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How To Delete Primary Blog On Tumblr

Also, the site was tied up with a child pornography scandal that saw it removed from the iOS store for a while.

Once the site that claimed anything goes reeled in the actions of users. To top this, there were concerns about hackers accessing user addresses and also salting and hashing passwords.

While certain things were fixed, there were still bugs, and it left user data vulnerable. Finally, the platform made it nearly impossible for users to opt-out of data sharing to third-party advertisers.

If you have given up on Tumblr and want to delete yourself, you need to go about this in a certain way. Here, in this guide, you can learn how to delete Tumblr account the right way.

What is the Point of a Secondary Blog on Tumblr?

One thing to note before looking at what a secondary blog does is that when you delete a blog, everything you published will vanish.

However, your secondary blog content won’t go entirely. If your post was reblogged, then the content here won’t be removed unless that Tumblr user deletes the given blog.

A secondary blog doesn’t affect your account. It is possible to create up to ten of these any day. You create these as an addition to your primary blog.

These secondary blogs have no social features and won’t let you follow other blogs. You can password protect a secondary blog, yet you use them to post your blog posts.

Why Can’t I Delete My Tumblr Blog?

If you use the app, you will find deleting your Tumblr account from there can’t be done. Any delete account action of this nature has to be carried out from a computer and through a web browser via the main Tumblr page. (Learn how to delete Facebook)

Secondary blogs can be deleted from the app or a browser if you follow these instructions:

Delete Secondary Blog in App

Step 1: Using the App to Delete Blog

Step 2: Open the Tumblr app

Step 3: Go to your Tumblr log in for your Tumblr account

Step 4: Click the ‘account’ icon

Step 5: Select from the blog list ones you wish to delete (select Tumblr blog name)

Step 6: On iOS, swipe left and then chose ‘delete,’ on Android, select the gear icon (settings), and select ‘Delete this Tumblr’ for the secondary blog you want to delete

Delete Secondary Blog Using a Web Browser

Step 1: Login into Tumblr account

Step 2: Click on settings on the dashboard menu

Step 3: Click ‘delete blog’ toward the bottom of your screen

When you delete a Tumblr account that is secondary, it doesn’t affect your primary, although if you get rid of an account linked to your primary, it will close Tumblr, delete account and everything.

Can I Change My Primary Blog on Tumblr?

Your primary Tumblr blog is very different from your secondary Tumblr blog. The main blog is connected to your identity and is what appears when you have followers or if you wish to send asks and leave any comments, or give out your email address.

It is possible to rename a blog, although you can’t select any other blog to become your primary blog. If you need to do this, you can add a link or a blog URL, which points to your secondary. Doing this can stop anyone seeing or commenting on your primary blog.

What Happens if You Delete Your Primary Blog on Tumblr?

When you look how to delete a blog on Tumblr, which can be straightforward when in your secondary. However, when you come to delete your Tumblr primary blogs, this is the steps you take to finish with the platform.

Make sure you remember that deleting primary account blogs needs a browser so you can reach the settings page for your account. You also need a confirmation to your email address, and not just deleting blogs via the app.

Step 1: Log in to your Tumblr account.

Step 2: Click the ‘Account’ icon and select ‘Settings page’

Step 3: Scroll down toward the bottom and select ‘Delete Account’

Step 4: Tumblr directs you to another screen and will ask if you are sure of your actions

Step 5: Confirm the actions by entering your email address and password

Step 6: Select ‘Delete Everything’.

The process you are in to shut your account will remind you of the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. This outlines how partners and vendors use cookies. Click ‘Accept’ to proceed.

When you finish deleting your account, the username and URL go back into a pool for reuse. Thus, any person can use what you used initially.

Many users get this far and forget their IP address may be one that was exposed in the numerous hacks the platform had. To safeguard yourself, it is advisable to use a VPN for accessing any social media platform or to just go about your daily activities.

VPN’s mask your location when you choose a server in another area, and with this, you obtain a new IP address that has no relation to the IP of your device or home network.

Military-grade encryption is the standard, and no hackers can crack this. Thus, if you send any sensitive data such as your email, or online banking details, these are safe and secure. One other thing is that the hundreds of ad-partners Tumblr shares data to won’t bombard you with ads.

A VPN is becoming the best way for any Tumblr user or any internet users to regain privacy, anonymity, and making sure they have full protection whenever they are online.


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