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How to Watch Better Call Saul Season 6

Better Call Saul, which follows Saul Goodman in his rise to the character everyone knows from the Breaking Bad series, has developed into one of the top TV shows ever. With 39 Emmy nominations and one victory in its first five seasons, the show garnered attention for Bob Odenkirk and his portrayal of Jimmy McGill, a.k.a. Saul Goodman.

And the sixth season of Better Call Saul has been a significant one for the show following the Better Call Saul Season 6 release date of Monday, April 18, 2022. Bryan Cranston as Walter White from Breaking Bad and Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman made some hugely awaited cameo appearances

Fans were even treated to a surprising encounter between Jesse Pinkman and Kim Wexler in one of the later episodes. Better Call Saul debuted on cable TV, unlike many of today’s popular shows. And, unlike many shows, fans are left wondering, “Where can I watch Better Call Saul season 6, as the whole series won’t arrive on US Netflix until 2023?”

Luckily, there are options. In our guide, you may see the answers to “Is Better Call Saul on AMC plus?” It is, yet if you don’t wish to stump up for another service, there is a valid reason to stream the full final season of Better Call Saul season 6 from a different country using a VPN.

In our guide, you can learn more about how to watch Better Call Saul Season 6. You can follow the exploits of Jimmy as the criminal lawyer Saul Goodman a compromised hero who partners up with Jonathan Banks as Mike, working for Gus Fring before Breaking Bad was even a thing. (Learn How To Watch Dodger Games On Firestick)

How to Stream Better Call Saul Final Season in the US

Better Call Saul Season 6 came out in two parts: an unusual release format.

The final six episodes and second half began broadcasting on Monday, July 11, and ran into August, while the first seven episodes ran throughout April and May.

AMC+ offers on-demand AMC content like Breaking Bad and previous seasons of Better Call Saul; it was the only way to watch Better Call Saul Season 6 online inside the U.S.

Just keep in mind that Better Call Saul Season 6 is only being streamed in its entirety by AMC+, and the episodes were only accessible up until August 23.

Inside the U.S., you need to purchase episodes or wait five months until it comes to US Netflix.

If that wasn’t enough, if you thought of waiting, and going over old episodes, some of the earlier episodes have already vanished from AMC+, yet the previous five seasons are on Netflix now, so if you have a Netflix account, you can do that.

How to Watch Entire Season 6 of Better Call Saul Season 6

You can put your Netflix subscription to good use for anyone not wanting to wait and see the alternative ways to watch the Breaking Bad prequel and the Sixth and Final Season of Better Call Saul.

Now that Better call Saul is over, you don’t have to watch the first seven episodes and wait; you have the show in its entirety as if you watched all the Saul seasons.

Knowing where to watch Better Call Saul online is the key to not missing out on the complicated journey of how Jimmy became Saul.

But first, here’s a quick cast and episode list from the last Saul seasons that will grace our TVs and was graced with near-perfect scores from Rotten Tomatoes.

Main Cast

  • Bob Odenkirk – Jimmy McGill
  • Jonathan Banks – Mike Ehrmantraut
  • Rhea Seehorn – Kim Wexler
  • Patrick Fabian – Howard Hamlin
  • Michael Mando – Nacho Varga
  • Giancarlo Esposito – Gus Fring
  • Bryan Cranston – Walter White
  • Aaron Paul – Jesse Pinkman

Season 6 Episode Listing

  1. Wine and Roses
  2. Carrot and Stick
  3. Rock and Hard Place
  4. Hit and Run
  5. Black and Blue – The cat-and-mouse game between Gus and Lalo gets tense.
  6. Axe and Grind
  7. Plan and Execution: First Half Finale
  8. Point and Shoot
  9. Fun and Games
  10. Nippy
  11. Breaking Bad
  12. Waterworks
  13. Saul Gone: Season Finale

Here, you can watch Better Call Saul online as it is available on International Netflix.

Alternative countries you can find the entire season are:

United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, France, Portugal, Brazil, Belgium, Argentina, Japan, Sweden, Norway, and Finland.

Sadly, Netflix no longer offers a free trial, although you can access these libraries from the USA using a premium VPN (a virtual private network).

How to stream ‘Better Call Saul Season 6 with a VPN

It is easy to watch all episodes of Better Call Saul Season 6 in some easy-to-follow steps using a VPN:

Purchase a secure and reliable VPN (ExpressVPN is our top recommendation) on your device. (ExpressVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee)

Find a streaming service with a free trial, or you can use your Netflix subscription.

Open the VPN app and select the country where the final episode has aired, such as the UK.

Once your VPN server connects, you can head to Netflix in your browser and log in using your account details.

Netflix will think you are in the same country; thus, you can watch every episode from the release date until the final episode of season 6.

Best VPN To Watch Better Call Saul Season 6

Netflix is well known around the world to block VPNs, hence the reason to never try and use a free VPN; they just hit a wall and can’t access Netflix.

In addition, you wouldn’t have enough data to watch one episode, never mind all the seasons.

Here, you can see what the best VPN to watch Better Call Saul Season 6 should offer:

To watch each episode in all seasons of Better call Saul in excellent resolution with little to no buffering, you should have access to fast and steady streaming rates with unlimited bandwidth. (Note: Netflix consumes large amounts of bandwidth)

Worldwide VPN servers, especially in countries where you need to access streaming services. Locations in the US, UK, Australia, and Canada are favored.
Strong security and encryption so you may watch the show discreetly without having concerned about being monitored by your internet provider. (Learn How To Watch Mexican Netflix In US)

ExpressVPN review

  • The number one streaming VPN that continually outsmarts Netflix geo-restrictions around the world.
  • Ninety-four countries worldwide have high-speed servers that are speed-optimized to watch every episode on Netflix without buffering.
  • There are secure extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and other browsers so you can stream the Saul finale in your browser.
  • More incredible speeds, security, and dependability are offered via the Lightway Protocol.
  • You can expect Industry-leading customer service: 5-star customer care with round-the-clock live chat assistance.
    30-day money-back guarantee that is risk-free.
  • Easy-to-use programs are available through the VPN for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. You can also discover solutions for equipment that most VPN providers do not support, such as routers, Linux, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV.
  • Complete Assistance, The website has sections devoted to “How To” guides, video tutorials, and articles for do-it-yourself installation and troubleshooting.

Best VPN For Media Streaming

  • It supports up to 5 simultaneous connections, and “device groups” let you connect to several services or regions on various devices simultaneously.
  • Lightning-fast download rates
  • Every device is compatible, and many Android TV streaming boxes and smart TVs already have it built in.
  • Besides those using VPNs, it is the only business that unblocks streaming services on gadgets like Apple TV, PlayStation, Xbox, and smart TVs that cannot run any VPN (via the renowned Media Streamer solution).
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Best VPN For Privacy and Security:

  • A strict policy on privacy: No activity or connection logs
  • All Trusted Servers have the most cutting-edge VPN server technology, which wipes data upon reboot.
  • For increased security and speed, all servers operate in RAM mode.
  • The advanced Threat Manager of the private VPN protects phones from malware and other tracking apps.
  • They conceal your location to International Netflix via data traveling around many proxy servers.
  • If you lose your VPN connection, a dependable kill switch provides the best DNS leak protection available in the market.


Even while it isn’t listed on Netflix and their official release schedule yet, since the deal hasn’t been completed, it might just be a formality.

However, since they’ve performed this dance several times, it makes sense that both parties are aware of the date; hence its absence from the 2022 calendar moves it to 2023. (Read Best Way To Watch Big Bang Theory Online)
It is wise to grab the last season and the climactic finale using the above rather than wait for something that may or may not land on Netflix as soon as we expect.


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