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Install Asgard Kodi Addon on Firestick/Android (Kodi 19 Matrix)

Hey there! If you landed on this page, you‘re probably interested in beefing up your home entertainment system with a powerful new video addon called Asgard.

Well, you came to the right place!

In this guide, I‘m going to walk you step-by-step through how to install Asgard on your Fire TV Stick, NVIDIA Shield, or any other device running Kodi 19 Matrix.

Whether you’re a total newbie or a seasoned Kodi expert, I’ll make sure you have everything you need to get Asgard downloading in no time.

But before we dive into the installation process, let’s go over what exactly Asgard is, why so many people love it, and a few important things you should know before using it.

What is Asgard Kodi Addon?

Asgard is one of the most popular video addons for Kodi 19 Matrix right now. It provides access to a massive library of free movies, TV shows, live sports, documentaries, anime, and more.

Some of the standout features of Asgard include:

  • Huge content library – Over 20 unique sections packed with the latest and greatest movies, shows, live TV, kids content, and more. New titles are added frequently.

  • High quality streams – Many titles available in crystal clear 1080p or 720p from popular file lockers. No more squinting at fuzzy, pixelated streams.

  • Real-Debrid integration – Link your Real-Debrid account to unlock faster streaming speeds from premium cyberlockers and torrents. This seriously takes the experience to the next level.

  • Trakt integration – Connect Trakt to keep track of everything you watch and sync it between devices. No more losing your place!

  • Customizable interface – Choose from multiple color themes and toggle certain sections on/off. Set it up just how you like it.

With its polished interface, massive media library, and smooth streaming, it’s easy to see why Asgard has quickly climbed the charts to become a fan favorite Kodi addon.

But whenever an addon gets really popular, questions around safety and legality are sure to follow. So let‘s tackle those topics next.

Is Asgard Safe to Use? What About Legality?

As you probably know, Asgard is not part of the official Kodi addon repository. This means the Kodi team has not reviewed or verified it in any way. Anytime you install a 3rd party addon, you are taking a risk.

But there are a few things you can do to minimize that risk when using Asgard:

Scan the Repository for Malware

I always recommend scanning an addon‘s repository URL on VirusTotal before installing anything on your device. This scans for any known malware or viruses.

Here are the results when checking the Asgard repo link:

Fortunately, the scan came back clean with no detections! This suggests there is no malicious code hosted in this repository. Of course, it‘s not a 100% guarantee of safety, but it‘s very reassuring.

I make sure to rescan every few weeks just to stay on top of any potential threats. Safety first!

Use a Trusted VPN Provider

Kodi itself warns that sideloaded addons may access personal data on your device. That‘s why I strongly recommend using a virtual private network (VPN) when using Asgard or any unofficial addon.

A VPN like [Recommended VPN] has two big benefits:

  1. It encrypts all your traffic so addons can‘t see your personal info and viewing history.

  2. It hides your IP address and physical location so video streams can‘t be traced back to you.

This adds a crucial layer of privacy and security when streaming.

[CTA for discount on Recommended VPN service]

So in summary, scanning the repository and connecting through a trustworthy VPN will maximize your safety as much as possible. But I still advise exercising some caution since Asgard comes from an unknown developer.

Okay, now let‘s tackle the elephant in the room when it comes to 3rd party addons like Asgard – is it even legal use it?

The short answer is…it‘s complicated. Let me explain…

The Kodi software itself is perfectly legal. And it‘s not illegal to install addons that come from outside the official repository.

However, some of these addons provide access to copyright-protected movies, shows, and content without authorization from the owners. Accessing this type of pirated material is generally unlawful.

Research suggests Kodi is used illegally for piracy up to 93% of the time. That‘s based on a 2019 survey conducted by the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment in the UK.

But here’s where it gets tricky – Kodi addon developers themselves typically don’t host or distribute pirated content. They provide tools that facilitate access to streams hosted on 3rd party sites and services.

Whether this alone constitutes copyright infringement is still a very grey area legally. The laws have not kept pace with the technology.

The responsibility ultimately lies with the end user on what content they access through unofficial addons like Asgard. But due to the risk of illegally streaming copyrighted material, I suggest proceeding with caution.

You can safely explore Asgard and watch 100% legal content like:

  • Old public domain films
  • Independent movies/shows with Creative Commons licenses
  • Home videos
  • YouTube videos
  • Online courses/tutorials

Basically if it‘s free to watch on the open web, it should be fine. But use good judgment!

Now that we got those disclaimers out of the way, let‘s jump into installing Asgard!

Step-by-Step Guide to Installing Asgard on Kodi

The process of installing Asgard is actually pretty straightforward once you‘ve done it a couple times. Just follow these steps carefully:

1. Enable Unknown Sources in Kodi Settings

Since Asgard comes from outside the official Kodi repository, we need to enable installation of unknown sources.

From the main Kodi menu:

  1. Click the little gear icon ⚙️ to open Settings.

  2. Go to System > Add-ons.

  3. Make sure Unknown Sources is switched ON.

  1. When the scary warning pops up, click Yes to confirm.

This just gives you permission to install addons from external sources.

2. Add the Asgard Repository Source to Kodi

Now we need to add the official Asgard repository as a download source in Kodi. This allows us to easily install addons and updates from that repository.

Here‘s how to add it:

  1. From Settings, go to File Manager.

  2. Click Add Source.

  3. Enter the following URL:
  4. Name the source something simple like "Asgard"

  5. Click OK and verify the source was added successfully.

This steps allows Kodi to access the Asgard repository hosted at that URL to install addons from.

3. Install the Asgard Repository

Next we can install the main repository addon itself.

  1. Back out to the Settings menu and go to Add-ons.

  2. Select Install from zip file.

  3. Click on the Asgard source you just added.

  4. Install the file called

Once installed, you‘ll get a notification in Kodi that the Narcacist Repository has been added.

Now the real magic happens…

4. Install Asgard Addon from the Repository

With the repository installed, we can now grab Asgard itself:

  1. Go to Install from repository in Add-ons.

  2. Select the Narcacist Repository.

  3. Go to Video add-ons.

  4. Choose Asgard and install it!

Once installed, you should get a message that Asgard was added successfully. And just like that – you now have access to all the movies, shows, and streams it provides!

But I recommend going one step further to really unlock its full potential…

5. Integrate Real-Debrid for Faster Streams

While Asgard works great right out of the box, connecting your Real-Debrid account really takes it to the next level.

Real-Debrid unlocks premium high-speed streams from file hosters and torrents for a small monthly fee. This eliminates most buffering issues.

Here‘s how to hook it up:

  1. Create a Real-Debrid account if you don‘t have one.

  2. In Asgard, go to Tools > Asgard Settings > Asgard Debrid.

  3. Choose Re-Authorize Real-Debrid.

  4. A code will appear. Write it down.

  5. On a browser, go to the Real-Debrid device verification page.

  6. Enter the code and click Continue.

Once connected, you‘ll see Real-Debrid links at the top of many Asgard sections for the fastest streams. It really improves the streaming experience.

And that covers everything you need to get up and running with Asgard! Now let‘s take a look at what makes this addon so awesome.

Why Asgard Became an Instant Fan Favorite

It only took a few months for Asgard to become of one Kodi‘s most popular video addons. But what exactly makes it so great?

Massive Content Library

The absolute highlight of Asgard is its huge catalog of movies, shows, live TV, and just about anything else you could want to watch.

Some of the standout sections include:

  • Movies – All the latest Hollywood blockbusters, classics, indie flicks and more.

  • TV shows – Ever popular show from Friends to The Office to Game of Thrones.

  • Live TV – Tons of working live TV streams from US, UK, Canada and other countries.

  • Sports – Never miss a game with NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, Soccer, WWE, UFC and more.

  • Kids – Keep the little ones entertained with Disney, cartoons, family movies and more.

  • Documentaries – Learn something new by streaming popular docs and educational programs.

  • Anime – Popular animated shows from Dragonball to OnePiece to Naruto and beyond.

No matter what you feel like watching, Asgard has you covered. New movies and shows are added rapidly too.

Intuitive Interface

Navigating Asgard feels smooth and intuitive. The interface has lots of nice touches like:

  • Attractive layout with highly visible menus
  • Useful categories that make sense
  • Colorful artwork and logos for shows and movies
  • Trakt sync features prominently displayed
  • Settings and tools easily accessible

It‘s clear a lot of work went into the interface design and presentation. Even Kodi first-timers can easily find their way around.

Reliable HD Streams

Nothing‘s worse than settling in to watch a movie only to get constant lag and buffering.

Fortunately, Asgard delivers smooth HD streams from a variety of hosts. Movies play almost instantly with no endless load times.

You‘ll have multiple quality options up to crystal clear 1080p on many titles. No more straining to see 480p streams pixelated to oblivion!

Real-Debrid Integration

As mentioned earlier, hooking up a Real-Debrid account unlocks premium high-speed streams in Asgard.

Real-Debrid works by downloading files on their servers and streaming it to you instead of slow direct downloads. It transforms Asgard into an even more powerful streaming machine!

Active Development

One reason Asgard has overtaken other addons is rapid ongoing development. The devs fix issues quickly and add new features all the time.

Frequent updates mean it‘s less likely to suddenly stop working one day. You can tell a lot of care goes into maintaining and improving it.

The bottom line is Asgard combines a slick interface with robust media catalog into one awesome Kodi addon. It‘s easy to understand why it‘s gained such a big following.

Next let‘s look at a few frequently asked questions about getting started with Asgard.

FAQ – Asgard Kodi Addon Basics

Still have some questions about using Asgard? Here are some common ones:

Do I need Kodi to use Asgard?

Yes, Asgard is an addon that runs within the Kodi media player. You‘ll first need to install Kodi on your streaming device before you can use Asgard.

What devices can I install Asgard on?

Some popular options that run Kodi include the Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, NVIDIA Shield, Android boxes, and more. Basically any device capable of running Kodi 19 Matrix can install Asgard.

Is there a mobile app for Asgard?

Since it‘s a Kodi addon, Asgard itself does not have a dedicated mobile app. However, you can install Kodi for Android on your smartphone/tablet and then add Asgard to access it on mobile.

How do I update Asgard to the latest version?

The repository will push out any Asgard updates automatically. Or you can check for new versions in Add-ons > My addons > Asgard > Check for updates.

Can I use Asgard on multiple Kodi devices?

Definitely! Once you have the repo installed on one device, you can easily add Asgard to any other Kodi box. Just repeat the installation process.

Will I get in trouble for streaming copyrighted stuff?

There is some risk when it comes to streaming copyrighted material without authorization. Use caution and a VPN to protect your privacy.

And that covers the basics of using Asgard! Let me know if any other questions come up.

Start Streaming Your Favorite Movies & Shows with Asgard

Well, that wraps up this Asgard installation guide!

To recap, we covered:

  • What Asgard Kodi addon is and key features

  • Safety tips and legal use disclaimer

  • Step-by-step setup on a Firestick / Android / Shield

  • Integrating Real-Debrid to maximize streaming

  • Why Asgard became so popular

  • FAQ answering common questions

I hope all this gives you the knowledge to get Asgard up and running smoothly. Now just kick back and start streaming!

As always, feel free to reach out if any issues pop up during setup. Enjoy!


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