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How To Delete True Key

True Key is a password manager and was designed by Intel Security; True Key is now a McAfee product.

While there is a free version, it does have its limitations, and one of the most being the small number of passwords you can store before it wants you to begin paying.

For a large number of users, the app was installed along with Adobe Flash as optional offers. During installation, users had to uncheck the install boxes for both True Key and the McAfee Security Scan Plus if they did not want them.

True Key can do a decent job, yet it is more geared to large corporations, and there better alternatives. If you want to move to another alternative password manager that offers more, you can use this guide and learn how to how to uninstall True Key from your device.

Is True Key a Virus?

Users who have True Key on their device should panic if they have the Intel Security True Key. However, there is a piece of software that has the same name and installs adware onto your device during installation.

In operation, your browser will begin to show multiple pop-up ads, redirects. It is what is known as a PUP – Potentially Unwanted Program. (Read Best Virus Protection For Android Tablets)

What’s True Key?

Intel Security True Key is a password manager, although, for many, it serves as a place to keep sensitive information rather than manage passwords. Once you set your True Key login, it will automatically log you into a website each time you browse that site.

While it was designed by Intel Security, True Key was snapped up by cybersecurity firm McAfee. On many occasions, you will find True Key an inclusion in their security suite of software. Here it is handy to have and use.

As a standalone product, it serves less purpose as it has many restrictions on the free version. Although the upgrade is reasonable, there is a lack of features to lure most users.

You can see from many True Keys review, they obtained this unknowingly and wish to uninstall True Key from their machines. (Read Chrome Safe Mode)

How Do I Remove True Key?

When you want to get rid of True Key, you will find there is a three-part operation to uninstall the app. The reason for this being you can’t just click uninstall, and everything will vanish.

In summary, you need to uninstall the app, uninstall the browser add-on, and finally check for leftover files in C:\Program Files.

Here are all the steps you need to remove True Key

  1. Remove Extension from Chrome
  2. Open your Chrome browser
  3. Click the Tools to the right of the browser menu
  4. Select Extensions, then click on True Key
  5. Select Disable, or Uninstall

Remove True Key from PC or MAC

This option removes both the app and the extension from your computer. According to McAfee, if you get rid of True Key using these steps, it also removes the extension. It is better to uninstall the extension using the above steps first.

Uninstall from Windows

  1. Click Start – Open Control Panel – Add or Remove Programs
  2. Click to select True Key on the list. Click on Uninstall
  3. Follow the on-screen prompts to finish the process

Windows users can also use an alternative method without heading to the control panel.

  1. Click on the Start button
  2. Scroll down until you come to the McAfee True Key Option
  3. Right Click and select uninstall from the pop-up menu

Uninstall from Mac

  1. Open the Applications folder
  2. Drag the True Key app to the Trash icon in your dock
  3. Empty your Trash folder

Check Your Main Drive on Computer

Once you have followed the above steps, you may still see a folder sitting in your C:\Program Files folder. Open this folder, and if there is one from McAfee, you can right-click on this and select delete to remove leftover files not deleted by the uninstall process.

The above steps are usually enough to remove True Key, although there are occasions when there can be an error.

If you see ‘Problem Occurred, please close the window and try again,’ you may need to start your computer and try to remove True Key again.

How Do I Delete My True Key Account

If you have the free version of the Intel, you may think it isn’t offering the security you desire. With the auto logging in of websites, any person who may use or get hold of your device can log into a site quite easily.

You can find this reason enough to select an alternative. If you wish to cancel your True Key Account, you do need to contact the customer service and cancel any renewing payments you have set up. With the free version, just remove True Key from your machine and move on. (Learn Reddit How To Subscribe To A Subreddit)

Suppose you do worry over online privacy and security, which is often the case for anyone using a password manager—selecting a VPN to use while browsing is a great option.

While you still need an alternative password manager, you will have secure connections, as they go through military-grade encryption. A password manager that offers its own encryption means your data will be doubly secure, and not even your ISP will be able to see what you are doing online.

VPN’s now offer much more than just bypassing geo-restrictions to watch the latest movies and TV shows. They take your online privacy to a new level, and you can see it makes sense to uninstall True Key from Intel as your first step towards it.


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