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How To Download Neptune Rising

Neptune Rising has been one of the best Kodi add-ons there has been for several years. It works great like a search engine does and scours the internet for streams of the latest movies, TV shows, and sports.

Neptune Rising has been one of the longest-running add-ons, yet recently it has lacked any further support. Luckily, the add-on continues to work.

In our guide, you can learn all you need about how to install Neptune Rising and much more besides.

Does Neptune Rising Still Work?

The Neptune Rising Kodi add-on hasn’t seen much support from developers for quite a while. However, you can still click on install Neptune Rising Kodi add-on and make use of it regardless.

You can find a couple of issues when installing Neptune Rising, yet these are easy to fix.

Is Neptune Rising Legal?

Like any third-party addons you get when installing the Neptune Rising Kodi add-on, the Kodi addons are merely a search engine that scours the internet for movies and TV shows.

However, because many of the streams may be of copyright-protected content, the use of such an add-on is frowned upon. (Read Is Kodi Legal)

Many agencies, copyright trolls, and movie studios try to get the add-on and repo shut down.

Any Kodi use does need a VPN to keep your identity and IP address out of sight.

How Can We Fix the Rising of Neptune?

Here you can find the steps for installing the Neptune Rising add-on and a couple of fixes to issues you may have.

If you see the failed to install the dependency, you can reinstall the add-on on Kodi, which should fix the issue.

First, you need to tell Kodi to allow the installation of third-party addons.

Enable Unknown Sources

Step 1. Open the Kodi and go back to the home screen and top-left of the screen. Step 2. Highlight the cog (gear) icon and click to open Settings

Step 3. Go to ‘System settings’ or click ‘System’ if upgraded to Kodi Leia

Step 4. Select Add-ons in the left part of the window. Go to ‘Unknown Sources.’

Step 5. Toggle the option to ON if disabled

Step 6. When prompted, click Yes to confirm

Install Neptune Rising Kodi add-on

  1. Launch Kodi. From back to the home screen, click the System icon in the upper left side panel.
  2. Click File manager from the main menu.
  3. Double click on ‘Add source’ on the left side.
  4. Click ‘None’
  5. Copy and paste this URL: in the popup location box. Click OK.
  6. Name the media source in the media box underneath. Give it the name ‘blame. Make sure the characters are all lower-case. Click OK.
  7. OK, go back to the main screen, click on ‘Add-ons’ (Neptune Rising) on the left menu panel.
  8. Click the package installer (open box icon). Select ‘Install from zip file.’
  9. Select the source kblamo you just added
  10. Click on the .zip file
  11. Wait for the Blamo Repository Reborn Add-on installed confirmation message to pop up.
  12. Select install from repository
  13. Select Blamo Repo Reborn Repository.
  14. Select Video add-ons. Inside Video addons, select Neptune Rising.
  15. Click on install and Press OK to enable the additional dependencies and add-ons.
  16. Wait for the add-on installed popup message confirmation.

No Streams Available on Neptune Rising Addon

As the add-on searches, it can come up with dead streams. If you get the same error, you should clear your cache.

  1. Open Neptune Rising Addon, go to ‘Tools.’
  2. Click ‘Clear Cache’
  3. Click ‘Yes’ when asking for confirmation
  4. Restart Kodi and try again

Enable Auto Updates

  1. Launch Kodi
  2. From ‘Kodi Home Screen’ right click on “Neptune Rising.”
  3. Chose ‘Information’ – select ‘Update’ and also ‘Turn On Auto Updates’
  4. Now, select the latest version, ‘Blamo Repo x.x.x.’

Stop Buffering

  1. Chose ‘Updated Neptune Rising’ – Select ‘Tools’ – Click ‘Neptune Rising install: Clear Cache’ – Select ‘Yes.’
  2. Now hit ‘Neptune Rising: Clear Providers’ – Click ‘Yes.’
  3. Open the Kodi app and Navigate back to ‘Kodi Home Screen’ – ‘Right Click Neptune Rising’ – Press on ‘Settings’ – Change ‘Providers Timeout to 20.’
  4. Select ‘Playback’ on the left of your screen – Turn Off the ‘Hosters With Captchas’
  5. Click on ‘Library’ – ‘Turn On’ the ‘Check Movie Before Adding’
  6. Press ‘OK’

How Do You Get Rising Tides Add-on?

Rising Tides is a great alternative for free streaming to the Neptune Rising Kodi add-on.

It also has links to top movies, TV shows, and sports. Many of the steps are similar to installing addons Neptune Rising, yet a different repo URL than Kodi Neptune Rising is located.

  1. Go back to the home screen of Kodi
  2. Open Settings
  3. Click File manager
  4. Click Add source
  5. Click ‘None’ on this screen
  6. Enter this URL exactly:
  7. Click OK
  8. underneath, select the field to name the media source. Enter any name or use ‘mulla.’
  9. Click OK
  10. Navigate back to the home screen
  11. Click Add-ons
  12. In the top-left corner, click on the Package installer (open box icon)
  13. Choose install from zip file
  14. Click ‘mulla’
  15. Open the zip file (version number may differ)
  16. Wait for notification saying Rising Tides Repository Add-on installed in the top-right corner.
  17. Open install from repository
  18. Click Rising Tides Repository
  19. Choose Video add-ons next
  20. Click Rising Tides
  21. Click Install next
  22. Click OK when the prompt appears

Wait for the Rising Tides Add-on installed notification. It will appear in the top-right corner of your display.

Now you have seen how to install Neptune Rising add-on and other add-ons, you need to know that any add-ons besides add-on Neptune Rising can be seen by your ISP.

Popular add-ons such as Neptune Rising on Kodi attract lots of attention. So, any Kodi user must use a VPN to hide any activity when using Kodi add-ons.

A VPN will take your IP address and change it to one from the country you choose. Thus, with this and the military-grade encryption, your ISP won’t see what you are accessing.

Besides this, if any streams face geo-restrictions and show as dead.

Your VPN can easily bypass these, so you can have trouble-free use of any add-on on Kodi if you find the Neptune Rising add-on doesn’t deliver or it failed to install. (Learn How To Watch New Movies On Kodi)



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