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How To Change Your Location on Bumble: The Ultimate Guide

Bumble, the popular dating and networking app, connects people based on geographic proximity. With over 100 million users, Bumble depends on detecting your location to match you with others nearby.

But there are many reasons you may want to modify or change your location settings in the app. Read this comprehensive guide to learn how Bumble uses your location, reasons you may want to alter it, your options to change locations, limitations, and expert tips to date smarter.

How Does Bumble Determine Your Location?

When you create a Bumble account and allow access to your location services, the app detects your geographic coordinates using GPS on your mobile device or computer.

Your profile‘s location updates automatically based on where your phone‘s GPS is pinging from. So if you drive across town, head to work, or fly to a new city, your location in Bumble changes too.

This allows Bumble to show you potential matches located closest to you based on real-time geolocation tracking. Being able to connect with people in your immediate vicinity is the core of Bumble‘s matchmaking algorithms.

According to Bumble‘s 2022 survey, over half of users prefer dating people within 10 miles of them, and 82% want matches within 25 miles. So proximity is key to the Bumble experience.

Chart showing 82% of Bumble users want to match with people within 25 miles

Bumble‘s reliance on location services also acts as a verification system. By comparing your device‘s GPS coordinates against your profile location, it can detect attempts to spoof or falsify locations.

But there are some circumstances where you may want to change your location settings…

Top Reasons People Want to Change Their Bumble Location

While Bumble requires location access to function, there are valid reasons you may want to modify or adjust the location displayed in your profile.

1. Enhancing Privacy and Safety

Some people prefer not to show their precise home or workplace address for privacy and safety reasons.

Displaying your exact GPS coordinates could allow strangers online to determine where you live and work. Even showing the general neighborhood or block might be too much detail for some.

By slightly adjusting your location to a nearby town or intersection, you can obscure your home and work locations. This makes it harder for someone on Bumble to pinpoint where you are at specific times of day.

Obscuring your location just slightly can give you more anonymity without drastically changing who sees your profile. And it keeps potentially unsafe people from knowing your daily routines and haunts.

2. Moving to a New Place

When you move to a new city or town, you‘ll obviously want to update your Bumble location to connect with matches in the new area.

Leaving your profile location set to your old home means you will only be shown people from there, even if you‘ve moved cross-country.

So updating your location is necessary to meet new people nearby after relocating.

3. Traveling and Temporary Locations

If you travel often for work or vacations, changing your location easily lets you connect with matches around your travel destinations.

For example, if you live in Miami but are traveling to San Francisco for a week, you likely want to match and meet people in San Francisco.

By updating your location to each new travel spot, you expand your dating pool and can meet new people wherever you are visiting.

4. Expanding Your Dating Pool

Some Bumble users change to a nearby town or neighborhood simply to connect with matches in a different part of the area.

Even if you‘re satisfied meeting people within 25 miles, someone just a few miles away in the next suburb might seem more intriguing and exotic.

Changing your location slightly introduces you to singles in nearby zip codes and communities. If you live in a large metro, even neighborhoods within the same city can have distinct vibes and demographics.

5. Testing Location Spoofing With a VPN

Some curious users change their location just to test circumventing Bumble‘s geolocation checks using a VPN or proxy service.

Tech-savvy people want to see if they can trick Bumble into thinking they are located somewhere else. Usually this is done using a VPN app that masks your real IP address and GPS coordinates.

Testing location spoofing can be appealing to certain personalities, even if they have no intention of permanently changing their location. It poses an interesting challenge.

Now that you know why people want to change their locations, let‘s explore your options…

How to Change Your Bumble Location

Bumble does not allow manually entering any location you want for free. However, the app provides a few options for modifying your general location displayed:

Refresh Your Location in App Settings

Within the Bumble app settings, you can prompt it to pull a new GPS update from your device:

  1. Tap the profile icon in the bottom left.
  2. Tap the gear icon to open settings.
  3. Go to the Location section.
  4. Tap the circular arrow icon next to your current location listing.

Refreshing your location in the Bumble app settings

This forces Bumble to get a new GPS ping from your phone to update your coordinates. It will center your profile on wherever you are currently located.

While this doesn‘t allow you to manually move your pinpoint on a map, refreshing does ensure your location stays updated if the app had cached an old location.

Use Travel Mode With Bumble Premium

Bumble Premium unlocks Travel Mode, which allows you to change your location to any city worldwide.

Instead of your exact coordinates, Travel Mode shows your location as the central point of the city you choose. You can match and chat with people in the area as if you were visiting.

To use Travel Mode:

  1. Go to Settings > Location in the app.
  2. Tap "Travel to…"
  3. Search for and select your desired destination city.

Changing location using Bumble Premium's Travel Mode

Travel Mode is great for obscuring your home location while getting matches in a city you‘re visiting, whether a nearby town or somewhere across the globe.

It essentially masks your true GPS coordinates while allowing you to connect with people at a different travel location.

Temporarily Snooze Your Account

You can also hide your profile from your current location using Snooze Mode:

  1. Open your profile and tap the Snooze button.
  2. Select 24 hours, 72 hours, 1 week, or indefinitely.

This prevents people in your area from seeing your profile for the chosen duration.

It‘s not technically changing your location. But snoozing does temporarily remove you from the match pool in your current GPS coordinates.

Using a VPN to Spoof Your Location

Some tech-savvy Bumble users attempt to circumvent location checks using a VPN or proxy service.

A VPN masks your real IP address and GPS location, making it appear like you are accessing the internet from another city or country.

By connecting to a VPN server in a different location, you can potentially make Bumble think you are located there rather than your true coordinates.

Some popular VPN services include:

  • NordVPN – Offers advanced security features and fast speeds.

  • ExpressVPN – Great for streaming with fast servers in 94 countries.

  • CyberGhost – Budget-friendly option with 7000+ servers worldwide.

However, Bumble tries to detect and block VPNs used for location spoofing. While you can try this method, your matches and ability to chat may be limited.

Limitations to Changing Your Bumble Location

While Bumble offers flexibility to modify your general location, there are some major limitations users face:

Bumble Requires Location Access

The only way to completely hide your location in Bumble is to not use the app at all. Turning off location access prevents you from using most features.

You have to grant the app permission to access your device‘s geolocation services to match and chat with people.

Can‘t Manually Set Any Location

There is no setting allowing you to manually type in a custom location of your choosing for free. Only paying for Bumble Premium unlocks the ability to manually set a different city with Travel Mode.

And Travel Mode only allows selecting from a predefined list of major cities globally. You cannot manually move your pinpoint to precise custom coordinates on a map within Bumble.

VPNs May Not Work Reliably

While you can try using a VPN service to make it seem like you are accessing Bumble from a different location, this method is hit-or-miss.

Bumble attempts to detect and block VPNs used for location spoofing. Your matches and chatting ability may be limited when connected through a VPN.

Expert Tips for Changing Your Location Safely

Here are my top tips for modifying your location ethically while staying safe:

  • Don‘t drastically change locations – Stick to locations within 50 miles for the most success. Jumping to the other side of the country likely won‘t work.

  • Use Travel Mode when actually traveling – Don‘t falsify travel locations to mislead people. Only change locations when truly visiting somewhere.

  • Meet matches in public first – When connecting with new people, protect your privacy by meeting in public places and not sharing personal details.

  • Don‘t violate Bumble‘s rules – Avoid spoofing methods prohibited by Bumble‘s Terms of Service like manically-changing locations.

  • Consider a partial face photo – To further obscure your identity, use a profile photo only showing part of your face. You can share additional private photos later.

  • Keep location access off when not using the app – Turn off Bumble‘s ability to access your location services when you aren‘t actively using the app.

FAQs About Changing Your Bumble Location

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about modifying your location settings in Bumble:

Can I completely hide my location in Bumble?

No. Bumble requires allowing access to your device‘s location services to function properly. There is no setting to completely hide your location while retaining full app functionality.

If you pay for Bumble Premium, you can use Incognito Mode to show your location only to your matches after you‘ve connected. But Incognito Mode does not hide your location during initial matching.

Does Bumble track my location when I‘m not using the app?

No. Bumble only receives your GPS data while the app is open and running in the foreground of your phone or computer.

Your location is not tracked while Bumble is closed or running in the background. You have control through your device settings whether Bumble can access your location only while the app is in use.

Can I manually enter any custom location I want?

Unfortunately, no. Bumble does not allow you to manually type in a custom location of your choosing for free.

The only way to manually change your location is to purchase Bumble Premium and use Travel Mode. But Travel Mode only allows picking from a predefined list of major cities worldwide, not entering precise custom coordinates.

Is there a free trial for Bumble Premium?

Yes, Bumble offers new users a 14-day free trial of Bumble Premium. You will need to enter valid payment information first.

Remember to cancel before the 14 days are up if you do not want to continue the paid subscription. Otherwise, you will be billed after the trial ends.

How accurate is the location shown in Bumble profiles?

For free users, Bumble displays your precise GPS coordinates accurate to within a few feet. This shows exactly where you are located in real-time.

If you pay for Premium and use Travel Mode, your location changes to show the central point of the city you selected instead of your exact coordinates.

Can I use a VPN to change my location?

You can try using a VPN service to make it seem like you are accessing Bumble from a different location. However, Bumble attempts to detect and block VPNs and proxy connections used for location spoofing.

While connecting via VPN may work sporadically, your successrate for matching and chatting will likely be poor and unreliable compared to using your true location.

The Bottom Line

Your location is the key factor Bumble uses to match you with nearby people. But there are valid reasons you may want to modify your precise GPS coordinates displayed, like enhancing privacy when dating online.

While limitations exist, you do have options like Travel Mode and refreshing your location to adjust your general vicinity shown in the app.

I hope this guide gave you a better understanding of how Bumble location works and how to change it safely. With the proper precautions, you can feel more in control of your location settings while meeting new people in your area.


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