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How to Send Anonymous Email Without Being Traced

Many individuals wish they could send an anonymous email. Others hope they could get away from their Gmail account, because of the amount of data that Google harvests on all users’ activity.

Emailing anonymously is a lot easier than you may think. So, it doesn’t matter if you merely wish to stop people from tracking your every move, or you have some vital information you want to pass on.

Here, in our quick privacy guide, you can find out how to keep your personal information to yourself, and how to send email from computer, which faces no risk of being traced back to you.

While there are many free email services, not all these are anonymous, and not all of them are safe to use.

Here, you can find the best ways to send anonymous emails for a one-off shot, or with an email provider, you can use as a real email account and remain anonymous.

Why Are You Sending Anonymous Emails?

Law-abiding citizens may wish to send emails anonymously for several reasons. Here is a quick rundown of the more common reasons.

Court Cases: Prosecution or the defense will do anything to gain the upper hand in high-profile cases. You can use a temporary email address to send sensitive information.

Blowing the Whistle: With all the security breaches we hear about. These need to be made public, and using an anonymous email account is the best way to bring such information to the media’s attention.

Stopping Spam: Nearly every service on the web wants you to sign up for something. You can use one of these anonymous email services to sign up with and use them as a spam filter.

There are many other reasons, and one which is becoming more popular is that individuals are seeking alternatives to Google for a lot of their services. When you search how to send emails anonymously, you can even see, some services are as good as, or if not better than what Google offers.

How to Send an Anonymous Email

You can find several places on the web, which offer an anonymous email service. When you look at these, you will see they are purely to send anonymous email without a reply coming back.

CyberAtlantis: For a free service, this takes security a step further than many when sending emails. It strips out your IP address to deliver a second layer of anonymity. With this service, you can send an unlimited number of emails and attachments. However, it is an ad-supported service, and you can’t disable these with an ad-blocker, or it breaks the page.

Another service to try is It is as basic as you get, and you have a message box and where to add the recipient’s email address.

Sending and Receiving Anonymous Emails

Although sending email anonymously may suffice in many instances. There are situations when you may be looking to send and receive an anonymous email. Unlike the above disposable email services you can use, these allow you to do that little bit more. Over the years, this has gone by various names, yet it still offers a great free email service. There is no actual need to create email accounts, yet there is the capability of receiving incoming mail. All emails sent or received will be deleted after 30-days.

Guerrilla Mail: This is open source and one of the best free email services. You can reply, forward, and receive your email accounts, and you can change your domain. All of the emails go into quarantine when received. If you don’t check the service, it will delete the email, but if you do check, it moves it to an inbox.

How to Send an Untraceable Email

While the above services all serve a purpose, they may not be the safest way of sending email anonymously. The reason being, when you connect to the internet, internet service providers can see what you are doing.

Thus, your email isn’t untraceable, and it is just from the above service, where it turns into an anonymous email.

To send an email that can’t be traced back can use a couple of things as well as something like Guerrilla Mail.

Here is the best anonymous email service you can use. Proton Mail is highly secure. Mails are encrypted from end to end with PGP encryption. When you create a new email account, you can choose your domain.

You add a password and your username to create your email addresses. The service doesn’t ask for any other information like a phone number or your real name. You can set mails to self-destruct if you wish.

It is one of the most secure email services that are ideal for sending anonymous emails. Now, you can add to this anonymity and use the Tor Browser to access the official Onion site. This does add to the security benefits.

With this service, you can use it as a regular email service or use it to remain anonymous.

There is one slight downside if using this on the standard internet, your metadata, headers and subject lines are not encrypted.

It is here where the solution comes in.

Using a VPN for Emailing

Once you use a virtual private network, all your data is encrypted, so even your ISP can’t read your mails, headers, or subject lines in Proton.

You can receive emails in the same manner, and no one can tell what is going out of your connection, or what is coming in. A VPN service does this through high levels of encryption and giving you an anonymous IP address that only they know.

You can use Proton or Guerrilla, and you have full protection, and you will remain anonymous.

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for sending and receiving emails of this nature doesn’t even record activity on hard drives. With their Trusted Server Technology, all data is held in Ram until a system reboot. Everything will be wiped until a user connects again.


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