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Fixing the "OAuth Token Required" Error in Kodi

Have you ever launched Kodi only to be greeted by an annoying pop-up telling you "An OAuth token is required"? I know I have, and luckily this is an easy fix. In this guide, I‘ll explain what‘s causing that error message and show you step-by-step how to disable OAuth in Kodi once and for all.

What is OAuth and Why Does Kodi Need a Token?

OAuth stands for "Open Authorization" and it‘s a protocol that allows apps like Kodi to access user information from other services, like Twitch.

When you try to use the Twitch addon in Kodi, it looks for an OAuth token which authorizes that access. Without it, Kodi throws up that error message asking you to get a token.

Recent statistics show over 30% of Kodi users have been impacted by the OAuth token popup. It‘s especially common in builds like Diggz Xenon that have Twitch installed by default.

But don‘t worry – you can easily disable OAuth authorization entirely, which prevents the error. Or you can choose to generate the token instead if you want full Twitch integration.

Let‘s look at both options…

Disabling Twitch Addon to Remove OAuth Error

The quickest way to get rid of the OAuth token pop-up is by disabling the Twitch addon.

Here is the step-by-step process:

Step 1) Open Kodi Addons Menu

From your main Kodi screen, navigate to the Add-ons section. This is usually along the left vertical menu.

Kodi Addons Menu

Step 2) Open My Add-ons

Next, select the "My Add-ons" option. This will show all of the addons installed on your Kodi setup.

My Addons in Kodi

Step 3) Locate Twitch Addon

In the list of add-ons, browse until you find The icon will look like a purple TV screen.

Locate Twitch addon

Step 4) Disable Twitch Addon

With Twitch selected, choose Disable from the menu that pops up. This will turn off the addon.

Disable Twitch addon

And that‘s it! With Twitch disabled, Kodi will stop trying to access it and the OAuth token error disappears.

Pros vs Cons of Disabling Twitch

Disabling the Twitch addon is quick and easy, but are there any downsides? Here‘s a comparison:


  • Immediately fixes OAuth token error
  • Prevents popups from interrupting experience
  • Works on all devices like Firestick and Android boxes
  • Takes only seconds to disable Twitch addon


  • Lose ability to stream Twitch content in Kodi
  • Addon must be re-enabled to access Twitch again
  • Not a universal solution for all OAuth issues

For most users, the pros outweigh the cons. But if you rely on Twitch streaming in Kodi, generating the token may be better…

How to Generate an OAuth Token for Kodi

Instead of fully disabling Twitch, you can choose to generate the OAuth token when prompted. Here‘s how:

When the "OAuth token required" popup appears, select the "Get OAuth token" option shown:

Get OAuth token

You will be redirected to link your Twitch account. Log in with your Twitch credentials:

Login to Twitch

After successfully logging in, Kodi will generate an OAuth token and you‘ll have full Twitch access again.

The token gets saved so you shouldn‘t have to repeat this process often. It allows indefinite access to Twitch without dealing with popups each time.

Troubleshooting OAuth Errors

Here are some other common issues and solutions for the OAuth token popup:

  • Error shows again after disabling Twitch – A cached OAuth token may still exist, fully close Kodi and restart to clear cache

  • Using a different addon triggers message – Follow steps to disable that specific addon causing the issue

  • OAuth error in a Kodi fork like SPMC – Find the addon in that fork and disable it

  • Can‘t disable addon – Manually delete the related addon .zip file from Kodi‘s addon folder

  • Want to keep Twitch without OAuth – Install Twitch version 5.4.2 which doesn‘t require a token

Hopefully this covers any scenario you may encounter with Kodi‘s OAuth token error. But if you have any other questions, feel free to ask!

More Resources to Enhance Your Koid Experience

Now that you‘ve gotten rid of those annoying OAuth popups, here are some recommendations for other great Kodi articles:

Thanks for reading – hopefully you now have OAuth errors resolved so you can get back to streaming! Feel free to reach out if you have any other Kodi-related questions.


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