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How to Install the NASA Kodi Addon for Free Space Content

Kodi is a popular free media center app that allows you to stream tons of movies, TV shows, live channels, and more. With Kodi, you can install addons to access even more content. One of the best Kodi addons for space fans is the official NASA addon.

The NASA addon provides free access to several NASA TV channels, space mission coverage, documentaries, educational programs and more – right from within Kodi! This comprehensive guide will show you how to easily install the NASA addon on your device and get the most out of its streaming capabilities.

Why Install the NASA Addon?

Here are some of the key benefits of the NASA Kodi addon that make it a must-have for space enthusiasts:

  • Watch live streams from multiple NASA TV channels like the Public, Media, Space Station and Education channels. Each provides a different focus like launches, conferences, ISS views, educational programs and more.

  • Access on demand replays of historical NASA events like Apollo 11 Moon landing, Space Shuttle launches, Mars Rover landings, astronauts‘ first spacewalks and more.

  • Huge library of NASA documentaries, educational programs, and archival footage available to stream on demand. Library contains over 500 videos according to Kodi repository stats.

  • Free, legal streaming unlike some third-party addons. All content comes directly from NASA‘s public video archives.

  • Stable HD quality streams in 1080p resolution based on NASA‘s high-quality archives. Minimal buffering issues compared to third party space addons in our testing.

  • Perfect complement to space focused Kodi setups and builds like Cosmic or Hyperion.


Before installing the NASA addon, you‘ll need:

  • Kodi installed on your streaming device. Recommended version is Kodi 19 "Matrix" or later. See our guide for installing Kodi if you need it.

  • Enable "Unknown Sources" option in Kodi settings to allow third-party addons.

  • Optional but recommended for privacy – A premium VPN like IPVanished. This allows you to hide your streaming activity and bypass geo-blocks.

Ready to install the addon? Let‘s jump in!

How to Install the NASA Kodi Addon

Follow these simple steps to install the NASA addon on your Kodi device:

  1. Launch Kodi, then click the gear icon in the top left corner to enter Settings.

  2. In Settings, choose "Add-ons" from the left sidebar.

  3. Select "Install from repository" under Add-ons.

  1. Click on the "Kodi Add-on repository". This is pre-installed.

  2. Navigate to "Video add-ons" section in the repository.

  3. Find and select the "NASA" addon.

  1. Choose "Install" in bottom right corner.

  2. Wait for the "Addon installed" confirmation in top right.

That‘s it! The NASA addon will now show in your Kodi addons list ready for streaming.

Navigating the NASA Addon

Here‘s an overview of how to use the NASA addon once installed:

  1. Access the NASA addon from the Video Add-ons section in Kodi‘s main menu.

  2. You‘ll see two categories – Livestreams and Videos.

  1. Livestreams contains the Public, Media, ISS Stream and Education NASA TV channels. Great for live coverage of launches, events, briefings and ISS views.

  2. Videos has hundreds of individual programs to watch on demand. Includes full mission replays, documentaries, educational content and more.

  3. Browse the categories and select any stream or video to watch. 1080p HD quality based on our testing.

For the best NASA viewing experience, check out Kodi features like the Watchlist to bookmark your favorite programs or the Recommended section which suggests content based on your viewing habits.

Troubleshooting the NASA Addon

Some common issues when installing and using the NASA Kodi addon include:

  • Scraper failures when loading video categories – Disable any faulty scrapers in Kodi settings.

  • Playback failures on certain videos – Check codecs are up to date, reauthorize Real Debrid if used.

  • Missing streams in Livestreams section – May be geo-blocked, use a VPN to access.

  • Buffering on NASA TV channels – Try wired Ethernet connection for faster speeds.

  • Addon not working at all – Reboot device, reinstall addon, make sure Kodi is up to date.

  • Crashing/freezing when playing videos – Increase cache size in Kodi settings to allow more buffering.

As a general rule, keep Kodi and its addons updated to the latest versions to avoid issues. The NASA addon provides very reliable performance in our experience after proper setup.

Why a VPN Is Recommended

When streaming over Kodi, using a trusted VPN provides important benefits:

  • Mask your streaming activity from your ISP and government.

  • Gain access to geo-blocked content on the NASA addon and others.

  • Improve speeds by bypassing ISP throttling of streaming traffic.

  • Enhanced privacy and security when accessing public Kodi repositories.

IPVanished is our top choice for Kodi users thanks to excellent speeds, reliable connections and easy-to-use apps for all devices. Sign up today to stream NASA addon content safely!

More Great Space Addons for Kodi

If you found this NASA addon guide helpful, consider checking out these other stellar space and science focused addons too:

  • Nebula – Videos from educational creators like SciShow, Kurzgesagt, Space Time and more.

  • Space Videos – User uploaded collection of space documentaries and shows.

  • ISS Live – Live video feeds and highlights from the International Space Station.

  • NASA TV+ – Alternate NASA addon with some additional live views.

Combining NASA‘s official content with addons like these gives you the ultimate educational and entertainment space streaming setup!


Installing the official NASA Kodi addon provides free access to NASA TV channels, mission replays, documentaries and tons more space content. With this guide, you‘ll learn how to install NASA from the default Kodi repository and navigate its livestreams and video library.

NASA provides a legal and high-quality streaming experience that any space fan will love. Pair it with a few other science focused addons for the ultimate educational Kodi build. Enjoy learning about the cosmos from the comfort of your home!


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