked 30-day money-back guarantee.

2. NordVPN

In many cases, our NordVPN review will place this just behind the number one option. It also deliver great connection speed, yet reliability may falter on occasion.

It does make up for this with industry-leading security, so it has lots to offer users.

It comes second to unblocking content, which faces geo-restrictions and can be tried for a period with the money-back refund, but this can take time to process.

3. CyberGhost

This is a crowd favorite, especially for new users. It has a quirky interface, and to connect to the popular services is just a matter of selecting them from a list. CyberGhost offers a 45-day refund and has good device support.

For long-distance connections, it does begin to show its weaker side, and there were some old user privacy concerns, which may take a little more time to clear up.

4. Surfshark

This is the new kid when it comes to VPN’s, and has yet to prove itself. Our Surfshark review paints a glowing picture, yet already they have changed their pricing structure.

It is a good fast VPN, yet it has one of the smallest global networks that may affect it when user numbers grow.

It can already have a flat spot of its connection speeds, yet it does come with lots of features, which may suit some users.

5. Unlocator

This may temp many users because it touts itself as the number one content un-blocker. In this guise, it does do a good job, yet this is only the Smart DNS service side of the company.

If you check out our Unlocator review, you can see it is light on features, and security is not as robust as any of the above.

It also works out as expensive as the competition while offering less.

How to Pay for Hulu in Australia

To watch Hulu in Australia, you will need the best VPN from the list above. To get these means a quick sign up procedure once you find the best one to meet your needs.

Once you have this, you can tackle one of the payment options

Using iTunes to pay for Hulu

It is possible to sign up for Hulu with an Apple TV or iOS device with a US Apple account. This can be funded by US iTunes Gift Cards. You will need to create a US iTunes account.

  1. Start your VPN provider service and change server to USA
  2. Open iTunes and Log out of your account.
  3. Click the iTunes Store Tab
  4. Scroll to the bottom to the “flag” icon. Click the icon or select “Change Country.”
  5. Select United States, the Store will change to the USA
  6. Click “Sign In” in the top right of the screen
  7. Click “Create New Apple ID.”
  8. Click “Continue”
  9. Agree to the Apple Terms and Conditions
  10. Enter an e-mail address, password and security questions, DOB, and Click “Continue.”
  11. Enter your method of Payment,
  12. You can at this point fund American iTunes with gift cards – Hulu costs more through Apple
  13. Once all your information is in, click “Create Apple ID”

If you need to construct a US billing address, you can do so following these steps

  1. Enter your Hulu details as instructed.
  2. The next page of the sign-up procedure asks to enter your Australian zip code or postal code.
  3. With your Australian credit card, (American Express works best). For the Australian zip code, you need to make an American one by adding a ‘0’ on the end of your normal code, or ‘1’ to the front.
  4. You’ll need to verify your US Post code, from here.
  5. If it doesn’t work, try‘90210’ which is proven to work more often than not.
  6. Once you find a Zip code that works with the tool, and then create an address using your real address, just use the city, state, and zip code found by the tool.

Hulu Gift Cards

You can use Hulu gift cards for subscription; however, your account will only last as long as the value of the card.

It needs a regular form of payment to carry on, or if you have a regular form of payment, then you can continue funding with these cards.

You can also look for virtual credit or debit cards; however, Hulu has become wise to this option. Check before purchasing that they are still accepted by Hulu.


To watch all the Hulu shows and movies online in Australia can take some effort, to begin with. Once it has been completed once, then you won’t need to do it again.

The effort can be worth it as this is one great streaming platform that is very affordable. If you know someone in the USA who can help, this can be much easier, yet you will still need to check the VPN reviews for number one in the list to be sure you are using the ultimate streaming VPN.


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