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Get a Fresh Start with Kodi in Just Two Minutes

Have you noticed Kodi running slowly or acting buggy lately? Or maybe there‘s an old build installed that you want completely removed? Resetting Kodi to factory default settings is the perfect solution.

The entire process only takes about two minutes and gives you a fresh start with the media center. I‘ll walk you through the quick steps.

Resetting Kodi is as easy as deleting one folder from your Windows PC. But the benefits are huge:

  • Speed up streaming and navigation by clearing cached data
  • Uninstall Kodi builds that are causing issues
  • Delete add-ons you no longer use or want
  • Restore default settings lost over time
  • Fix random crashes or error messages

Ready to breathe new life into Kodi on your Windows desktop or laptop? Follow the short tutorial below. I promise it‘s beginner friendly!

Get Your AppData Folder Open in Seconds

The first step is accessing your Windows AppData folder where Kodi stores all its configuration files. Here‘s how to get there in under 30 seconds:

  1. Open the search bar by the Start menu and type in %appdata%
  2. Hit Enter and the AppData folder will pop right open

That‘s all there is to it! The AppData folder is where you‘ll find the key Kodi folder to delete.

Locate the .kodi Folder Quickly

Once AppData opens, you just need to locate the .kodi folder inside it.

This single folder contains ALL of Kodi‘s settings, cached data, installed skins and add-ons. Delete it and you essentially reset Kodi.

You should see the .kodi folder right in the main AppData window. If not, try searching for .kodi in the top right search bar.

Search for kodi folder

Delete the .kodi Folder and Reset Kodi

Almost there! With the .kodi folder located, follow these last steps:

  1. Right click on .kodi
  2. Choose Delete
  3. Confirm you want to delete the folder when prompted

That‘s seriously all there is to it. In a matter of seconds you‘ve completely reset Kodi‘s configuration on your Windows PC.

Delete kodi folder

When you relaunch Kodi it will be like you have a brand new installation.

What Happens After the Reset?

Once you delete that .kodi folder and reset Kodi, here‘s what you‘ll notice:

  • Kodi reverts to the default home screen with no custom skins or layouts
  • All your installed add-ons are gone, including builds, video add-ons, music add-ons, program add-ons, etc.
  • Settings like your media libraries, regional settings, and screen calibration reset to default values
  • Cached artwork, metadata, and temporary files are all deleted, freeing up storage space!

I definitely recommend taking a minute to write down any must-have builds, add-ons, or customization settings before you reset. That way you can easily set Kodi back up the way you like after the reset.

Here are some of my top recommended add-ons to install after resetting Kodi for amazing streaming:

Video Add-ons

  • The Crew – Extremely reliable for movies and TV with tons of quality link sources
  • Umbrella – Great for newer movies still in theaters
  • Fen – Huge library of older movies & shows

Music Add-ons

  • BeatZ – Lets you stream from SoundCloud
  • Radio Rodeo – Custom radio stations by genre
  • Spotify – Official Spotify add-on


  • Seren – Powerful scraper to quickly find high quality streams
  • Premiumizer – Integrate cloud storage services for downloads

Kodi Builds

  • Xenon Build – Lightweight but packed with top video add-ons
  • No Limits Magic – Great even on lower powered devices

And don‘t forget one important final step – make sure to install a good VPN on Kodi before streaming any copyrighted or region-restricted content!

A VPN will encrypt all of your Kodi streaming traffic and hide your IP address. This keeps you safe from prying ISPs or media companies.

My recommendation? Go with Surfshark. It offers blazing speeds on Kodi & works seamlessly in the background.

Alright, now you‘ve got all the tools needed to reset Kodi and get it humming along like new again! Follow this quick tutorial anytime Kodi starts misbehaving or you just want to reconfigure it.

Happy streaming!


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