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How To Make Ethernet Faster

The need for this can differ depending on where you live. If you are outside the USA and want to watch the US Netflix, you don’t want any buffering through the latest TV show or movie you are viewing.

Slow internet, is one of the worst things you can experience.

Luckily, there’s a ton of information around to help resolve issues, yet many don’t work as touted or they don’t meet your needs.

One of the best ways to speed up your internet connection ready for heavy streaming or downloading is to use Ethernet.

However, not everyone understands the most basic of connections, so here you can learn all you ought to know about how to speed up your internet to the fastest it can go before you decide you need to pay more and upgrade.

What is Ethernet Cabling?

Many individuals use wireless connections to their routers. While some devices can’t use anything different, things such as PC’s and Macs can use the older and faster method of connection as Ethernet cabling.

Ethernet cables are faster and more reliable than wireless. You also find you can connect TV’s, game consoles and other streaming devices instead of relying on wireless. Besides speeds, no one can hack your cable, as they can your Wi-Fi connection.

An Ethernet cable looks like a phone jack but larger. The RJ45 connector also conceals the eight wires inside compared to the four of your phone cable.

What are the Best Ethernet Cables?

You can find Ethernet cable in various colors, yet this means nothing. Gray is the most common.

However, standards change, and there are a couple of types in circulation.

  • Category5 (Cat5) is the older level – max length 328ft
  • Category6 (Cat6a) is the newer level – max length 700ft

Besides this, you have either solid Ethernet, which are often used in businesses as LAN cables that make up the network. Stranded Ethernet, which you use in the home are flexible and less prone to cracking and breaking on your home network.

If purchasing, make sure you’re using Cat6a because they deliver faster internet speeds from your network adapter to your device.

How to Make Internet Faster

Many tips how speed up your internet often comprise Wi-Fi tips. One is to use an Ethernet connection.

However, you can use many when you use a cable for Ethernet connections at home.

Once you connect a cable into your device and your internet router, the connection should be established automatically. You can right-click on the small icon to see connection properties, and turn off your Wi-Fi connection.

Here are some things you can try to get your speed up to what it should be.

Block ads: It doesn’t matter if you have a hard LAN cable, a flexible Cat5 cable, or Wi-Fi, ads slow your connections. (Read our Best Ad Blocker Guide)

Use lightweight browsers: Chrome may be widespread but it is a resource hog. keep one tab open at once, especially if you are streaming

Install malware or antivirus software: If you have a virus or malware, these can use your data for sending information to hackers

Check your speed: You should do this first and compare it to what you pay for. If it’s way off, you can contact your ISP to find out why. You can use to check this, and you ought to run this regularly as a monitor.

Check all your connections: Make sure all your connections are held in the right position. This will be the ends of your Ethernet cords to your device and your router or modem. Also, the coaxial cables from your router to your connection outside need to be secure.

What is the Best Ethernet Cable?

While the best cable will give you the faster speed, internet connections can only be as fast as what your internet service provider you’re using offers. (Learn How to Test Your Internet Speed)

The issue being, once you start streaming to any high-level, your ISP may throttle your faster connection.

A way around this, and to help maintain a faster connection no matter what your online activity comprises. It is advisable to use a premium streaming VPN.

Doing this will hide your IP address before it hits your router, and encrypts your data as it exits your router.

No one can see what you are doing, and besides keeping your Ethernet connection speeds as high as possible, it means you can stream without restrictions.


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