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How To Unblock Someone On League

One of the top online games is League of Legends. It is packed with frantic action as gamer’s battle against each other online. However, on occasions, some gamers go over the top, and it is easier to block them than try and resolve an issue.

In the midst of doing so, you may accidentally block one of your friends without realizing.

Here you can find out how you can scour your League of Legends username search to find people you have blocked and then unblock people you want at your side, not as your online enemy.

How Do You Unblock Someone if you Blocked Each Other?

After you block a player in League of Legends, that player is no longer able to see your online status or interact with you.

The process works both ways, which means that you will not be able to communicate with the other player either. The one thing you should be aware of is that when you block someone, they will still appear in your games. If you block a friend by accident, you may not know because you can see them.

Luckily, it is possible to unblock someone again, but getting to the menu may prove to be somewhat challenging.

Perhaps you block a person after they have been toxic or you just don’t wish to communicate with them again.

Here you can see how to unblock a friend or other users you may have accidentally blocked by mistake.

  1. From the home screen of League of Legends. Click the cog icon to Open the settings menu in the top right
  2. Here it is possible to configure many things in your game, such as notifications, sound, controls etc.
  3. Navigate to the ‘Block List’ area on the left-hand side of the app
  4. Unblock users you like from the Block List (You can see a list of blocked players)
  5. Hover your cursor above their tag and press the small X button
  6. Press ‘Done’ to save your changes of the users you want to unblock

If you wish to block someone in your friends list, then add their username into the search bar and hit the block button once their name shows up.

The issue comes in when the other person blocks you, and you block each other. You can unblock them, but on their end, you will still be blocked. It may take another friend to communicate with them to ask them to unblock you now you have unblocked them.

Legends of RuneTerra

If you play Legends of RuneTerra, you may find a bit of a difference to manage your friend’s list in the new app. Here’s the way to get friends in your app and keep them in check.

Add a friend

  1. Click the + button, and the add friend window pops up (You need game name and tag to search for them)
  2. Click the Add friend button for a request to be sent

Removing a Friend

  1. Removing a friend is as easy as clicking on the X next to their name

How Do I Unblock Someone on Activision?

  1. While in-game, open the Options menu (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare used in this example)
  2. Navigate to Social and search for ‘Friend Requests section to locate the Blocked Players list
  3. Highlight their name, and then select the option to ‘Unblock’ the other player

There is a bug in the Activision (COD) blocking system so you need to be sure the person you block is not one you may want to stop communicating temporarily. You may find you can’t get them back onto your friend’s list because of this bug.

How Do You Unblock Someone Who Blocked You 2023?

League of legends has millions of new players every day who wish to share the experience. While you can have issues with blocking users in the app or being blocked by someone else, that isn’t as bad as having game issues, and the app can’t connect.

Besides this, you may find you are somewhere that has restricted user access. Schools and colleges being great examples that may block the app. Besides this, you may be traveling, or you have issues with content you can access because of geographic access.

One way to get around all these issues is by using a VPN service. Here you can find the key reasons you could use a VPN app to get LoL running right. You can also see how you can share your VPN with another user and fight your way together.

Connectivity Issues

Riot Games have a tool to check your connection health. However, many a user say it doesn’t help. A VPN allows you to change servers by having a masked IP address.

Unblocking League of Legends

You may sometimes have an issue with your account on your nearest server. While you can create another and play against a few newbies, you may not enjoy this sort of challenge.

A VPN can help to get a League of Legends download unblocked to use on any server. With a new location and IP address, you can bypass your old server restrictions, and you may appear as a new user, but with the right account, you always had.

Doing this, you can find your gameplay improves when you can share server load and use the servers that are right to use and have fewer users accessing them at any time.


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