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How To Change Your Location on Hinge: Everything You Need to Know

Want to match with singles outside your area on Hinge? Changing your location is a breeze with the dating app. Follow this easy guide to match in new cities or countries without specialized spoofing tools.

With over 7 million users, Hinge is one of the fastest growing dating apps. But it can get stale only seeing locals. The good news is you can access Matches worldwide by tweaking your Hinge location.

In this comprehensive guide, you‘ll learn:

  • Step-by-step instructions to change your location on Hinge
  • What location access the app does (and doesn‘t) require
  • How a VPN adds privacy when switching locations
  • Expert tips to avoid issues when changing locations
  • Answers to common Hinge location questions

Let‘s start exploring how to match around the world!

A Quick and Easy Process

The process to change your location takes just seconds on both iPhone and Android. Here‘s a quick overview before we dive into the step-by-step instructions:

  • You don‘t need any additional software or tools. Hinge doesn‘t utilize GPS tracking, so there‘s no need to "fake" your location. Just change it directly in the app.

  • Your matches and conversations stay intact. Updating your location won‘t reset your Hinge profile or existing connections.

  • You can switch locations as often as you want. Feel free to hop between different cities and countries. It‘s a great way to experience the global dating pool!

Ok, let‘s get started with the details…

Step-by-Step Guide to Updating Locations

You can manually set your location on Hinge‘s mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. Here are the steps:

iOS Instructions

  1. Launch the Hinge app and tap your profile icon in the top left corner.

  2. Scroll down and select "Preferences."

  3. Choose "My Neighborhood."

  4. Tap the map marker icon in the bottom right corner.

  5. Search for and select your new location by tapping the map or using the search bar.

  6. Confirm your new location by tapping "Choose This Location."

That‘s all it takes! The Hinge app will begin showing your profile to matches in the area you selected.

Android Instructions

  1. Open the Hinge app and select your profile icon.

  2. Tap the gear icon to access the Settings menu.

  3. Choose "Location."

  4. Tap "Change Location."

  5. Type your desired city and state or country.

  6. Select the correct location from the dropdown list.

  7. Confirm by tapping "Save."

The Hinge app will now start surfacing users in your newly set location. It‘s that easy!

[[Image: Person changing location on Hinge app]]

Troubleshooting Tips

Stuck trying to change your location on Hinge? Try these tips:

  • Double check spelling if Hinge can‘t find your desired location.

  • Try a broader city if it‘s not detecting smaller towns.

  • Ensure app and device software are updated to the latest versions.

  • Force quit and relaunch the Hinge app if issues persist.

  • Contact Hinge Support if you still have no luck updating your location.

Now let‘s dive into what location access Hinge actually requires…

Hinge Doesn‘t Need Your GPS Data

Unlike Tinder and other dating apps, Hinge does not require access to your device‘s location services or GPS data.

The app solely relies on the city you manually enter in your settings. There‘s no background tracking of your real-time location.

However, Hinge can still gather some location-related data:

  • General region based on your IP address

  • Location included in messaging metadata

  • Geotags on photos if you permit access

But this data only provides a broad area rather than pinpointing your exact GPS coordinates.

You stay fully in control. Hinge only knows your location if you explicitly set it in the app. There‘s no undisclosed location tracking in the background.

Add a VPN for Extra Privacy

A VPN provides encryption for all network traffic between your device and the internet. This prevents snooping and hides your real IP location.

VPN benefits when using Hinge include:

  • Masking your IP so Hinge can‘t approximate your location

  • Encrypting your connection to keep chats and activity private

  • Accessing Hinge if blocked or restricted in certain areas

  • Avoiding throttling or blocks when traveling abroad

Top-rated VPNs to use with Hinge for optimal privacy:


Pros Cons
Blazing fast speeds Slightly higher cost
30-day money-back guarantee
5500+ servers in 94 countries


Pros Cons
5400+ servers worldwide Slight speed loss
Robust security features
Affordable pricing


Pros Cons
Budget-friendly pricing Smaller server network
Unlimited devices Speed can be slower
No-logs policy

FAQs about Hinge Location Services

Let‘s wrap up with answers to common Hinge location questions:

Does Hinge update my location automatically?

No, Hinge relies solely on the manual location you set. It doesn‘t track or update your real-time GPS coordinates.

What are the best free VPNs to use?

Top free VPNs include ProtonVPN, TunnelBear, and But paid options have faster speeds and more servers.

Will I lose matches if I change location?

Nope! Your existing matches and conversations will remain intact when you update your location.

Can I hide my location completely?

Yes, you can toggle your location off so it‘s hidden on your Hinge profile.

Match Around the World with Hinge

Unlike Tinder and Bumble, Hinge gives you full control to manually change your location as often as you want. There‘s no need for specialized location-spoofing tools.

Follow the simple steps above to access singles in new cities or countries. A VPN provides encryption and masks your IP for extra privacy.

So go ahead and refresh your dating options by moving around the map on Hinge. Just always keep privacy top of mind when connecting online.

Hope this guide gave you all the tools to easily change your location while using Hinge safely! Happy worldwide matching.


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