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How To Free Up Memory On Kodi

Most of the time, you can find Kodi apps running without too many issues. However, there comes a time when you may experience stuttering, buffering, or even the odd crash on a Fire TV stick that has a full cache or lack of free disk space.

While there are varying things, the cache can be the primary culprit with many problems on an Amazon Fire TV Stick because of the available disk space.

Luckily, it isn’t too challenging to clear the Kodi cache and free up disk space. You can even find third-party tools to install to help and auto clear cache on Kodi.

In this guide, you can learn more about clearing the Kodi cache and a few other issues you may encounter on your FireStick or computer.

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What is Kodi Cache?

Kodi cache is temporary storage used to function more optimally by many apps, including Kodi on a FireStick or computer.

When you open a directory, file, folder, or addon, the commonly used content is stored on your device to prevent it from being loaded again from the beginning.

For instance, creating YV shows thumbnails for your video covers Kodi on your FireStick stores images for later display. With this, your computer or FireStick doesn’t waste time and resources searching for this information. (Learn How to Install Movierulz on Kodi)

If you don’t clear this, the storage area fills, and it is here where issues start occurring.

How to Clear Kodi Cache

Kodi cache problems can be resolved quickly on a FireStick, yet Kodi doesn’t possess an easy way to do this.

You can find either addon dealing with this issue themselves. You can see here that you can download specific addons to carry out Kodi FireStick maintenance much easier than manually doing it.

We will be using Kodi add-on number one to help auto-clear cache on Kodi in the first step-by-step method to clear cache and free up disk space.

Navigate to ‘system settings’

  1. In the sub-menu ‘Add-ons’ toggle ‘Unknown-sources to enable if disabled
  2. Navigate back to the main menu. Select ‘File Manager’
  3. Choose ‘Add Source’
  4. Enter a path or browse media field’ where it says ‘no,’ enter this URL exactly:
  5. To name the source, enter ‘Merlin.’
  6. Navigate back to the main menu. Select ‘add-ons’ and access the add-ons browser
  7. Select ‘Install from a zip file.’
  8. Select the entry you named earlier
  9. In the options list, choose your Kodi version (Jarvis, Krypton, Leia)
  10. In the next list, select ‘All.’
  11. Inside the folder, choose the only .zip file available for installation
  12. After the installation, navigate to the main menu. Select ‘Install from repository.’
  13. Select ‘SuperRepo’
  14. Select ‘Program Add-ons’
  15. Search for ‘Merlin Auto Cleaner’
  16. Select and Confirm the Merlin Auto Cleaner Installation

Once installed, restart Kodi and check the top right corner to see if the Merlin Auto Cleaner ran every time at Kodi startup.

Using this addon, clear your FireStick cache and free up disk space each time you want it to run at the Kodi startup.

Alternative Ways to Clearing the Cache on Kodi

The above shows an excellent third-party tool, yet depending on the add-ons you use, you may find the following methods more suitable and accessible.

Clear Cache on Kodi Using Indigo Addon

The Indigo addon method is an excellent tool for many things besides clearing cache. It is the most popular maintenance addon for Kodi and is highly recommended any Kodi user make full use of its capabilities.

First of all, you will need to download and install the Kodi Indigo addon. You can locate this in many areas.

After you install the addon, you can proceed and open ‘Maintenance Tools. ‘ Once here, there are many options available. Here are a few of the more essential tools you may require.

Clear Cache: The name says it all, and you can efficiently delete cache on Kodi. Click the option, and it asks you to confirm your choice. (Learn How To Subscribe To A Subreddit)

Delete Thumbnails: You can free up valuable disk storage space using this option.

Delete Crash Logs: if you have any crashes, then a log is retained. Deleting these can free up space and save Kodi from being bogged down with full folders.

Delete Textures13.DB: Aside from freeing up space, this option can help artwork to display correctly.

Auto Maintenance: To save doing a cleanup manually, you can set auto clear cache Kodi with this option, which can help prevent buffering. (Read Installing Superrepo On Kodi)

Clear Cache with Exodus Addon

Exodus is another hugely popular Kodi addon. Now, if you find the Kodi Exodus cache full, you can use the addon to remove junk files and improve performance while stopping buffering of data.

Here’s how to clear Exodus cache:

  1. Launch Kodi and let it loads completely
  2. Head to your Add-ons and open Exodus
  3. In the main menu, click on ‘Tools‘ on your Fire TV/ FireStick
  4. Select one of the options: choose to clear cache, clear streaming providers, and clear streaming search history. It is often best to run all the options for a good clear-out.
  5. Relaunch Kodi and feel the difference on your Fire TV/ FireStick as you start streaming with a clean Kodi installation and lots of free disk space.

Clear Cache with Covenant Addon

Covenant is another popular addon, and if you have this installed, you can use it to clear the cache on Kodi by using Covenant and free up some disk space on your FireStick.

You will need to install the addon from the right app repository.

  1. Open Kodi app
  2. Open the Covenant addon
  3. Select ‘Tools‘ in the main menu

Make sure to clear cache and also clear the cache of providers and even any search history. (Read Facebook This Content Isn’t Available Right Now)

Clear Kodi Cache with Supreme Builds Wizard

  1. Open Kodi app on your Android Fire TV/ Firestick or Kodi box
  2. Head to Settings and enable ‘Unknown Sources’
  3. Navigate to Kodi Home Screen
  4. On the Main Menu, Click Settings
  5. Open File Manager
  6. Click ‘Add Source’ then ‘None.’
  7. Enter this URL Exactly: then click OK
  8. Name the media source ‘supreme’ click OK
  9. Return to your Kodi Main Screen and select ‘Add-ons.’
  10. Select the package manager (open box icon)
  11. Click Install from the zip file
  12. Click ‘Supreme’
  13. Select, then wait for the add-on installed popup message.
  14. Click Install from Repository and select ‘Supreme Builds Repository.’
  15. Select Program Add-ons – Supreme Builds Wizard and then Install
  16. Dismiss the Supreme Builds message. You can Enable any settings you want
  17. When prompted, click the ‘Ignore Builds Menu.’
  18. Navigate to the Kodi Home Screen and hover over Program add-ons. Select Supreme Builds Wizard
  19. Click on Supreme Builds Maintenance
  20. Click Supreme Builds Cleaning Tools apps
  21. Select Clear Cache. When prompted, click Clear Cache a second time

Kodi displays a message with the number of files removed now your cache is empty on your Android Fire TV/ FireStick.

Supreme Builds offers many more built-in apps to maintain your Kodi installation. You can set it to auto clear and clean free disk space on every startup or use it to carry out tweaks inside Kodi to make it work the most optimum. (Learn How to Remove Kodi from Firestick)

Each has a step-by-step approach, and any tool in Supreme can make a big difference to how Kodi operates in a clean state compared to one full of junk.

As good as all these tools are to check and make it easy to clean your device or Kodi box, they don’t stop anyone from seeing what movies or TV shows you have been accessing.

To really be safe, any user is recommended to get a VPN that runs on their device.

VPN apps can keep any Kodi user safe as it switches the IP address and changes it for another one. Besides this, all data goes through an encrypted tunnel. With this, not even an ISP can see what you are accessing.

With so much attention focused on Kodi addon use, there shouldn’t be any user who uses a Kodi installation on a computing device or a Fire TV. No matter what device you use, if the right person is looking, they can determine your identity and location with the help of your ISP.

VPN apps can also help bypass video restrictions for movies and TV shows that come from other countries. If the streams are restricted, swapping the server to one based in that country, and you’ll find you don’t have any dead streams.


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