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How to Watch How I Met Your Mother Online

This comedy show quickly built up a cult following when it was written for CBS. However, once it came to an end, it was available on CBS All Access, and then it found a new home on Fox.

This was short-lived and became even harder for fans of the show to track it down to watch How I Met Your Mother full episodes.

Although it is hard to find, it isn’t impossible, and with the help of a VPN, there is a couple of places you can go to watch How I Met Your Mother.

After a quick look at the show, we will find how you go about accessing this using a good VPN.

How I Met Your Mother Cast and Show

With 208 episodes in total, it was a long drawn out affair for Ted to tell his children how he came to meet their mother.

Accompanied by his friends Marshall and Lily played by Jason Segel and Alyson Hannigan, respectively.

They went through plenty of trials and tribulations and had to put up with the in your face character of Barney played brilliantly by Neil Patrick Harris.

All the way through the show, there was no hint of who the mother was. This carried on until the latter episodes of the ninth season, where Barney meets two guys who are keen to meet women.

Lily the kindergarten teacher, and friend Marshall come to rewrite their old wedding vows while Ted is still hoping to find true love.

Ted realizes after all that time that it isn’t Robin who he was destined to be with. This was compounded when Robin and Barney finally tie the knot and get married.

Right towards the end, the couple drops the bombshell three years after their wedding.

It was here that Ted finally plucks up the courage to approach ‘the mother’ of the children. With just one final episode, things were set for a goodbye to one of the most loved shows ever.

Where to Watch How I Met Your Mother Online

Back in 2017, it was found that US Netflix wasn’t to be the home everyone expected for watching How I Met Your Mother.

This was thanks to Fox, who then had the rights to the show from CBS and Hulu. This deal has since gone on to make many of the best shows on FOX to become Hulu exclusives.

US Netflix doesn’t want the content to be streamed by any other services, and as HIMYM is on Hulu, it won’t be hosting this show any time soon.

However, the show is available on UK and Canadian Netflix, so they are options you can use to go back and relive the tails of Ted and his search for love.

Watching How I Met Your Mother with Hulu

Hulu has every episode, and if you select the ad-supported plan, this is the cheapest option for How I Met Your Mother streaming.

This plan costs $5.99 per month and does come with a one-month free trial. This allows you to test one of the best streaming services there is. It is often seen as direct competition to Netflix.

Device support is better than most streaming services. There are two downsides to Hulu when outside the USA.

First is that the service wants you to use US-based payment accounts. You can purchase Hulu gift cards as a means of signing up.

Once you do this, then the choice of VPN is vital. This means you can bypass any geo-restrictions from either option you choose, and you can watch every full episode from anywhere without buffering.

The recommendation of ExpressVPN as the chosen VPN is because it is seen as the ultimate streaming VPN.

It delivers the fastest speeds via its optimized servers and its 3,000 VPN server network.

Users who make a VPN comparison before committing will see this is the best VPN by far.

To be fully sure that every user gets the most from this VPN, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

This can be used to fully test all the features while relaxing for How I Met Your Mother, watch online free.


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