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How to Watch BKFC 41: Perry vs Rockhold & Mendes vs Alvarez

Hey there fight fan! Are you excited about BKFC 41 coming up on April 29th? This is set to be one of the biggest Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship events ever.

In this guide, I‘ll provide detailed instructions on how to live stream BKFC 41 featuring Perry vs Rockhold and Mendes vs Alvarez. You‘ll learn:

  • Multiple options for ordering and watching the PPV
  • Steps for streaming on any device – Fire TV, Roku, iOS, Android, and more
  • The full fight card and latest betting odds
  • BKFC streaming FAQs

Let‘s get started so you can enjoy the violent action!

The Rise of BKFC

First off, a quick intro for those new to BKFC. It‘s the first promotion to hold regulated bare knuckle boxing events in the US since 1889.

Founded in 2018, BKFC has quickly become a hot ticket in combat sports thanks to its raw, bare-knuckle format. Fights take place without gloves in a traditional boxing ring and utilize slightly modified rules.

It provides an exciting and bloody viewing experience for fight fans. No wonder BKFC events now draw up to 500,000 PPV buys!

Streaming platforms like the BKFC app and FITE TV have been key to BKFC‘s growth. Live streaming allows fans to order and watch PPV events easily on their preferred devices.

In fact, some key stats on BKFC streaming:

  • Over 1.2 million subscribers on the BKFC app
  • Average of 220,000 buys for BKFC PPV events
  • 62 countries broadcast BKFC worldwide

The accessibility of streaming has fueled demand for BKFC‘s unique brand of violent entertainment.

Now let‘s look at why BKFC 41 is poised to be the biggest event yet for the promotion.

Why BKFC 41 Is a Must-Watch

BKFC 41 is generating major hype among fight fans, and for good reason.

This card is absolutely stacked with high-profile talent, making it a must-watch PPV:

  • 4 former UFC stars – Luke Rockhold, Chad Mendes, Eddie Alvarez, and Ben Rothwell
  • Fight of the Year contender – Perry vs Rockhold
  • Leading women fighters – Bec Rawlings and Christine Ferea
  • Knockout artists – Mike Alvarado, Brandon Girtz, Josh Copeland

According to BKFC President Dave Feldman, BKFC 41 is "…the deepest card in BKFC history."

I couldn‘t agree more. This diverse card is loaded with elite and explosive fighters ready to throw down.

Let‘s look at the two key matchups:

Perry vs Rockhold

This is the most high-profile fight in BKFC history! Former UFC stars Mike Perry and Luke Rockhold finally square off.

Some key facts:

  • Combined 36 KO/TKO wins between them
  • Huge rivalry – arguing publicly since 2020
  • Rockhold won multiple UFC belts; Perry has 7 UFC bonuses

Their contrasting styles will make for a wild fight. Perry is an aggressive brawler with nasty power, while Rockhold is a precise and lethal striker.

This has Fight of the Year potential!

Mendes vs Alvarez

Another key matchup pits former UFC title challenger Chad Mendes against former UFC champ Eddie Alvarez.

Some key details:

  • Both are debuting in BKFC
  • 18 wins by KO/TKO between them
  • Alvarez has headlined 7 UFC PPV main events

This will be an all-out war between Mendes‘ wrestling and Alvarez‘s technical boxing. The winner instantly enters title contention.

With these two blockbuster fights plus a stacked undercard, BKFC 41 is poised to break viewership records. Next I‘ll cover how to live stream the PPV on any device.

How to Order BKFC 41 PPV

BKFC 41 on April 29th is an exclusive PPV event. Here are the ways to purchase and watch the PPV:


The BKFC app offers the PPV directly to subscribers and non-subscribers:

  • Subscribers: $39.99
  • Non-subscribers: $49.99

The BKFC app is available on all major streaming devices and mobile platforms. This is the go-to option for most BKFC fans.


FITE TV also sells the PPV for $49.99. The FITE app is available across all devices including:

  • Fire TV and Fire Tablets
  • Roku
  • Apple TV
  • iOS and Android mobile
  • Web browser

FITE TV offers reliable high-quality streams and works as a backup if BKFC app has any regional restrictions.

Other PPV Providers

Select cable/satellite TV providers may also offer the BKFC 41 PPV for purchase. Check with your TV provider.

So in summary, the BKFC app and FITE TV are the primary sources to order the PPV digitally so you can stream on any device.

Next, let‘s go through how to watch BKFC 41 on popular streaming gadgets step-by-step.

How to Live Stream BKFC 41 on Fire TV

Fire TV devices like the Fire Stick 4K and Fire TV Cube are hugely popular for streaming live sports and PPV events.

Here‘s a step-by-step guide to watching BKFC 41 on any Fire TV OS device:

1. Order BKFC 41 PPV

First you‘ll need to purchase the PPV on either:

  • BKFC App – $39.99 for subscribers, $49.99 otherwise

  • FITE TV – $49.99

Make sure to order well before the start time to allow streaming setup.

2. Install BKFC App or FITE TV

Next install the app you ordered through:

  • BKFC – Search "BKFC" in Fire TV search or appstore

  • FITE TV – Search "FITE" in Fire TV search or appstore

The install only takes a minute or two.

Tip: Have your account login handy to sign in after installing the app.

3. Start BKFC 41 Stream

At PPV start time:

  • Open the BKFC or FITE TV app
  • Select BKFC 41 from the event listings
  • Start streaming!

The PPV stream will begin just before the first prelim fight. Enjoy the action!

That‘s it! Just purchase, install the app, then start streaming. Read on for more device setup guides.

How to Live Stream BKFC 41 on Roku

Roku offers a quick and easy way to order and watch BKFC 41 in crystal clear HD.

Follow these steps:

1. Order BKFC 41 PPV

Purchase the PPV on either:

  • BKFC App – $39.99 for subscribers, $49.99 otherwise

  • FITE TV – $49.99

Order early so everything is ready for fight time.

2. Add BKFC or FITE Channel

Next, add the channel you ordered through:

  • BKFC – Search "BKFC" in the Roku Channel Store

  • FITE TV – Search "FITE" in the Roku Channel Store

The channel add process only takes a moment.

3. Start Your Stream

At PPV start time:

  • Open the BKFC or FITE TV channel
  • Select BKFC 41 from the event listings
  • Begin streaming the PPV!

Enjoy all the bare-knuckle action in stunning HD quality on your Roku.

How to Live Stream BKFC 41 on iOS and Android

You can also stream the BKFC 41 PPV on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device using the BKFC or FITE mobile apps.

Here‘s how:

1. Order BKFC 41 PPV

First purchase the PPV on either:

  • BKFC app – $39.99 for subscribers, $49.99 otherwise

  • FITE TV app – $49.99

Ordering early allows time for any troubleshooting.

2. Install App and Login

Install and login to the app you ordered through:

  • iOS – Download BKFC or FITE from App Store

  • Android – Download BKFC or FITE from Google Play Store

Once installed, sign into the app using your account credentials.

3. Start Streaming!

At PPV start time:

  • Open the app
  • Select BKFC 41 from the event listings
  • Tap to start streaming the PPV!

Enjoy watching the epic fights from anywhere on your mobile device.

Streaming over WiFi is highly recommended for best performance. Now let‘s look at watching on laptops and PCs.

How to Live Stream BKFC 41 on Laptop and Desktop PCs

Don‘t have a streaming device nearby? You can stream BKFC 41 directly on your Windows or Mac laptop and desktop PCs.

Stream on BKFC Website

  1. Order PPV on BKFC app

  2. Visit from your computer

  3. Click "Watch Now" and log in

  4. Select BKFC 41 stream at start time

Stream on FITE TV Website

  1. Order PPV on FITE TV

  2. Go to in your web browser

  3. Login to your FITE account

  4. Choose the BKFC 41 stream when it starts

The process is quick and easy on both websites. Just order the PPV, login to the site, then start streaming!

BKFC 41 Streaming Requirements and Troubleshooting

To enjoy smooth streaming for BKFC 41, keep these requirements in mind:

  • High-speed internet – Minimum 10-15 Mbps recommended

  • WiFi connection – For best results on mobile devices

  • Up-to-date app – Upgrade to latest BKFC/FITE app version

  • Web browser – Use latest Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge

If you experience any streaming issues like lag or buffering, try these troubleshooting steps:

  • Close and re-launch the app

  • Force quit other open apps

  • Reboot your device

  • Disconnect/reconnect from WiFi

  • Lower video quality setting (if available)

  • Contact BKFC or FITE TV support

This will help resolve most common streaming problems. Now let‘s take a look at the epic BKFC 41 fight card…

BKFC 41 Fight Card

The main PPV card and prelims are absolutely loaded with talent. Here are all the bouts:

Main Card

  • Mike Perry vs Luke Rockhold
  • Chad Mendes vs Eddie Alvarez
  • Bec Rawlings vs Christine Ferea
  • Josh Copeland vs Ben Rothwell
  • Chris Camozzi vs Daniel Spohn
  • Brandon Girtz vs Christian Torres
  • Mike Alvarado vs James Brown
  • Jesse Stalder vs Roderick Stewart
  • Matthew Maestas vs Dillon Winemiller


  • Marcus Edwards vs Jay Jackson
  • BJ Lawrence vs Wayna Reid
  • Jack Willoughby vs Mitch Seybold

As you can see, the PPV main card has a fantastic mix of rising stars and MMA veterans ready for war. You definitely want to catch the full event live!

Next let‘s look at betting odds for the two key main card fights.

BKFC 41 Betting Odds and Predictions

Here are the current odds for the top two main card bouts according to MyBookie:

Mike Perry (-270) vs Luke Rockhold (+210)

No surprise that Perry is a strong favorite here given his extensive bare knuckle experience and aggressive style. But Rockhold‘s world-class striking skills make him live at +210 underdog odds.

Prediction: Perry wins by 3rd round TKO

Chad Mendes (-120) vs Eddie Alvarez (-110)

This matchup is seen as a pick‘em with both fighters at very close odds. Mendes‘ wrestling pedigree gives him an edge, but Alvarez has the proven knockout power.

Prediction: Mendes wins by unanimous decision

For updated odds and props, check out MyBookie. And be sure to read my complete Sports Betting Guide for beginner tips before wagering.

Now let‘s go over any questions you might have around live streaming BKFC events.

How to Watch BKFC: FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about streaming BKFC:

What‘s the best way to watch BKFC PPV events?

The BKFC app and FITE TV provide reliable platforms to order and stream PPVs in high quality on any device.

Can I stream BKFC for free?

BKFC prelim fights can be watched for free. But to watch main card PPV events, you‘ll need to purchase through BKFC app or FITE TV.

What devices can I watch BKFC on?

The BKFC and FITE apps are available on all popular platforms:

  • Fire TV, Roku
  • iOS and Android mobile
  • Apple TV
  • Windows and Mac computers
  • Web browsers

So you can stream on almost any device!

How much does a BKFC PPV cost?

BKFC PPV events are usually $49.99. BKFC app subscribers get a discounted price of $39.99.

What‘s the best way to stream BKFC on my TV?

I recommend using a streaming device like Fire TV Stick or Roku and installing the BKFC or FITE app. This provides the best viewing experience on the big screen.

Can I stream BKFC fights live on my phone?

Absolutely! Just install the BKFC or FITE app on your iOS or Android phone to watch fights on the go.

How can I fix BKFC streaming issues?

If you experience lag/buffering, try force closing and re-opening the app, disconnecting/reconnecting to WiFi, lowering video quality, and contacting support. This resolves most streaming issues.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m always happy to help fellow combat sports fans with streaming setup.

Get Ready to Rumble!

Well my friend, we‘ve reached the end of this streaming guide. You now have all the tools to live stream BKFC 41 featuring Perry vs Rockhold and Mendes vs Alvarez on any device.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the electrifying fights on April 29th! BKFC continues to deliver some of the most exciting and violent action in combat sports today.

Let me know if you need any other help streaming this mega-event or future BKFC shows. Enjoy the action and see you at the next bare-knuckle brawl!


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