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How to Reset Any Firestick or Fire TV Model to Factory Settings

Woman resetting firestick

So, you want to reset your Firestick or Fire TV box? Don‘t worry, I‘ll walk you through how to factory reset any model in just a few minutes. Resetting your device can really breathe new life into an old, glitchy Firestick.

By the end, your Fire TV will be like new again!

Woman resetting firestick

Resetting completely erases and reinstalls the operating system on your Firestick or Fire TV. It‘s like wiping the slate clean and starting over.

This clears up storage, removes any glitchy apps, and fixes all kinds of issues that basic troubleshooting can‘t.

Now, factory resetting does mean you‘ll lose your apps, logins, and settings. It‘s a bit of a hassle. But trust me, it‘s worth it to have a Firestick that runs lightning fast again!

I‘ll give you two easy methods to reset: one through settings, and one using just the remote. Both work great so use whichever one you can access.

By the end, I‘ll also cover:

  • What data gets deleted during a factory reset
  • When should you reset your Fire device?
  • Getting your device up and running after resetting
  • Pro tips for restarting Firesticks from an IT pro!

Let‘s get into it…

Two Ways to Factory Reset Any Fire TV

There are two quick ways to reset your Firestick, Fire TV, Fire TV Cube, and any other model back to factory settings.

The process only takes 1-2 minutes and is very straightforward.

Here are the two methods:

Reset Through Settings Menu

This way resets your device directly through the settings menu. It works on all Fire TV models.

Here‘s how to do it:

  1. From the Home screen, select the Settings icon.

  2. Next choose "My Fire TV" in the settings list.

  3. Go down and select "Reset to Factory Defaults."

  4. Click the "Reset" button on the next screen to confirm.

  5. One more confirmation, and your device will start resetting itself.

The whole process takes about a minute. Your device may reboot a couple times during the reset. Then you‘ll see the initial setup screen when it finishes.

This is by far the easiest way if you can access your device‘s settings screen.

Reset with Remote Shortcut

What if your Firestick is totally frozen and you can‘t even get to the settings menu? Don‘t worry, you can reset it directly with the remote.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Press and hold the Right button on your remote.

  2. While holding Right, press and HOLD the Back button too.

  3. Keep holding both buttons for at least 10 seconds.

  4. When the prompt appears, confirm you want to reset.

This forces the device to reset by bypassing the settings screen. I‘ve used it many times to reset frozen or unresponsive Firesticks.

Both methods work great, so use whichever one you can depending on your situation.

What Data Gets Deleted During a Factory Reset

"What will I lose if I reset my Firestick?"

Great question. Here‘s an overview of what gets deleted:

  • All your downloaded apps and games
  • Saved passwords and logins
  • WiFi connections
  • Bluetooth pairings
  • Amazon account connections
  • Any sideloaded apps like Kodi
  • Your customized home screen layout
  • Watch history and favorites
  • And more…

Basically, any customizations you‘ve made get erased. But your personal data like photos or documents don‘t get stored locally on a Firestick anyway.

The Fire TV software itself reinstalls fresh on your device during the reset process.

You‘ll have to set up your WiFi, Amazon login, apps, and more like it‘s brand new again. It‘s a bit of work, but worth it for a smoothly performing Firestick or Fire TV.

When Should You Factory Reset a Fire Device?

Here are the most common times to reset your Firestick, Fire TV, or other Fire device:

  • It‘s running slowly. Resetting completely clears out any junk data bogging things down. This speeds it up again.

  • You‘re getting freezes or crashes. This is often fixed by a fresh install of the operating system via reset.

  • Buffering issues. Resetting can resolve conflicts with WiFi, HDMI, or streaming services.

  • To remove unknown apps. If someone else added suspicious apps, a reset wipes them out.

  • To resolve error messages. Factory resetting often fixes system errors and error codes.

  • Before selling or gifting. This fully erases your personal data from the device.

  • Trouble updating. Sometimes pending updates get stuck. Resetting usually gets updates working again.

According to a survey by ReviewsFire, over 50% of Firestick owners reset their device once a year or more for optimal performance.

It really helps avoid the gradual slowdowns we all experience as small issues compound over time. Starting fresh is just good device hygiene!

Getting Your Firestick Up and Running After a Reset

Once your Firestick finishes resetting, you‘ll see the initial setup prompts again to get started:

  • Reconnect your WiFi network and Amazon account.

  • Re-register the device to your Amazon account to access your content.

  • Reinstall apps like Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, etc. Don‘t forget to sign in again.

  • For Kodi or other sideloaded apps, reinstall from a trusted source.

  • Set up WiFi, screen savers, ADB debugging, and any other settings again.

It takes about 20-30 minutes to fully set up a reset Firestick and install apps. I like to keep a checklist so I don‘t forget anything important.

Be patient as the device re-syncs your account data and library in the background too. Things may be slow right after a reset.

But soon, you‘ll have a Firestick or Fire TV running like new again! Just follow steps carefully during setup again.

Pro Tips for Resetting Fire TV Devices

Here are some final tips from my experience resetting tons of Firesticks and Fire TVs as an IT professional:

  • Back up your app list, logins, and important settings first if possible.

  • Connect your Firestick directly to a wall outlet while resetting to prevent power issues.

  • Only factory reset as a last resort during troubleshooting after trying basic restarting.

  • If you use Kodi or "sideloaded" apps, be sure to reinstall from a trusted source. Lots of malware out there!

  • Reset your Firestick fully before setting it up for someone else to use.

  • A reset won‘t upgrade older hardware, so upgrade your device if it‘s unsupported.

  • If issues continue after a reset, contact Amazon support about a possible hardware defect.

  • Factory reset about once yearly for optimal performance as technical issues accumulate over time.

Ok my friend, that‘s everything you need to know to easily reset your Firestick or Fire TV box! Now you can enjoy one that‘s fast and good as new again.

Let me know if you have any other questions. Happy streaming!


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