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How to Ban Evade 4chan?

You can post content that is potentially divisive, humiliating, or sensitive while keeping your identity and location hidden.

Even though 4chan has over 22 million monthly unique users, you can’t register, and users can post anonymously.

4chan appears to provide plenty of anonymity and internet equality to its users. However, the situation is very different.

The banning policy on 4chan is stringent, and you’ll discover that 4chan users’ privacy is not as well secured as you would think?

Users’ IP addresses are saved on the website, and your IP or IP range is blocked from accessing 4chan. (Learn How to Get Unbanned from OKCupid)

Anyone who posts offensive or controversial material can be permanently banned, and comments and photos can be traced back to you by anyone from hackers to government agents.

Unfortunately, when you’re banned from 4chan, the bans are not always justified, and you risk being wrongly accused of wrongdoing. Finally, with the existence of 4chan, certain countries restrict access through geo-blocks or censorship.

In our guide, you’ll learn how to circumvent a 4chan IP ban quickly and how you can access 4chan from anywhere without fear of being watched or banned.

How Do I Bypass a 4chan Ban?

4Chan bans users based on their IP address. Your IP address is your unique identifier when on the internet and is directly linked to your device or network.

Changing your IP address is the quickest and only way to get around the ban. It could be possible to request a new IP address from your ISP (internet service provider), yet if you get banned a second time, there isn’t much chance of getting them to give you another.

Besides this, your ISP can see what you do online and take offense if you post offensive material.

The best way how to bypass 4chan ban is to use a VPN to update your IP address. However, some VPNs may not work if VPN servers’ range of IP addresses has been blacklisted.

While you may think your location and identity are safe, using an anonymous image-based bulletin board. If anyone could read the 4chan data logs, they could locate your IP address and trace any offending material back. (Learn How to Get Unbanned from Twitch Chat)

To get around geo-restrictions, you can use a VPN to reliably encrypt all your online activity and enable you to connect to servers across the world.

Once you select these VPN servers, you have a new IP address. With this, nothing can be traced back to you when posting or browsing 4chan if the VPN adheres to a strict zero-logging policy.

How Do You Stop Evade?

Here are the steps you need to carry out anonymous 4chan ban evasion.

Step 1: Ban Evasion

Understand your connection to the internet because this method does not function on certain types of connections, especially cable connections, which come with a static IP that can only be changed by turning off the modem for 12 hours.

Ban evasion is a strategy used by online trolls to avoid being banned by a site’s administrator, usually making offensive remarks, or creating general havoc on the site.

Any other connection may typically be used as a troll connection.

Step 2: Ban evasion techniques

Changing your IP address in the command prompt is usually a simple process.

Other means of ban avoidance can be used in chat rooms and IRC, such as using clients with the chat program protocol incorporated in them, such as

Using clients is helpful because the people on the other end will not know your IP address. After all, what they will see is the IP address of the device you are using.

When you’re in the cmd window, type ipconfig /release to dump your IP address. Restart your computer, and your IP address should have changed. Because most bans are based on IP addresses, this should unblock 99.9% of bans.

While this can be a quick method, it is much easier to switch server connections using a 4chan VPN, as this is the only reliable way you can get around any geo-restrictions.

You will quickly discover a VPN has much more to offer, such as helping bypass restrictions on streaming Netflix libraries from overseas.

A premium VPN can hide your online activity and spoof your location no matter what you need it for.

How Do I Get Around an IP Ban?

A server may set up an IP ban to reject requests from a specific IP address or range of IP addresses. The IP ban can be enforced automatically or manually by a site administrator.

IP bans can be forced to post specific material or protect servers from brute-force attacks and block emails from known spammers, among others. (Learn How to Get Unbanned from Omegle)

An IP address may be blocked from accessing a website, forum, email, or game server by a server.

If your IP address is blocked from a website such as 4chan or service such as Netflix from overseas, you could violate the provider’s terms of service.

Here are ways you can get a new IP address to help:

Change IP address – Here are ways for you to hide your router or computer’s IP address.

  • VPN – Use a virtual private network to get a new IP address from a chosen VPN provider.
  • Proxy Server – Use a proxy server for access to the service from a new IP address (acts as a bridge and offers no security features)
  • Tor Server – Use a TOR server for access to the service using the TOR Network (slow option)
  • Clear Cache – Some apps detect a user account by reading cookie data. Clear your cache to regain application access.
  • Create a new account – If your user account is banned, you may need to create a new account. If the provider banned your account, you might have violated their terms. 4chan has no account, so this won’t happen.
  • Reinstall Application – For games or apps, you can sometimes reinstall the software to obtain a new key that determines users.

Can You Use VPN on 4chan?

4chan bans aren’t uncommon, and some are deserved; others may not make much sense. Sharing an IP address with another person who is posting offensive material can get you banned.

Or, as where have seen, you may live where ISPs block access to 4chan. No matter what the reason, you can bypass the 4chan ban using premium Virtual Private Network (VPN providers).

When you connect to a VPN, internet traffic crosses an encrypted tunnel, where anyone on the outside can’t see, even your ISP. VPNs give you an IP address based on the server you have connected to and won’t link you to the banned IP address.

Bypass 4chan ban with a VPN

Here’s how to bypass the 4chan IP ban with a VPN:

Choose from premium VPN providers to sign up to.

Download and install the appropriate VPN app for your device.

Open the VPN app and select a server to connect to. (The closer the server to your location, the faster your connection)

Clear the browser cache and cookies, and then refresh your browser.

Navigate to the 4chan website. It should be unblocked. If not, try and connect to another server.

To save time, the best 4chan VPNs meet the following criteria:

  • Thousands of VPN IP addresses
  • Servers in different countries to mask location
  • Fast servers and fast speeds for browsing and streaming
  • Advanced encryption such as AES 256-bit military-grade to keep data secure
  • Strict no-logs policy to protect privacy
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee so you can try it risk-free
  • Kill switch and DNS leak protection, and other secure security features
  • 24/7 live chat customer support service
  • Unblocking capabilities to bypass geo-blocks to access 4chan content or restricted websites
  • Works on a wide range of devices

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