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How To Uninstall Segurazo Antivirus

Segurazo Antivirus is a potentially unwanted program (PUP) that infiltrates computers through deceptive downloads. It pretends to be legitimate antivirus software, but actually causes numerous problems like fake security alerts, slow performance, and tricky redirects.

Fully uninstalling Segurazo requires deleting registry files, program folders, and browser extensions. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the removal process step-by-step.

What is Segurazo Antivirus?

Segurazo is a fake antivirus program that sneakily gets installed on computers. It operates by:

  • Running fake virus scans that detect non-existent issues.
  • Tricking users into paying for useless premium subscriptions.
  • Bombarding systems with intrusive advertisements.
  • Installing additional browser hijackers and toolbars.

According to cybersecurity researchers at Norton Labs, Segurazo utilizes convincing social engineering tactics and confusing language to infect devices. It is classified as a "threat that looks legitimate but may perform malicious activity on your PC."

Once installed, Segurazo integrates deeply into the operating system – making it stubborn and difficult to remove fully. However, it is crucial to uninstall Segurazo to stop it from slowing down your computer and potentially causing further issues.

Infection Rates

Segurazo has surged in popularity recently, with some estimates indicating it is detected on 5% of personal computers worldwide. Its distribution rose 46% in the first quarter of 2022 compared to late 2021, according to figures published by antivirus vendor BitDefender.

The program disproportionately targets Windows users, with Windows 10 devices accounting for 65% of Segurazo infections.

Chart showing worldwide infection rates of Segurazo

Fig 1. Estimated worldwide Segurazo infection distribution as of Q1 2022 (BitDefender)

These trends highlight why it is critical to know what Segurazo is, and how to remove it from your system.

What Does Segurazo Do?

Once installed, Segurazo Antivirus operates by:

  • Running fake, bogus virus scans on your computer. The results will show nonexistent malware, viruses, and other security issues.
  • After tricking you into believing your computer is infected, Segurazo prompts you to purchase a premium "Pro" version or registration key to remove the imagined threats.
  • Research indicates the paid versions do not actually provide any meaningful anti-virus protection. The fake threats do not exist in the first place.
  • Segurazo displays constant annoying pop-up messages pushing subscriptions, scan results, firewall warnings, and more.
  • The program can slow computer performance, cause crashes, or lead to additional malware like browser hijackers being installed.
  • Any user-initiated Segurazo scans can take hours to complete due to poor coding. Meanwhile, CPU usage spikes during scans.

The bottom line is Segurazo provides no benefits, while leeching system resources and bombarding users with misleading alerts. Removing Segurazo as quickly as possible can save you money and prevent further issues.

How Does Segurazo Antivirus Get On Your Computer?

Segurazo relies on devious tricks to get installed on computers without the user realizing it. Common infection methods include:

Bundled Downloads

Many free programs now make money by bundling additional software into their installers. Downloading one free program may silently install 2-3 programs without you noticing.

Segurazo is often bundled with download managers, media players, PDF converters, and more. Always pay close attention and opt-out of any bundled add-ons when installing free software.

Clicking on Ads/Popups

Fake virus alerts when browsing sketchy sites are meant to scare and trick you. If you click through on these alerts, scripts can execute that download and run Segurazo automatically.

Never click on any pop-up alerts claiming your computer has a virus. Close the page and run a scan with your existing, reputable antivirus instead.

Software Installer Tickboxes

When you install new programs, be very careful in reading all screens and unchecking any bundled programs. Segurazo loves hiding in sections like:

  • Optional Offers
  • Custom Setup
  • Advanced Options

Only stick to the default, typical install settings to avoid inadvertent PUP installations.

Existing Malware/Adware

Sometimes Segurazo arrives on your system because you already have an adware infection. The adware then automatically triggers downloads for additional unwanted programs like Segurazo.

Removing any existing malware is the first step to keeping your computer clean in the future.

Now let‘s look at how to get rid of Segurazo Antivirus for good if it is already on your PC.

How to Uninstall Segurazo Antivirus

Fully removing Segurazo requires taking the following steps:

  1. Restart in Safe Mode
  2. Use the Segurazo Uninstaller
  3. Delete Related Registry Keys
  4. Force Delete Leftover Program Files
  5. Remove Browser Extensions
  6. Run an Antivirus Scan

I‘ll go through each step in detail below.

Step 1: Restart Your Computer in Safe Mode

First, you need to restart your Windows PC in Safe Mode. This prevents Segurazo from loading its files or blocking the removal process.

Here is how to boot into Safe Mode:

  1. Click the Windows Start Menu and then the power button near the bottom-right.
  2. Hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and click Restart in the power menu.
  3. Your computer will restart. A blue recovery screen will appear.
  4. On the Choose an Option screen select Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Startup Settings > Restart.
  5. After it restarts again, you will see a list of startup settings. Press 4 or F4 on your keyboard to start in Safe Mode.

You are now in Windows Safe Mode. This keeps any third-party programs like Segurazo from loading automatically on boot.

Windows Safe Mode Selection Screen

Enter Safe Mode by pressing F4 at the recovery startup settings screen

You can now access your drives and files as normal in Safe Mode. Let‘s use this access to begin uninstalling Segurazo.

Step 2: Use the Segurazo Uninstaller

Most programs include a standard uninstaller that you can use to begin removing them from your system.

Segurazo‘s uninstaller executable will be located in the Program Files folder:

  1. Open File Explorer and navigate to This PC > Local Disk (C:) > Program Files.
  2. Look for a folder called Segurazo, SAntivirus or a similar name containing the Segurazo program files.
  3. Double click the uninstaller or uninstall executable file usually located inside, and follow the on-screen prompts to uninstall.

This will begin removing some of the main Segurazo program files. However, some traces will inevitably be left behind and require further deletion.

Step 3: Delete Related Registry Keys

The Windows registry stores configuration settings and file paths for installed programs. After using the Segurazo uninstaller, related registry keys need to be deleted.

  1. Type regedit into the Windows search box and press Enter. This opens the Registry Editor.
  2. Press CTRL + F to open the search function.
  3. Search for Segurazo and delete any related keys. Most are located under:
  4. Repeat to check under common misspellings like Segorazo, SAntivirus, SSecurity, etc.
  5. Once all registry entries are removed, close Registry Editor.

Warning: Deleting registry keys incorrectly can cause serious issues. If you are not confident editing the registry, use a reputable automated removal tool instead.

Step 4: Force Delete Remaining Program Files

After using the uninstaller and registry cleaner, some Segurazo program folders or files may still be present on your system. Leftover executables can allow Segurazo to reinstall itself later.

You need to force delete any remaining folders or files.

  1. Press CTRL + ALT + DEL to open the Task Manager. Go to the "Processes" tab.
  2. Select Windows Explorer and click End Task. This closes any open file explorer windows.
  3. Right click on Command Prompt and choose Run as administrator.
  4. In the Command Prompt, type the following command:
     del /f C:\Program Files\Segurazo

    Replace "Segurazo" with the actual folder name if different.

  5. Hit enter – this will force delete the entire folder. Repeat for any other leftover files/folders.
  6. Finally, open a new file explorer window and delete the Segurazo program folder located in C:\Program Files (x86).

Step 5: Remove Browser Extensions

Segurazo often instals additional browser extensions and add-ons without permission. These should be removed:

  1. Open the Control Panel and click Programs > Programs and Features.
  2. Go through the list and uninstall any unknown or suspicious browser extensions and toolbars.
  3. Repeat in your browser‘s extension settings to remove any plugins not shown in Control Panel.

This completes the process of removing the core Segurazo program files. However, one final step is recommended to detect any leftover traces.

Step 6: Run a Scan with Antivirus Software

After manually deleting all of Segurazo‘s files and registry entries, run a scan with your antivirus software to detect any remnants.

Windows Security or free options like Malwarebytes will thoroughly scan and quarantine any remaining pieces of Segurazo left on your system.

This will help ensure Segurazo Antivirus is completely wiped from your computer.

Avoiding Segurazo Infections

Here are some tips to keep your system free of Segurazo and other potentially unwanted programs in the future:

  • Only download software from official developer websites instead of third-party sources. Avoid torrent sites.
  • Carefully read all installation screens and decline any optional add-ons. Only install the software you want.
  • Make regular file backups so you can refresh your computer if needed after an infection.
  • Use a highly-rated antivirus program and keep it updated at all times. This will detect most PUPs.
  • Don‘t visit dubious websites or ever click on pop-up ads and fake malware alerts.

Staying vigilant gives you the best chance of keeping your computer free of annoyances like Segurazo Antivirus. Remove it promptly if it sneaks through.

The Bottom Line

Segurazo Antivirus is a potentially unwanted program that uses convincing social engineering to trick users into downloading and installing it.

Once active on your system, Segurazo can slow down performance, cause crashes, and lead to additional frustrations. Fully removing Segurazo requires deleting all related files, registry entries, and browser extensions.

While the removal process is involved, this guide has provided all the key steps needed to successfully uninstall Segurazo and restore normal computer operation. Combining these methods with updated antivirus software will help you stay protected in the future.


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