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How To Play PS3 Games From External Hard Drive Without Jailbreak

Sony has always been a little unorthodox regarding how users access and use its content. For instance, you can’t download a movie onto your PlayStation 3 and enjoy it at home. Instead, you need to rent or purchase this through the PlayStation Store.

The same can be said when you install games, as Sony wants to control the software and any compatible hardware with your PS3, such as adding a new HDD. Luckily, these restrictions can be overcome, and the aim here is to play PS3 games from an external hard drive without jailbreaking. It is now straightforward to have an external harddrive to store all your PS3 games and play them without running out of space.

In our guide, you can learn how to play downloaded games on PS3 without jailbreak. By the end, you’ll know enough to get a new HDD to format it on your computer and use this storage media to keep your games using all the HD free space rather than the space on your games console. (Learn How to Install Cinema HD On Firestick)

Can You Play PS3 Games From External Hard Drive?

Can you play PlayStation 3 games from an external hard drive?

The answer to that question is yes – you can fix this and play PS3 games from an external hard drive if the game is stored on your console’s internal hard drive.

If you want to move a game to an external hard drive, go to the Game Data Utility folder in the XMB (Xross Media Bar), move the game, and press the Triangle button.

Select Move and choose your external hard drive as the destination.

After that, the game will be copied over and ready to use! Note that not all PS3 games are compatible with this process – typically, only games that have been specifically “ported” for use on an external hard drive will.

  1. Connect your external hard drive to your PS3.
  2. Create a folder on this HDD and name it “PS3.”
  3. Copy all the games you wish to play from your computer into the PS3 folder on your external hard drive
  4. Press the triangle button, navigate the settings tab, and select manage storage device here.
  5. Highlight the game you wish to play from an external hard drive without jailbreak and press the X button.
  6. Select copy content and close the window by pressing the square button.

Can I Play Downloaded PS3 Games Without Jailbreaking?

Most often, users will look at how to play torrented games on ps3 without jailbreak.

Play PS3 games you have downloaded without jailbreaking can be done if you change the permissions on your device to use unauthorized software through jailbreaking.

Various hazards are associated even if it is possible to play downloadable PS3 games without jailbreaking.

When downloading games, it is advisable to use reliable websites. Also, always back up your data before making any system-damaging decisions.

How To Play Retail Games With CFW (Custom Firmware)?

The folder structure looks like this:

  • \PS3_GAME
  • \PS3_UPDATE (You’ll need to delete the PS3_update folder)


  1. Download your PS3 game from the internet.
  2. Make a folder and name it “Games” on your fat32 drive.
  3. Copy the BXXXXXXXX folder to your “Games” folder.
  4. Start your PS3.
  5. Connect your Fat32 HDD.
  6. Start MultiMan (if you have it installed).
  7. Inside the GAMES section, locate the game you downloaded.
  8. Press X on the game, and it will take you to your PS3’s XMB main menu.
  9. Press X on the app_home option, and the console will load your game.

Most games need “Game Data files” to install on your internal hard drive, while some games don’t need “Game Data files” to do so.

If you are unsure if your game needs it, try to say no, and see if it can continue. If it insists you do, then you need to use this method.

Game Data will never install on an external hard drive and can only be saved to an internal hard drive.

Can You Play PS3 Games From USB?

You can play downloaded PS3 games on a flash drive without jailbreaking your console.

There are no assurances that using a flash drive will always work, though, as Sony doesn’t officially endorse it.

To make the process work, you might also need to buy extra hardware and software or look for more options or another method if it doesn’t work. (Learn How to Jailbreak a Firestick)

What You Need:

  • Games in disc format: All game files from the disc version start with “B”
  • Updates for games
  • PSNStuff – helps download games in various formats
  • TrueAncestor Backup – Retail version
  • PS3 Converter
  • PKG View
  • USB Disk Format Tool
  • USB Stick that has 16GB minimum free space or an external hard drive can be used for larger games
  • PS3 Backup file

How to install PS3 games from USB without jailbreak

  1. Copy your game from the DVD or download a PS3 game using PSN stuff.
  2. Find your PS3_” Game” folder (You’ll find this if you copied a game from a disc)
  3. Copy the PS3_GAME folder, then paste it into the PS3 converter folder.
  4. Open your PS3 converter.
  5. Locate the PS3 game ID using PS3 updater inside the PS3 tool collection.
  6. Use your PS3 code NPUB and PS3 ID (It varies if you have a US or EU region game)
  7. Press enter to begin the conversion process. (You’ll find a new folder inside your PS3 converter NPUB and game title ID).
  8. Open TrueAncestor backup (Open the app and close to create the default folders).
  9. Copy the game from the PS3 game converter folder and paste it inside the TrueAncestor backup game folder. (Ensure it is in this folder, not the GAMES folder)
  10. Open your PS3 game updater, then download any game update. If there are no updates, you can skip this step.
  11. Extract Update PKG file using PS3 PKG viewer if there is an update.
  12. Copy your updated file and place it into the game folder.
  13. Put the backup file in your backup folder.
  14. Run TrueAncestor backup.
  15. Press 1 to show the backup folder
  16. Again press 1 and select the backup folder
  17. Press any key to continue
  18. Load your PS3 games by pressing 4
  19. Select all games by pressing “S.”
  20. Press any key to continue and press S for the command to inject PS3 games into the backup file.
  21. Type OK to start injecting PS3 games, so they are ready to be used from your flash drive.

Please wait for the procedure to complete now. The backup file is in the output folder of the TrueAncestor backup, where you can find it.

Plug your USB stick into your computer after copying your backup file.

Make a root folder called PS3>EXPORT>BACKUP and place your backup folder inside of it.


Q. Can I Play Ps3 Games From USB Without Jailbreak?

The PS3 converter folder must be accessed after the ps3 game folder has been copied to its present position. Before playing the game, the update file needs to be copied into the game’s folder. See if a backup store is available for TrueAncestor.

Q. Can I Run Linux On A Ps3?

The PlayStation 3 does not come with Linux already set up. However, Sony included an XMB option a few months after the PlayStation 3’s launch, enabling users to boot into Linux from either a hard drive or a Live CD that would run the distributor’s kernel.

Q. Can You Play Ps3 Games From USB?

You can play your game on a friend’s PS3 or take their MLB franchise if you have a USB drive. Connect your USB drive and open the Games menu to view your game saves.

Q. Can I Play Ps4 Games Saved On An External Hard Drive?

You only need to hook in your external hard drive, sign in to your PSN account on your friend’s PS4, and play a digital game file.

Q. Can You Play Games That Are On An External Hard Drive?

Gamers may see delayed loading times while loading games from an external hard drive. But, in the end, the game plays without issues after you’ve started it.

The speed and kind of your external hard drive’s port will also impact how well your game runs.

Q. Can You Play Ps3 Games Without Jailbreak?

The good news is that you can now use your PlayStation 3 to play PS3 games without jailbreaking it or requiring USB connectivity.

If you wish to play PlayStation 3 games offline, you do not need to jailbreak your console.

You can download and install PS3 Games (PKG) from the official website on your PlayStation 3 system. Soon, all PS3 games will be available to play online.

Q. Can You Play Ps3 Games Without Installing?

You cannot save copies from the PC to be made playable and installed on the PS3.

You must have a physical disc in your drive to play the game. Although a disc is not required to play games, the HDD carries some game data the system checks. (Learn About Error Code: M7111-5059)

Q. Can We Download Ps3 Games From Internet?

A game can be downloaded for free or purchased through the PlayStation Store to be installed. You can play games that are only accessible through PlayStation 3 consoles and those that are accessible through PS Vita or PSP consoles.


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