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How To Block Sellers On Ebay

Most eBay transactions go without the hassle and are mostly pleasant, and buyers pay quickly for any auctions they have won. Adding to this, sellers will promptly ship out products in the described conditions. It is this that has helped the platform grow the size it is.

However, for all the good, you are bound to get someone who views the message in the wrong way and takes offense.

No matter if you are an unfortunate eBay seller who has faced a disgruntled buyer. Or you have been on the end of a seller you found their content is old, go in the rubbish, rather than the search keyword hi-performance led you to believe. (Read How Does eBay Track Your IP Address)

The good news for some is that you can shop by category from your search results in the same way you can choose who you speak to or the ones you don’t.

A seller can quickly block a buyer from purchasing your items and showing up in their search results. You can stop them from placing bids, making offers, or conducting any Buy It Now purchases.

If you are fed up with having to view another message you don’t want to see, you can use this guide to learn more about blocking and unblocking on eBay.

Do eBay Buyers know if You Block Them?

If you want to block an eBay buyer and wonder if they can tell you have blocked them, then yes, they can. A blocked buyer will see your listings, yet that is as far as they can go. There is no way for them to bid or buy.

Many sellers use the right-click block in listings as this can help stop anyone copying photos and text from search results to start a new post.

You can use the link below for more of an understanding.

How Do I Block an eBay Seller from Messaging Me?

If you wish to know if you can block a seller on eBay, you can head to the eBay community and search, or “can you block a seller on eBay?”

Or, you can create a new post and see how many views the message gets. Unfortunately, a buyer can’t block a seller.

Forum responses go as far as anyone who views message asking each other why a buyer would wish to go on eBay, block seller, or ask how they can do this.

How Do I Block Someone on eBay 2022?

eBay sellers are in control who can bid on and buy their items.

They can block particular buyers or impose buyer requirements on the basis of specific criteria.

So, when you have an issue with a buyer that you don’t want them to be buying or bidding on your items, simply add them to your list of blocked buyers.

They will not have the option to bid or buy anything from you unless you decide to remove them from the blocked buyer’s list.

Block a Buyer on eBay

Here are the simple steps you need to follow to block any buyer.

  1. Navigate to the Block Bidders or Buyers from your listings page.
  2. Enter the username of the buyer or buyers inside the given text box (eBay allows you to add up to 5,000 buyer names)
  3. Select “Submit”

It is possible for you to restore any previous blocked bidder or buyers by selecting your restore list.

Unblock a Buyer

It is easy to remove buyers from your blocklist at any time you desire.

  1. Head to the Block Bidders or Buyers from your listings page.
  2. Merely delete the username of the blocked user and delete it from your text box
  3. Select submit

Setting Buyer Requirements

If you wish to set individual buyer requirements, this filters buyers as they shop by category for specific products.

For instance, you could block buyers in countries you don’t ship to or even more specific buyers with cases of unpaid items.

  1. Head to Selling preferences in My eBay.
  2. Scroll down to your Buyer requirements. Select Edit next to Block buyers who.
  3. Enter any preferences and select Submit.

When using eBay as a buyer or a seller, it can be wise to use a VPN. If you face any blocks, you can use these to circumvent any blocks to carry on buying or selling than being blocked from doing either.


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