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How to Install ProjectFreeTV Addon on Kodi

If you find out you’ve missed your favorite TV show, it can be a real pain if there’s no chance to catch it on demand and you’ll miss an all-important episode.

Not only this, all the reviews and spoilers can take the edge of the excitement of watching it first-hand.

Now there’s no need to worry because there is a Kodi add-on which can help. ProjectFreeTV online streams daily TV shows directly to you and is continually updated.


Like the many popular free TV and movie websites, it gained a lot of attention from the likes of Hollywood and faced its own set of problems.

Here we will take a look at how to bypass these problems, bypass any geo-blocked content which might be there, and also how to install FreeProjectTV with no worries of TV studios breathing down your neck.

The best VPN for Kodi will be explained a little later, but for now, we’ll see how to install it onto Kodi for the best ProjectFreeTV shows and movie experience.

WARNING: Always Use a VPN When Using Kodi
  • Your Kodi activity is being tracked by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and the Government.
  • A VPN will mask your IP Address keeping your data private and secure
  • We’ve tested many VPN services and ExpressVPN is the Fastest and Safest VPN for Kodi

Get ExpressVPN and Use Kodi Privately

Installing ProjectFreeTV on Kodi


  1. Open Kodi
  2. Highlight SYSTEM then >Click> on File Manager
  3. Then Click on “Add Source”
  4. Select the box that says and type or copy/paste
  5. Press Done
  6. In the box underneath give the Source a memorable name, such as FUSION
  7. Navigate back to your Kodi Home Screen
  8. Press the SYSTEM button and then select Add-ons
  9. Select Install from the zip file and then select FUSION
  10. Select XMBC Repos > English
  11. Click on
  12. Wait for the Add-on enabled pop-up notification to appear.
  13. Select Install from the repository and choose the Natko1412 Addon Repository
  14. Select Video Add-ons then scroll down and click on ProjectFreeTV
  15. Press Install and wait for the pop-up Add-on Notification
  16. Navigate back then access the add-on from Video>Add-ons

Once here, you can freely access the ProjectFreeTV movies or TV shows of your choice.

Best Privacy and Security VPN for Kodi

As was mentioned, this add-on and site are hugely popular, so it has gained a lot of attention. To use it, it was advised to use a good quality VPN service.

This, however, has difficulties also because choosing the best one might not be so easy unless you know what to look for.

Here we aim to point out what you need to look for, and also the best VPN you can use for this kind of use.

To watch ProjectFree movies, you will need a fast connection for a start, (ISP’s are well known to throttle connections used for streaming). A VPN does slow a connection, but some slow down more than others.

CyberGhost VPN is a top-rated service, but it isn’t perfect. It doesn’t offer the fastest connection speeds, and their customer support is not the best. But worst of all is the fact there are concerns over their security.

The state strict no logging but since 2016 there was controversy over their root certificates and the possibility they don’t stick to their logging policy.

The next alternative is another top 5 VPN provider. NordVPN is based outside of any 5-eyes jurisdiction, but payments pass through a US-based company.

Again this VPN guarantees blazing fast speeds. Unfortunately, they also don’t live up to their claims.

The one VPN which delivers what it promises is ExpressVPN, no matter which site you read a review, they continually offer the fastest speeds while bypassing any geo-blocked content (also works with US Netflix if outside the USA).

Security is some of the highest in the industry, and their 24/7 365 customer support is the envy of most other VPN providers.

Watching ProjectFree shows or movies with no worries of being caught has never been easier. This VPN always ranks in the top 2 for accessing what others can’t. If ProjectFreeTV happens to go down, you can easily connect to sites like ProjectFreeTV knowing you won’t have any problems.

Get ExpressVPN and Use Kodi Privately

ProjectFreeTV Site Not Working

You might be searching for the original site of, but this no longer works. This often happens with uber popular websites or add-ons for Kodi, so it isn’t anything to worry about.

If you wish to check the site, it has moved to the following domain:

It doesn’t matter if you use the site, or make use of the Kodi add-on to browse through the ProjectFreeTV calendar to find your missed episodes, you still need to protect yourself from snooping ISP’s or government agencies that are tasked with shutting down or catching users of this content.


Streamr Go

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